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CM Storm Quickfire Rapid Keyboard
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Although mechanical keyboards have been making a comeback in recent years many of the design are quite bulky in comparison to their rubber dome counter parts. Looking to fill this area of the market Cooler Master designed the Storm QuickFire Rapid mechanical keyboard using the venerable Cherry MX Blue switches, fit into a comfortable 14" x 5" design. This makes the QuickFire Rapid perfect for LAN parties or mobile workers who may want a better typing experience than their laptops are able to offer. Benchmark Reviews will evaluate if the Cooler Master QuickFire Rapid is the perfect pint size keyboard or if corners were cut in order to meet size and price goals.

Epic Gear Meduza Gaming Mouse and Hybrid Pad
Featured Reviews: Input Devices
What features make the best gaming mouse? Laser or Optical? High or low sensitivity? Epic Gear has released a new technology to make it so you don't have to choose. The new Meduza Gaming Mouse uses Hybrid Dual Sensor Technology (HDST) to combine the best of both paradigms. Along with their Hybrid Mouse pad they have benchmarked high mouse performance. In this article, Benchmark Reviews evaluates the Meduza (model EGMA1H-OB) and Hybrid Pad (model EGHP1-OB-M) in preparation for their upcoming release.


SteelSeries Simraceway SRW-S1 Wheel
Featured Reviews: Input Devices

Hardcore PC racing simulator enthusiasts would argue that there is no alternative to a force feedback wheel and pedals, and they might be right, but not everybody has $300+ to fork out on an expensive setup. At the same time not everyone is content either being a keyboard racer or having to make do with a sub-par wheel or console style game controller. This is where SteelSeries and Ignite Game Technologies come into play. Together they have developed the SteelSeries Simraceway SRW-S1 motion sensitive steering wheel. A wheel that bridges the gap between console style game controllers and high end wheel/pedal setups, and it is available now from the SteelSeries web shop for $119.99 MSRP. Out of the box it is setup to work with Ignite's 'Simraceway' online racing simulator for the PC, but SteelSeries state that it will work with just about any racing game designed for the PC. Here at Benchmark Reviews we take marketing claims at face value and we always leave our judgement to real world testing, but if looks are anything to go by then we are in for one hell of a treat.


Roccat Kova[+] Optical USB Gaming Mouse
Featured Reviews: Input Devices

Roccat is a European manufacturer of gaming products that's becoming increasingly popular in North America. Their sporty design and bright lighting makes it an ideal eye-candy for gaming setups. The Kova[+] is one of two gaming mice that Roccat has revamped lately, giving it increased functionality. Benchmark Reviews will be using the Roccat Kova[+] gaming mouse in games and everyday applications to see how well this fancy device handles the real test.

SteelSeries Sensei Pro Laser Gaming Mouse
Featured Reviews: Input Devices

Danish company SteelSeries has designed products to compete against the likes of Razer, Logitech, and Microsoft in the competitive gaming peripherals market. Their newest product the Sensei aims to decimate the competition with its 32-bit ARM processor, 5700 DPI sensor, on-board memory, and advanced software that allows users to control almost every function imaginable. Benchmark Reviews will evaluate if the Sensei is the master by which every mouse should be compared, or if it is the student still learning from those that came before it.

Roccat ISKU Illuminated Gaming Keyboard
Featured Reviews: Input Devices

Roccat has shown us here at Benchmark Reviews that it has what it takes to compete successfully in the gaming mouse market. What we are going to find out today is whether they can follow that success with the Roccat ISKU Illuminated Gaming Keyboard. Like the KONE[+] gaming mouse, the ISKU gaming keyboard has EasyShift[+] and when these two devices are paired together they can communicate with each other using the Roccat Talk protocol. There are three EasyShift[+] zones featuring 28 easy-to-reach macro keys, 5 doubly-programmable dedicated M-keys and 3 doubly-programmable Thumbster T-Keys. It is possible to assign different pre-defined functions to the eight media keys and you can also re-assign the F-keys to be used as shortcut or application launch keys. The illuminated keys have five levels of brightness and will auto dim when the keyboard has been idle for a predefined amount of time. If this hasn't got you interested then I don't know what will, please read on to find out more.


Roccat KONE[+] Gaming Mouse
Featured Reviews: Input Devices

In a market segment rife with choice, any manufacturer which wants to stand out must innovate their way past the rest of the crowd or use clever marketing techniques to dupe their target market. Fortunately for us here at Benchmark Reviews, Roccat chose to innovate when they created their KONE[+] Gaming Mouse. I honestly believed that there wasn't much more that could be done in the field of pointing and clicking mouse technology but I was wrong. Roccat has introduced three great features unique to the KONE[+] mouse and also equipped it with a 6000dpi Pro Aim laser for some extremely responsive pointing ability. Intrigued? Please read on to find out more.


CM Storm Xornet Optical Gaming Mouse
Featured Reviews: Input Devices

When it comes to PC gaming, precision control begins with the mouse. You can have the best computer and display, but without a durable pointing device to transmit your intentions, the entire system becomes point-less. Cooler Master has a plan: pack only the most essential performance features into a solid gaming mouse, and sell it for less than any other. Behold, the CM Storm Xornet 2000 DPI Gaming Mouse, model SGM-2001-BLON1. In this article Benchmark Reviews compares the value-priced CM Storm Xornet to the more expensive Logitech G9x and previous CM Storm gaming peripherals.

CM Storm Xornet Mouse SGM-2001-BLON1

Thermaltake MEKA G-Unit Gaming Keyboard
Featured Reviews: Input Devices

Mechanical keyboards aimed at gamers are starting to take root in the enthusiast market. Keeping pace with this trend, Thermaltake eSPORTS has melded the two breeds into the MEKA G-Unit. Model KB-MGU006 builds macros, backlighting and other gaming features onto a robust mechanical keyboard base. There has been alot of hype around these "hybrid" style keyboards. As usual, Benchmark Reviews will cut through the flummery and use facts and performance to predict the furture of the MEKA G-Unit and it's mechi-gaming peers.

Thermaltake MEKA G-Unit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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