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Written by Olin Coles   
Monday, 10 March 2008
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Honeywell SecuraDrive 80GB USB 1.8-Inch Pocket Drive
SecuraDrive Specifications
FM-HWS80U2 Closer Look
SecuraDrive Detailed Look
SecuraDrive Software
Test Methodology and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

FM-HWS80U2 Closer Look

Honeywell has brought the rugged functionality of a compact 1.8" hard drive directly into a fashionable enclosure made perfect for pockets and purses. The SecuraDrive Hi-Speed USB pocket hard drive FM-HWS80U2 offers all of the capacity that desktop hard disk drives can afford, but delivers it at a fraction of the size without sacrificing reliability.

Honeywell SecuraDrive USB Hi-Speed 1.8

Honeywell's SecuraDrive outer chassis is coated with black rubber, which serves the purpose of improving product durability while offering a tactile grip surface during normal handling.

Honeywell SecuraDrive USB Hi-Speed 1.8

At the connection-end of the SecuraDrive FM-HWS80U2 there are two ports and one LED light. The LED shines red while the product is connected via High-Speed USB, and blinks during drive access. The mini-USB "B" connection allows for direct connection with support for power and data over USB 2.0 compliant ports. For older computers without powered ports, or USB hubs with low or no additional line power, this 1.8-inch pocket hard drive can be powered with an additional USB cable (included).

Honeywell SecuraDrive USB Hi-Speed 1.8

Roughly the size of most modern cellular flip-phones, the Honeywell SecuraDrive hosts a Samsung SpinPoint N2 hard disk drive inside.

Honeywell SecuraDrive USB Hi-Speed 1.8

A chromed finish offers enough accent to the SecuraDrive that you may forget just how rugged this portable hard drive really is. USB flash drives may be more tolerant to drop-shock, but with modern technology embedded inside the 80GB FM-HWS80U2 is capable of surviving the worst accidents with a 250G impact resistance.


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