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Wednesday, 09 January 2008
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NZXT Rogue Crafted Series SFF Gaming Case
NZXT Rogue: Exterior
Rogue Detailed Exterior Features
Closer Look: Rogue Interior
Rogue Detailed Interior Features
NZXT Rogue Installation
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Rogue Detailed Exterior Features

The NZXT Rogue has very unique look. It has a very appealing exterior design, which I personally like. The front panel has a locking mechanism, so nobody can turn on the system other than you. I certainly like the feature but personally I have never used the key, and I don't know if others are that comfortable locking their system and then potentially misplace that key. It is a nice feature to have but most certainly not the most demanded feature by consumers. I can understand a locking mechanism for the side panels on cases but not the front panel.


Here in the image above are the front panel I/O ports. The NZXT Rogue SFF gaming case only comes with 2 USB ports in the front it would have been nice to see at-least four since most of the newer chipsets support at-least 8-12 USB ports. The front panel also includes the front audio jacks and an e-SATA port which internally connects to your motherboards SATA port.


Removing the top panel is the easiest task of all, as all you have to do is remove one thumb screw shown above and pull it towards you and lift it up to remove it.


Here is the top panel separated. The see-through window on top really is neat. It gives you a top view of the inside and the rear fan.


I really liked the power and reset button on the NZXT Rogue, as they have a nice finish and really stand out on black.



# Great chassi!Hagbard Hednig 2012-12-08 12:18
I've had this chassi for several years now and it's the neatest and the coolest chassi I've ever had. Even 25 yo friends with no computer intrest stop and stare.

First question I got was the graphics card. Yes, it will fit any giant graphics card with no problem. Even multiple graphics cards.

I've fitted it with a "Icy Dock MB994SP-4SB" in one of the 5,25" holders (DVD size).

In that there are 4 SSD drives in RAID 5. Main storage is 4*2 TB in RAID 5. The hard drives are mounted next to the intake fans in two stacks of 2, the trick is to move the inner drive one step out to give better cooling.

I changed all the fans to quiet "Gentle Typhoon".

It's compact, looks awesome and faster than fast.

You just have to read the manual and put each component in place in the right order, bacause the compact format gives you a tight fit.

The greatest upside is that you have 5 120 mm fans cooling a computer with half the air volume of your average midtower. It runs like a submarine, cool and quiet.

I love it to bits, if you can find one, BUY IT!
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