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Written by HardwareCanucks   
Monday, 26 July 2010

ASUS RoG ARES 4GB Video Card Review

Continuing in the god of war tradition, ASUS is now releasing a graphics card within their Republic of Gamers series they are calling the ARES; a true beast which holds a pair of HD 5870 reference-clocked cores and 4GB of GDDR5 memory. This is actually quite a step up from a standard HD 5970 that uses highly underclocked Cypress cores and "only" 2GB worth of memory. Unlike when the MARS was released, the ARES actually has some competition in the form of XFX's HD 5970 Eyefinity Black Edition and Sapphire's HD 5970 4GB Toxic. All three cards will likely only appeal to the elite few who can afford the unbelievably high price of admission.

Considering the ARES will supposedly only have a production run of about 1000 cards, ASUS spared no expense when designing and outfitting it. The heatsink is designed with 99.9% pure copper but at the same time it is completely removable in only a few steps. ASUS has also gone to great lengths to talk about this über card's overclocking potential and has even given users the ability to adjust its voltages to their heart's content. There are also additional features backed into the ARES' frame but we will get to those throughout the course of this review... HardwareCanucks


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