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Mafia II Video Game Performance Preview E-mail
Written by OverclockersClub   
Friday, 13 August 2010

Mafia II Video Game Performance Preview

Playing games, whether on a computer or console, seems to be slowly working its way toward supplanting baseball as a national pastime. It seems like new releases are coming out all the time now, with one of the latest to be announced and released as a pre production demo to prep the world for its widespread release. Mafia II is an upcoming release from 2K games that make extensive use of NVIDIA's PhysX technology and is a 3D Vision and 3D Vision Surround optimized game. NVIDIA's PhysX API supports fluid, cloth, particle, soft body, and rigid body acceleration all on the GPU, whether it is a single card or a second card dedicated strictly for the PhysX load, You play through the game of Mafia II as the character Vito Scaletta as he returns back from the war. Playing through the game reminds me of playing through any of the Vice City console games but with graphics and effects that are of a much higher caliber. Below are a set of random screenshots through this short demo so you can get a feel for what the game has to offer before any performance testing... OverclockersClub


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