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Written by Olin Coles   
Monday, 10 March 2008
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Honeywell SecuraDrive 80GB USB 1.8-Inch Pocket Drive
SecuraDrive Specifications
FM-HWS80U2 Closer Look
SecuraDrive Detailed Look
SecuraDrive Software
Test Methodology and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

SecuraDrive Final Thoughts

Coming into the article, I had mixed feelings about the longevity of external hard disk drives in a world filled with high-capacity USB flash drives. Although I must carry both products because I am a professional technician, for many months now the SOYO 20GB SlimEx Platinum has been a lifesaver. I really enjoy having a portable device capable of holding large amounts of data, and in certain conditions the capacity has been priceless. On the other hand I recently purchased the 32GB OCZ Rally2 flash drive, and lightened the load if only slightly. But now, with the 80GB Honeywell SecuraDrive I will not only have more capacity than I might realistically need, but it will be both faster and more secure than my flash drive.


Aside from the capacity and speed, the SecuraDrive is also small enough to allow secured protection of my property in the confinements of a fire-resistant personal safe. Although the fire-resistant safe might be enough to help some people sleep better at night, I have nightmares of melted USB flash drives cooking inside the inch-thick oven. Even floods have me concerned, since our environment is revolting against our abuse it's clear that I must concern myself with all acts of God. In situations like mine where paranoia settles in and demands that I take extreme measure to protect sensitive data, only a well-protected hard disk drive will do. The Honeywell SecuraDrive will personally help me protect this invaluable data without fear of potential loss.

FM-HWS80U2 Conclusion

Normally I rate the presentation score based on how informative the retail product packaging is, and how well it's protected. I'm not planning to change this, but I have found something particularly interesting with this Honeywell product that seems beyond the call of duty. When I received the FM-HWS80U2 the first thing I noticed were small circular clear stickers over each side of the packaging. Normally this would be the extent of a manufacturers effort to secure their product from tampering or theft. In the case of Honeywell's SecuraDrive the package was also glued shut, which not only makes shoplifting difficult but also ensure that the device's security is not compromised.

Dressing up a Spinpoint N2 1.8" hard drive isn't an easy task, but SOYO has served Honeywell perfectly by encasing the SecuraDrive with a clean combination of black rubber and chromed metal. The SecuraDrives appearance is discreet enough not to draw attention and elegant enough to be considered attractive.

By nature, the Samsung Spinpoint N2 hard drive offers free-fall sensor technology which locks the head when it detects a drop, thereby raising the shock coverage level to up to 1500G's. Add onto this a soft silicon-rubber membrane sheath, a tough rubber-covered enclosure, and a thick leather case, and now you've got yourself a virtually indestructible product. Needless to say the quality of construction and design put into the SecuraDrive is premium quality, which is exactly what you want from something protecting your most valuable assets.

Functionally speaking, the FM-HWS80U2 pocket hard drive is perfect for many different uses. I found it most ideal for storing very large amounts of sensitive data; but it's also incredibly handy for my needs as a computer technician. Ultimately it outperforms the best flash drives, while at the same time offering enormous capacity in something half the size of an iPhone.

At the time of this writing, Honeywell's SecuraDrive Hi-Speed USB 1.8 Inch Pocket Hard Drive is brand-new to the market and yet to make it onto retail shelves. SOYO appears to sell several versions of the SecuraDrive directly from their website, with the 80GB FM-HWS80U2 model selling for $199. Presently this appears to offer a value on par with pricing for 32GB USB flash drives, and since the SecuraDrive offers speed and capacity advantages the decision shouldn't be so difficult.

In conclusion, the Honeywell SecuraDrive is an excellent first-edition product from a trusted industry name. Since micro-storage options are usually a split decision between USB flash drives or compact hard disk drives, it's comforting to have a rugged product offer a substantial advantage in price, capacity, and performance. I highly recommend the Honeywell SecuraDrive Hi-Speed USB 1.8 Inch pocket hard drive (model FM-HWS80U2 tested) for any person in need of safe and secure data storage beyond the capacity of small USB flash drives. The peace of mind alone is worth twice what you'll pay, and your already getting twice the product you would compared to the alternative.


+ Extremely low power consumption
+ Very attractive design
+ Extremely small size footprint
+ Convenient leather carry case
+ Excellent compact storage solution
+ Secure storage device for sensitive data
+ Incredibly rugged design is nearly shock-resistant
+ Faster performance than dual-channel flash drives


- Expensive, even if it cost less than smaller capacity flash drives
- Data encryption not supported by SecuraDrive software

EDITORS NOTE: SOYO, the manufacturer of this Honeywell product, has filed for bankruptcy and is no longer in business.

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