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Friday, 09 July 2010

Google Voice Guide

Google voice is not new to many, but it is to me. This pseudo telephony service has been available to many people for some time... since they took over GrandCentral in 2007, but they announced the service will be available to EVERYONE for free not too long ago. The idea behind Google Voice is simple, it is your one stop shop for almost all your telephony needs. You get voicemail (recorded and transcribed), FREE sms, one number to manage ALL of your phone numbers, custom greetings, international calling at a discounted rate, call screening, conference calling, and a slew of other features too exhaustive to mention.

The idea that you can have one local phone number to manage up to 6 phones you may have or may end up having is a beautiful thing. If you have a cell phone, a home phone, a business phone, or any combination... you can have each of those ring simultaneously until you are reached. For business owners or very popular people this helps to ensure those that need to get a hold of you... ComputingOnDemand


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