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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Motherboard Load Line Calibration for Overclockers

When 45 nanometer CPUs were first released by Intel there was significant speculation about how durable they would be, it was feared that the drop from Intel's bulletproof 65nm process to their new 45nm process would result in fragile CPUs. As overclockers worked with them, they found that for the most part 45nm CPUs were not nearly as fragile as feared. It was discovered that they did not like high VTT values at all, but beyond that they were found to be solid.

Around this same time motherboard manufacturers released motherboards with a setting generally listed as "Load Line Calibration", or "LLC". The instruction manuals and BIOS help screens were less than helpful, describing the setting as "Improves VCORE directly". Ok, thanks, that tells me a lot.

It turned out that what this setting did was prevent the CPU VCORE from dropping under load, a situation known as "vdroop". Normally if the idle VCORE was 1.300v and you put a heavy load on the CPU the VCORE would drop to 1.28 to 1.24, sometimes even more then .1v! What LLC does is watch for that drop and supply more power to prevent it, keeping the VCORE at a steady level and helping avoid crashes caused by the suddenly lower VCORE... Overclockers


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