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Written by Larry Fraser - Edited by Olin Coles   
Tuesday, 04 December 2007
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HANNS.G HG281DPB 28-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor
Closer Look: Hanns-G 28" LCD
HG281DPB Detailed Features
Hanns-G LCD Menu and Interface
LCD Testing and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

LCD Monitor Testing & Results

Given that my intended purpose for this monitor was as a large gaming monitor, I figured I would focus my testing on how it performed as a gaming monitor. I will tell you that the monitor puts off about as much heat as my Dell 24" LCD monitor does, maybe a bit less. The back of the Hanns-G monitor is actually much cooler to the touch than the Dell monitor but both put of a noticeable amount of heat, which for the most part is about average. I have been using this monitor now for over a month as my primary monitor and during that time I have used it for both work and play. As an everyday desktop monitor it may take you a little while to get used to the size of this monitor. It may be the same resolution as a 24" monitor but it is quite a bit wider. You will need to actually turn your head to read the text of a web page if you have the window maximized. As I stated earlier, using this monitor actually made me change the way I used application windows. I rarely run a browser window maximized now. I even run Word in a non maximized window.


So, after a month of using this monitor for gaming, what is my take on it? I like it. I wouldn't mind a 30", but until those drop in price, I'm very content. Gaming on this monitor is very enjoyable, it is a noticeable improvement even over a 24" LCD. It may not have the resolution of the 30" LCD monitors but it doesn't have the price tag or require the extreme hardware to push those resolutions either. The idea of playing a game on a 17" or 19" monitor would make me cringe. I was a little surprised to discover how many readers are still using a 1024x768 resolution to browse the web. If you are one of those readers, you really should make the jump to 1920x1200. That for the most part means a minimum of a 24" monitor. It seems a little strange that we will spend so much money on a CPU upgrade or video card upgrade to play the newest game but we will keep the same monitor for years. We often forget just how critical our monitor is to our overall computing experience. If you don't believe me, turn your monitor off and just see how easy it is to get that next head-shot.


If you think that there probably isn't that much difference between using a 17" monitor running at 1024x768 vs a large LCD monitor running at 1920x1200 you really need to give one a try. You will quickly wonder how you ever got by on that 17" or 19" monitor. Playing a racing game on a large monitor is an entirely different experience than it is playing it on a 17" monitor. You will find your self moving both your head and your eyes to cover the screen just like you would do if you were actually driving a car. Playing first person shooter games can also yield some unexpected improvements. Those hidden snipers you never could see before may all of a sudden stand out. Getting head shots becomes much easier. Keep in mind the other player's head is much larger now and therefore much easier to hit. The downside to this is you may frequently be accused of using an aim-bot or hacking. I've actually started taking it as a complement in BF2 every-time I get a kick-vote against me for someone claiming I must be using an aim-bot. Real time strategy games also benefit greatly from the increased resolution. You will be able to see much more of the battlefield with the higher resolution monitor than you every thought about seeing with that small 17" or 19" monitor.


There are a few negative however to running at such a high resolution. Your video card may not be up to the challenge. Your frame rates will most likely drop at the higher resolution. Running any of the newest games at 1920x1200 requires a fairly powerful video card. The good news is that video card prices are dropping and with the arrival of the 8800GT cards sub $200 performance is not out of the question.


As a gaming monitor I ended up being quite pleased with the Hanns-G. The picture was very clear and crisp, the colors were very acceptable (after tweaking), contrast was ok, I experienced no ghosting whatsoever, and I think may actual game-play performance improved. As far as using the monitor as a HDTV I have watched quite a few movies on it and I'm very pleased with the performance. I see this more as an added perk for this monitor, but a very nice perk nonetheless. I would suggest avoiding using the speakers unless sound is of very little importance to you.



# PresidentRobert 2010-05-23 15:32
This monitor is a piece of junk. Text is hardly legible and pages have washed out areas that can not be gotten rid of. Adjustment proved impossible even for our professional tech. Thankfully I had bought it from Costco on line. Brought it back a day after arrival for immediate credoit and bought a Samsung 27" instead, which works beautifully. Stay away from Hanns unless you enjoy wasting time.
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# RE: HANNS.G HG281DPB 28-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitorstan 2010-08-02 05:56
I love this monitor, I liked it so much I bought another for my second computer to replace the Dell 24 inch which I gave away. I watch movies, play on-line games, and write papers where the text is clear and sharp. I have no doubt there are better monitors available but expect to pay four times more and the quality will not be that much better.
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# HG281D Flat Panel MonitorP-Dunk from Alabamy 2011-02-04 10:40
I've had mine for over a year and haven't had one problem yet. I use it at work, so it's on 8hrs a day 5 days a week... Highly recomend!
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# Unhappy CustomerMatt Walker 2011-02-17 19:53
The screen began to go black after 7 months. I really enjoyed the monitor while it worked. The manufacturer was willing to repair the monitor but it would take 10 days an I had to pay for shipping one way. How many time do I need to pay for a product before I can expect it to work.

I work from home and would be unemployed without a monitor. After 2 months without a satisfactory resolution I took it back to Walmart. Walmart was unable to view the receipt because it was purchased at The customer service rep did find me a direct number to the manufacturer and work with me for 90 minutes. They only option I had was to buy a new monitor, pay for shipping on the old monitor and return my new monitor when the repairs were finished.

After the Manufacturer was not willing to accept that "Policy" was flexible our conversation ended. Walmart found a way to accept the return. I appreciate Walmart having the backbone to stand behind a product they sell even when the manufacturer will not. I have a new found respect for Walmart.
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# RE: HANNS.G HG281DPB 28-Inch Widescreen LCD MonitorGSmith 2011-05-28 09:43
I have had one for 2 years plus & love it. Now looking to buy a second one so that I can run two monitors simulaneously.
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# RE: HANNS.G HG281DPB 28-Inch Widescreen LCD MonitorSteve Bradfield 2011-08-22 21:57
I've had mine for almost a year, and have had no problems so far. It's big, it's beautiful and I wouldn't trade it for anything...well, maybe something in the 42" range.
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# RE: HANNS.G HG281DPB 28-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitorkathryn hepburn 2011-09-18 20:05
its # nobodys works after a year stop making them there useless.
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# very disapointedLinda Johnson 2011-11-03 12:33
I purchased this Monitor as a Christmas gift for my nephew. Best Buy had it displayed and I loved the color and the graphics this monitor had. The disappointing part is my nephew only used it 6 times.. He lives in Fl and only visits holidays. The picture starts to crack and eventually goes black. I tried to return the Monitor to Best Buy and told them the warranty was up, that I would be happy to pay to have it fixed. They no longer deal with the company and could not help me. I called the company and the wanted 300 and something to fix it and I had to pay shipping and handling before they fixed it. I said no thank you and now I'm looking to see if I can find a local electronic repair shop that can fix it.. will keep you posted...
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# mrjim 2011-11-12 16:39
I bought the Hanns G about a year or so ago and now I have to turn it on and off about 5-7 times at the start to keep it on, then if my PC idles to long I have to go thru the same procedure again. Its annoying and probably gonna buy another monitor soon, just not this brand!
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# RE: HANNS.G HG281DPB 28-Inch Widescreen LCD MonitorEtonie E 2012-12-26 05:16
I`ve been running my 27.5inch now for over 3 years and haven`t had any problems whatsoever especially this fading to black issue some folk have experienced? It`s not the best monitor in the world but in it`s favour is the very low price and bang 4ur bucks u get in it`s size of image.

Ok the blacks arn`t as black as they could be and the screen does have this kinda like hot spots of light in it, but that`s not visible when playing games or watching films. If I had the money I would buy a monitor which is three times the price of this one but I would not gain anything in size just quality of picture. I`d still buy another one of these if lack of money was the problem.
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