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AMD & NVIDIA Video Enhancement Quality Tested E-mail
Written by techPowerUp!   
Wednesday, 16 June 2010

AMD & NVIDIA Video Enhancement Quality Tested

HD video is what gave the PC its last push on its long walk to the living room. Inside PCs, all the magic happens with graphics processors. There is a long standing myth that since analog media (such as tapes) were replaced by digital formats, all lossless video consumed from DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and lossless video files end up being of the same quality once it reaches the screen. Of course one can argue that image quality varies among displays, but another component that contributes to image quality is the graphics card.

To serve as a gold standard in the industry for measuring just this (the fidelity a PC (GPU), or a disc player has toward the recording), Hollywood Quality Video (HQV) benchmark 2.0 came to be, early this year. GPU-maker AMD responded to this with new video decoding features in its new release of the Catalyst driver suite, version 10.6 WHQL, which provides software support for ATI Radeon graphics cards and integrated graphics processors. The drivers also pack optimizations for Adobe Flash 10.1, the latest version of Flash, which can make use of GPU-acceleration for videos on the web. Let's evaluate what Catalyst 10.6 has brought new to the scene. We will be testing image quality for videos out of the box, video-enhancement features on, and optimized for each single test... techPowerUp!


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