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Thrustmaster Run-N-Drive PC/PS3 Wireless Gamepad
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Since testing computer hardware products is a PC-centric task, I've never wandered very far from what I know. But after writing my editorial Year In Review: 2008 Computer Hardware Industry Failure it seemed wrong not to taste the forbidden fruit... so I purchased a Sony PlayStation 3. Aside from the PS3 system, which quickly received an Editors Choice Award-winning Solid State Drive upgrade, I also purchased nearly two-dozen games and a Blu-ray remote control. I soon discovered that my racing skills were lacking... and I needed an edge. Enter the new-and-improved Thrustmaster Run'N'Drive wireless gamepad, model 4160527. Now unplugged and built around the 2.4 GHz wireless radio band, this PC/PS2/PS3-compatible controller takes the Sony SIXAXIS to the next level and adds an optical wheel and under-belly triggers.

Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 XSA-00001
Featured Reviews: Input Devices

The Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 is the jack of all trades. It contains enough programmable keys to keep the most fervent multi-tasker happy and a very precise mouse that to keep the gamer happy. Its wireless range makes it suitable for the office, conference room or even the living room. The wireless dongle is small and fits within the bottom of the mouse, making it easy to transport. How well does it work? Benchmark Reviews will fill you in on the XSA-00001 kit from Microsoft.


Microsoft Sidewinder X6 Gaming Keyboard
Featured Reviews: Input Devices

Over the past few years, gaming on the PC has transformed from a niche hobby to a market in and of itself. More and more gaming-grade devices come out each year. Some accessories are just hype or a means to squeeze a few extra dollars out of unsuspecting customers whereas others genuinely make the gaming experience that much better. At the same time gaming hardware has also come to be synonymous with expensive hardware as gaming hardware frequently pushes the current norms and standards to their limits of usability, functionality and style (or taste in the worst case scenario). The Microsoft Sidewinder X6 tries to be the keyboard for the gamer's gamer. It features the ability to program 90 macros using 6 proprietary buttons, the number pad, and 3 banks. It has backlighting for playing the dark, cruise control, on the fly macro programming, large knobs for volume and backlight control and audio shortcut buttons. It features keys designed for quick presses and fast action. Does it deliver? Read on and Benchmark Reviews will deliver the scoop.


Microsoft Sidewinder X5 Gaming Mouse ARB-00001
Featured Reviews: Input Devices

Figuring out what makes a good gaming mouse is always difficult. The mouse is definitely one of the most varied input devices around for computers. You find all sorts of different types of mice on the market for both gaming and regular usage. The biggest tenets of what makes a mouse good appear to be comfort and reliability. Enter the Microsoft Sidewinder X5 gaming mouse. This mouse goes for comfort by designing the mouse with the contours of a human hand in mind. It includes 2 customizable thumb buttons and a Vista shortcut button. It also features a laser tracking sensor that is capable of precision up to 2000 dpi with 3 custom dpi settings that you can change within the Intellitype software. We at Benchmark Reviews will give you the low down on this mouse.


WolfKing Trooper MVP Laser Gaming Mouse
Featured Reviews: Input Devices

Pointing devices are very important to us all during every day use of a PC. Advances in technology have made them extremely accurate, quick to respond and great for gaming. The optical mouse was a great innovation and a change for the better. The advent of the laser engine gave us much more accuracy, faster response times and no more cleaning. The laser mouse has become a "must have" for any serious gamer in these current times. Benchmark Reviews has been afforded an opportunity to examine one of these devices, the Wolf King Trooper MVP Laser Gaming Mouse.


SilverStone Raven SST-RVM01B Gaming Mouse
Featured Reviews: Input Devices

As gaming and computer productivity become more refined, having the ability to fine-tune and customize the mouse movements becomes more crucial than ever. To help meet this challenge, SilverStone created the Raven gaming mouse. This brilliantly designed input device gives gamer and users unprecedented control over the mouse movement by not only utilizing a blistering fast laser sensor capable of 3200 dpi and 50G of acceleration, but also adds independent X & Y axis adjustments. With perfectly centered laser, 50-50 weight balance, carbon fiber surfacing, and a convenient thumb wheel that can perform quick task switching. Benchmark Reviews tests the SilverStone Raven SST-RVM01B 3D gaming mouse.

Enermax Aurora and Caesar Scissor-switch Keyboards
Featured Reviews: Input Devices

Keyboards are a very personal piece of pheriferal hardware, and the one-size-fits-all approach rarely satisifies everyone involved. As a professional writer, I find myself to be quite picky about the computer components I use on a regular basis. I believe myself to be the poster-child for adaptabiltiy, but it's no picnic when I give up my favorite mouse of keyboard for a new design. In this article, Benchmark Reviews tests three new keyboards from the Enermax Aurora Premium, Micro, and Caesar product lines. These keyboards all feature scissor-key compression mechanisms identical to most premium notebook computer keypads, and integrate High Speed USB 2.0 ports for added functionality.


WolfKing Timber Wolf Gaming Keyboard
Featured Reviews: Input Devices

Today's PC gaming enthusiast is always on the lookout for the edge that will put him or her above other players. A performance gaming keyboard is at the top of the list of products that can certainly make a difference. Today Benchmark Reviews takes a look at what could possibly be an edge that some players are looking for, the Wolf King Timber Wolf gaming keyboard.

The typical gaming keyboard is hardly more than a standard keyboard with a few enhancements. They have unnecessary software to set up profiles for multiple games, which can bring along its own issues. Multiple and fast keystroke capability are also on the list of features. Will the design of the Timber Wolf change the way you play?


nMedia HTPCKB Media Center Wireless Keyboard
Featured Reviews: Input Devices

Setting up an HTPC is the easy part. Making it easy to use on your TV is slightly more difficult. Controlling your HTPC is the hard part. The nMedia HTPCKB wireless keyboard and remote make controlling your HTPC that much easier. A 2.4ghz radio connection and 10m range allow you to control your computer anywhere in the livingroom without any of those pesky line of sight problems with other remotes, while keeping things simple using a driverless USB dongle to connect. Here at Benchmark reviews, we'll get the bottom line on the nMedia HTPCKB and all its wireless goodness.

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