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Written by Olin Coles   
Saturday, 07 April 2007
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nMedia MCESKB 2.4GHz Wireless Slim Trackball Keyboard
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nMedia MCESKB Keyboard

nMedia System has delivered big with the MCESKB second generation wireless keyboard. By using the 2.4GHz Radio Frequency (RF) wireless signal, mobility of the new HTPC keyboard is much improved over the previous version. Do not ignore the importance of this RF Wireless Keyboard in any HTPC or Media Center PC system building because it is actually critical for functionality. There is great convenience in controlling an HTPC from the comfort of the couch. Sure, remotes will help browse the menu, but an RF keyboard is a must-have device in terms of data input or computing. The 2.4GHz RF signal will enable your keyboard to communicate at any angle without difficulty.

nMedia MCESKB 2.4GHz Wireless Slim Trackball Keyboard

About the company: nMedia Systemlogo.gif

There is a company out there that is thinking of you, and they have built a line of enclosures that will have you replacing your DVD player, DVR, and stereo, all for a stylish HTPC. This company is nMedia System. Like most emerging companies that have made a success in the enthusiast market, nMedia System originates from overseas. With offices in Hong Kong and GunagZhou, China, as well as a stateside presence in Fremont, California, nMedia System offers a wealth of research and development for their enthusiast line of products.


The nMedia MCESKB 2.4GHz Wireless Slim Trackball Keyboard is packaged in a conservative yet effective cardboard box with illustrated box sleeve. Compared to standard keyboard packaging, the MCESKB is roughly the same height with two-thirds the length. If you are super-protective of your equipment, it would be possible to repackage the keyboard to avoid dirt and dust; and possibly store it under a sofa or couch.

nMedia MCESKB 2.4GHz Wireless Slim Trackball Keyboard


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