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Written by Olin Coles   
Sunday, 11 November 2007
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Super Talent PC3-14400 DDR3 1800MHz W1800UX2GP
Closer Look: Super Talent PC3-14400
DDR3 Comparison Review Progress
RAM Testing Methodology
Test Results: W1800UX2GP
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Super Talent W1800UX2GP

Benchmark Reviews continues on with our High-Speed DDR3 Overclocking and Review Series, which features over one dozen different DDR3 kits. Many of the kits we have tested so far have helped achieve extremely uncommon overclock speeds, and even some of the kits not setting speed records managed to impress us with their combination of performance and value. So far, we have reviewed the Patriot PC3-15000 DDR3 1866MHz 2GB RAM Kit and Mushkin PC3-10666 DDR3 1333MHz RAM Kit HP3-10666, but today we are especially pleased to test the Super Talent PC3-14400 CL7-7-7-21 W1800UX2GP DDR3 1800MHz 2x1GB RAM Kit.

While the Patriot PDC32G1866LLK kit may presently hold the title for the fastest DDR3 module produced, there are several others that overclock to nearly the same speed. Because of the very limited quantities and slowly growing demand, the prices are almost as high as the speeds; which makes it difficult to recommend the kit that is best for any particular need. Even when I approach a term like "best", not even an experienced analyst like me can tell you which DDR3 product is "the best kit" because at this early stage the concept of "best" takes on a relative meaning. But in terms of fastest ... well, it looks like Benchmark Reviews should have no problem helping you with that dilemma.

Many of the readers will probably not consider DDR3 an important part of the hardware market just yet, and in a few ways I can agree with them. It's expensive, and it's not going to change their system from a 2 to a 10. But I think that this argument only exists if you have missed the point: DDR3 is a more efficient replacement over DDR2 in many different ways, but high-speed DDR3 is intended for overclockers and enthusiasts almost exclusively. In a year from now, expect to have DDR3 pressed into your new motherboard. However for today, the demand behind DDR3 and its high-speed variants is best met by the growing number of hardware enthusiasts which push their equipment well past the stock settings.

Super Talent PC3-14400 DDR3 1800MHz RAM Kit W1800UX2GP

All of this is great news for the overclocker, the hardcore gamer, and the hardware enthusiast; which has been the case every time high-end system memory parts arrive on the market. It wasn't all that long ago we all had SDRAM with 1 and 1.5CL timings, and then DDR arrived with CL3. Nobody complained then, so I'm not sure why they are starting now. It was the exact same story when DDR2 arrived to replace DDR; which nearly doubled the timings. So from a technical standpoint we should appreciate that the timings have only gradually increased with the clock speed, because history has proven this to be difficult.

EDITORS NOTE: Benchmark Reviews has also published the article DDR3 RAM: System Memory Technology Explained

About the company: Super Talent, Inc.super-talent_logo_212px.png

Super Talent Technology, headquartered in San Jose, California, designs and manufactures a full range of DDR, DDR2, and DDR3 memory modules and Flash based storage devices for computers and consumer electronics. An ISO 9001 certified company, Super Talent utilizes its state-of-the art factory and leading-edge components to produce award winning products with outstanding reliability. Super Talent is an active member of JEDEC and ONFI standards bodies, and holds over 160 patents in Flash and DRAM technology.

Super Talent's Silicon Valley based electrical, mechanical, and software Engineering teams develop leading-edge DRAM and Flash memory solutions for a multitude of applications. Our US-based engineering enables Super Talent to bring advanced new products and technologies to market well ahead of the competition. A leading innovator, Super Talent holds over 160 patents on DRAM and Flash module design and manufacturing processes, making Super Talent one of the world's chief patent holders in memory device categories. Super Talent is an active member of JEDEC, the association that defines future memory standards. The company is a technical leader in producing industry standard memory modules as well as in developing custom memory solutions.

Super Talent PC3-14400 DDR3 1800MHz RAM Kit W1800UX2GP

The W1800UX2GP is an extreme performance 2GB DDR3-1800 memory kit based on advanced Project X technology. This kit supports 1800MHz+ clock speeds, aggressively tuned latencies and XMP to deliver
ultimate performance. It is ideal for gamers, power users and overclockers, and is perfectly suited for motherboards based on the Intel P35 chipset.

This kit has been tested and is guaranteed to operate at 1800MHz at very aggressive 7-7-7-21 latencies at 2.0 volts. It has been tested as a matched pair of modules in a dual channel motherboard to ensure
ultimate reliability, compatibility and performance.

Project X employs an extreme cooling solution that offers double the surface area and 106% more aluminum mass than standard heat spreaders. With Super Talent's special thermal adhesive, this cooling solution provides superior heat dissipation that results in a cooler, faster memory device.

Super Talent PC3-14400 Features

  • Non-ECC, Unbuffered
  • 2GB kit (2x 128Mx64)
  • Supports XMP - Extreme Memory Profiles
  • Single rank
  • SPD*: DDR3-1066, 7-7-7-18 latencies
  • Project X extreme heatsinks to improve module stability
  • 100% Tested and Verified
  • Super Talent Lifetime Warranty
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Tested and compatible with Intel P35 and X38 chipsets
  • Made in USA

W1800UX2GP Specifications

  • DDR3-1800
  • Chip Architecture: 2x 8 chips, 128Mx8
  • 2x 240-pin DDR3 DIMMs
  • Part Number: W1800UX2GP
  • Extreme Performance PC3-14400
  • Low Latency CL7-7-7-21 (Although all of our tests were conducted at CL7-7-7-20)
  • 2.0V Voltage Setting


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