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Written by OverclockersClub   
Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Raidmax Quantum Computer Case Review

A brand that many computer enthusiasts may have heard of is the manufacturer Raidmax. We have published quite a few reviews of some of their products and each have done well. Raidmax is known more particularly for their budget "gaming" cases, for example the ones with windows and extra lighting. Some people may state that you get what you pay for, but in most cases the price to performance ratio of their less expensive products exceed that of other manufacturers budget cases. Raidmax has more recently been producing some upper to middle-end cases in the $70 and $80 price range, one of these being the recently reviewed Raidmax Skyline, which outperformed all of the comparison cases in 4 out of 8 tests. The Skyline lacked a little bit of stability, but that is what made it lightweight. I do slightly expect to revisit that again with the Quantum, but I'm not making any hard assumptions yet. As with any case, I do look forward to seeing what it has to offer and how well it performs, and with the Raidmax Quantum, I don't expect any less! OverclockersClub


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