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Written by Mark Pedersen   
Tuesday, 19 March 2013
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Fractal Design Adjust 108 Fan Controller
Closer Look: Adjust 108
Adjust 108 Detailed Features
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Closer Look: Adjust 108.

Fractal Design did a nice job creating a timeless unique look that has style but is not overly complicated to use. Their company concept is designing quality products without compromises. As we see here the Adjust 108 comes with easy to use sliders, stylish aluminum front and LED light indicators for each fan control. The sliders are a soft rubber that grips fingertips well and the sliders are grouped into two sets of three for easy control.


Above the halfway point the LED turns blue and below the halfway point it turns white. There is no off function for the Adjust 108, if the slider is all the way down the power to the fan is reduced to 40%. The fan speed is controlled by voltage so when the slider is all the way up the power is at 12v, and all the way down is 5v.


40% power should keep the fans still running although very silently compared to 100% power. It is a good idea to check all your fans to make sure that they can still run at the lowest setting because this fan has no off feature. If your fan isn't spinning there is still power going into the fan, just not enough to make it spin which could lead to a burnt out fan over time.


Although the Adjust 108 fits into a normal 5.25 inch bay it only takes up half the depth a cd rom drive. All the circuits are on the front plate so it really only needs enough depth to be mounted into a computer case. The empty space behind the front plate is a good place to tuck away excess wires if you don't yet have six fans to plug in.


The option is provided for either a SATA power connection or a Molex power connection. Either will work just the same for the fan controller and only one needs to be plugged in at a time. In this case you can choose your preference or availability of power connectors and if you happen to accidentally break one then you have a backup as well.



# Enigma8750Derek Smith 2013-04-12 12:22
I find it very difficult to believe that this unit handles 36 watts per channel as the largest Capacitor is Chemical and not very big.. I would venture that 25 or less is more a realistic number but since most only put one or two fans per channel they can get away with since builds are getting smaller.. Its pretty and very effective and I am sure your Test was good.. I just don't see 36 watts coming from those tiny components.. I see smoke at 36 watts.
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# WHAT?Hap 2013-05-08 00:33
Your statement makes no sense as does your knowledge of electronics
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# RE: Enigma8750NAME 2013-05-08 19:24
The caps are only for filtering the input power to the controller and to each slider. The sliders themselves handle the resistance to decrease voltage, just like pots.
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# OKHap 2013-05-09 04:07
Now you are making sense, and if the only thing that is controlling the voltage to the fans is a voltage divider made up of a resistor and those sliders, then yes, if the slider or the resistor is not rated above the max current/watts, then the slider and or resistor will burn up. Most power sliders don?t go much above a few watts. As for the Caps, really don?t need them for just a simple voltage divider, it?s not like those fans have commentator?s which were very noisy with spikes.
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# world leaderf doggrell 2013-05-07 21:45
will this fan controller also control led lights ? could i hookup half the sliders to fans and the other half to lights ? please respond . nice looking unit .
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