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Written by Olin Coles   
Wednesday, 12 December 2007
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Corsair PC3-14400 DDR3 1800MHz 2GB RAM Kit
Dominator Features and Specifications
Closer Look: Corsair PC3-14400
DDR3 Comparison Review Progress
RAM Testing Methodology
Test Results: TWIN3X2048-1800C7DF G
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Corsair TWIN3X2048-1800C7DF G

Optimized for the latest Intel DDR3 chipset, primarily the P35, X38, and the upcoming P45/X48 chipsets, the Corsair Dominator PC3-14400 DDR3 1800MHz 2GB RAM Kit TWIN3X2048-1800C7DF G is among the best possible performance solutions presently available to the consumer market. The TWIN3X2048-1800C7DF G DDR3 kit is the highest performance offering from Corsair, and is aimed at ultra-enthusiasts.

By using Dual-path Heat Xchange (DHX) Corsair has designed their TWIN3X2048-1800C7DF G PC3-1800 kit to offer performance enthusiasts the best possible overclocking results. This solution is expected to be adopted by ultra enthusiast choosing to build DDR3 systems, looking for maximum overclock headroom and reliability from their memory modules.

Benchmark Reviews is approaching the conclusion to our High-Speed DDR3 Overclocking and Review Series, which has featured over one dozen different DDR3 kits. Many of the kits we have tested so far have achieved extremely uncommon overclock speeds, while other kits impress us with their combination of performance and value. So far, we have reviewed two of the three worlds fastest DDR3 kits: Patriot PDC32G1866LLK PC3-15000 DDR3 1866MHz and Super Talent PC3-14400 DDR3 1800MHz W1800UX2GP. Today we are especially pleased to test the Corsair Dominator PC3-14400 DDR3 1800MHz 2GB RAM Kit TWIN3X2048-1800C7DF G. You might say that we have saved the best for last, because this kit is amazing!

Corsair Dominator PC3-14400 DDR3 1800MHz 2GB RAM Kit TWIN3X2048-1800C7DF G

While the Patriot PDC32G1866LLK kit may presently hold the title for the fastest DDR3 module produced, there are several others that overclock to nearly the same speed... or faster. Because of the very limited quantities and slowly growing demand, the prices are almost as high as the speeds; which makes it difficult to recommend the kit that is best for any particular need. Even when I approach a term like "best", not even an experienced analyst like me can tell you which DDR3 product is "the best kit" because at this early stage the concept of "best" takes on a relative meaning. But in terms of fastest ... well, it looks like Benchmark Reviews should have no problem helping you with that dilemma.

Many of the readers will probably not consider DDR3 an important part of the hardware market just yet, and in a few ways I can agree with them. It's expensive, and it's not going to change their system from a 2 to a 10. But I think that this argument only exists if you have missed the point: DDR3 is a more efficient replacement over DDR2 in many different ways, but high-speed DDR3 is intended for overclockers and enthusiasts almost exclusively. In a year from now, expect to have DDR3 pressed into your new motherboard. However for today, the demand behind DDR3 and its high-speed variants is best met by the growing number of hardware enthusiasts which push their equipment well past the stock settings.

Corsair Dominator PC3-14400 DDR3 1800MHz 2GB RAM Kit TWIN3X2048-1800C7DF G

All of this is great news for the overclocker, the hardcore gamer, and the hardware enthusiast; which has been the case every time high-end system memory parts arrive on the market. It wasn't all that long ago we all had SDRAM with 1 and 1.5CL timings, and then DDR arrived with CL3. Nobody complained then, so I'm not sure why they are starting now. It was the exact same story when DDR2 arrived to replace DDR; which nearly doubled the timings. So from a technical standpoint we should appreciate that the timings have only gradually increased with the clock speed, because history has proven this to be difficult.

EDITORS NOTE: Benchmark Reviews has also published the article DDR3 RAM: System Memory Technology Explained

About the company: Corsair

Products to Meet the Demands of Performance Computingcorsair_logo_stacked_400px.png

Corsair has been a leader in the design and manufacture of high-speed modules since 1994. Our focus has always been on supporting the special demands of mission-critical servers and high-end workstations, as well as the performance demands of extreme gamers. While maintaining this core focus, in recent years, we've also brought our expertise, technology leadership and legendary quality and reliability to memory and other technology products for the more mainstream consumer.

Memory That Meets The Toughest Demands

As a pioneer in high-speed module design, Corsair is a trusted supplier to many computer manufacturers. In high-density memory solutions, Corsair has always been one of the first suppliers to achieve advanced qualifications on Intel, Tyan and SuperMicro server platforms. We also work closely with other major server platform manufacturers to release product that is 100% compatible with their latest server products.

What Sets Corsair Apart?

With more high-speed experience than anyone in the industry, we know the importance of design features like tightly-controlled trace lengths, controlled impedances, clock trace design, unbroken power and ground planes, and selectively plated gold. Corsair Memory has developed an industry-wide reputation for quality, compatibility and performance.

Performance Memory For Enthusiasts

Our flagship memory products are the DOMINATORTMline of performance memory, which is designed for the unique demands of the serious enthusiast community. Featuring patent-pending Dual-path Heat Exchange (DHX) technology, the DOMINATOR family maximizes on performance, minimizes on heat, all the while running with heighten reliability and stability. The DOMINATOR line has set world performance records and won numerous awards. Corsair's mainstream performance memory solutions are the XMS family. The XMS family includes XMS2 DHX, featuring innovative DHX technology now in the mainstream; XMS Xpert, the first modules with real-time display of parametric data; XMS Pro Series, gaming memory with real-time activity LEDs; and XMS2, high-performance DDR2 modules with black heat spreaders. The XMS Family also includes DDR1 solutions in XMS, available in either black or platinum heat spreaders.


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