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Written by Olin Coles   
Monday, 10 March 2008
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Honeywell SecuraDrive 80GB USB 1.8-Inch Pocket Drive
SecuraDrive Specifications
FM-HWS80U2 Closer Look
SecuraDrive Detailed Look
SecuraDrive Software
Test Methodology and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Test Methodology

While convenience and safe storage are the primary and secondary selling points for the Honeywell SecuraDrive FM-HWS80U2, many users are also insist on high-speed performance. In our tests we have already confirmed that the SecuraDrive fits perfectly into small pockets, and the software offers excellent first-line security. Now it's time for Benchmark Reviews to compare this miniature hard disk drive to it's rival: the USB flash drive.


Test System

Test Hardware

  • Honeywell SecuraDrive Hi-Speed USB 1.8-Inch 80GB Pocket Hard Drive FM-HWS80U2
  • OCZ Rally2 Hi-Speed USB 32GB Dual Channel Flash Memory Drive

Test Tools

  • HD Tach RW v3.0.4.0 by Simpli Software


Since consumers have the decision to choose either an external hard disk drive or USB flash drive, sometimes the decision rests on performance more than anything else. Benchmark Reviews has compared the Honeywell SecuraDrive against the largest USB flash drive we could find.


Tested all on its own, the 80GB Honeywell SecuraDrive sustains a relatively solid 28 MBps for the first 63 GB of disk. After that point, the sustained read and write speed tapers to around 21 MBps. This isn't all too bad, and the 29.4 MBps burst speed is respectable as well.


Next up was the OCZ Rally2 USB flash drive. The read speed was a steady 30.8 MBps, but the write speed was a miserable 13.4 MBps despite a few intermittent performance spikes. The 32.9 MBps burst isn't a great as I would have expected from a dual-channel flash-based device, especially since it is the latest and greatest technology available.


Compared side by side, the average read speed on the Honeywell SecuraDrive is 27.2 MBps against the Rally2's 30.8 MBps; almost no perceivable difference in real-world performance there. The read burst speed was also similar, with the SecuraDrive performing at 29.4 to the Rally2's 32.9 MBps; again, these results are relatively identical. The biggest difference is also the most important, and that comes with the write speed performance. With a pathetic 13.4 MBos read speed recorded by the 32GB OCZ Rally2 USB flash drive, the Honeywell FM-HWS80U2 dominates write-to performance with 27.0 MBps. With all things being otherwise equal, the SecuraDrive proves to hold a distinct performance advantage over the very best USB flash drives available.


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