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With each new release of an Athlon-II processor, AMD reasserts its control on the entry-level market by providing another great quality CPU at a very affordable price. The release of the Athlon-II X4-645 ADX645WFGMBOX quad-core processor is no different. At 3.1GHz, the X4-645 becomes the fastest Athlon-II quad-core processor on the market. Similar to previous Athlon-II X4 series release, the release of the X4-645 will also push the price of its predecessor, the X4-640 to under $100, making quad-core processing at 3.0GHz an affordable option for many users. Benchmark Reviews as been there for the release of many of the most recent Athlon-II and Phenom-II processors and we wouldn't miss the chance to bring you the test results on the latest Athlon-II quad-core release. In this article, Benchmark Reviews has prepared an in-depth look as the Athlon-II X4-645 ADX645WFK42GM quad-core processor and compares it to a wide-variety of other processors on the market. Dive in for the latest results on AMD's flagship Athlon-II quad-core.


Featured Reviews: Processors

With the release of the Deneb based quad core processors known as the Phenom II series, AMD started to grab a nice share of the mid-range and higher market share by offering quad-core processors for quite a bit less than the competition. Back in June of 2009, Benchmark Reviews was there when AMD started a new trend with Deneb based processors that didn't quite meet the rigorous standards of testing on all four cores. Rather than tossing the processors that had two or three cores that still functioned perfectly, AMD decided to turn off the bad cores and release them as much less expensive dual and triple-core processors. The dual-core versions got a couple of extra perks as well. For one, the price was enticing at $99. For another, the processors were Black Editions, meaning they had unlocked multipliers for easier overclocking. The first black edition dual-core Phenom-II to hit the market was the X2-550BE. Just over a year later and 200MHz faster, AMD is releasing the Phenom-II X2-560BE at 3.3GHz with the same promise, to give would-be overclockers and enthusiasts the opportunity to toy around without spending a bundle. In this article, Benchmark Reviews is bringing you the details on the X2-560BE (model HDZ560WFGMBOX). The new dual-core's unlocked multiplier will be pushed to the limit and we will see how it measures up to the competition.


Featured Reviews: Processors

AMD is introducing several new processors, filling out holes in the low-to-mid-range of their desktop AM3 product line. The 6-core Phenom II X6 1075T HDT75TFBGRBOX slots neatly in between the $199 2.8GHz 1050T and the $299 3.2GHz 1090T Black Edition with a clock speed of 3.0GHz and a lower-than-expected price of $239.00. Like its six-core stablemates, the 1075T uses Turbo Core technology to boost its clock speed from 3.0 to 3.5GHz (which is just 100MHz shy of the 1090T's Turbo Core speed) when three or fewer cores are in use. Benchmark Reviews tests the new 1075T against a collection of Intel and AMD processors in gaming and computing performance.


Intel Core i5-655K Processor BX80616I5655K
Featured Reviews: Processors

Many years ago, overclocking was not limited by Intel/AMD like nowadays. As it is usual, when they see they can make extra money from the consumers by limiting their features to those who pay more, they don't hesitate to take advantage of that. In the last years, the Intel made it a little bit "impossible" for those who want to buy a CPU with unlocked multiplier. Intel was limiting that feature to the Extreme Edition CPUs. AMD took this as an opportunity to approach consumers with a feature their competition wouldn't give and so the AMD Black Edition CPUs appeared. AMD has been kindly enough to offer Black Edition products for each segment in the market, and that means you can find a BE (Black Edition) CPU for less than $100. Intel is striking back with a pair of new processors which feature an unlocked multiplier without the $999 tag. Today, Benchmark Reviews will analyze the Intel Core i5 655K Unlocked CPU which basically is a Clarkdale based 2-cores/4-threads processor with Intel HD graphics and specially aimed at overclockers. Is the unlocked multiplier good enough to pay that little extra or isn't it worth it? Is it better to overclock with multiplier or should I to raise the BCLK? Those answers and more will be covered as Benchmark Reviews tests the Intel Core i5-655K Clarksdale processor, model BX80616I5655K.


Featured Reviews: Processors

In September 2009, AMD unleashed a torrent of personal computing potential by introducing the market to the first sub-$100 quad-core processor, the Athlon-II X4-620. Since then, like it has with the entire Athlon-II series, AMD has been releasing newer versions of their inexpensive quad-core CPUs. In this article, Benchmark Reviews takes a look at AMDs latest release in the Athlon-II X4 line, the Athlon-II X4-640 ADX640WFK42GM AM3 Processor. Built on the Propus die, the Athlon-II X4 series cuts costs by eliminating any L3 cache and limiting the L2 cache to 512KB per core. In looking at the performance of the Athlon-II X4-640, we will compare it to other recent AMD offerings in a similar price range, the Athlon-II X2-260 and the Athlon-II X3-445.


AMD Athlon-II X2-260 Regor Processor
Featured Reviews: Processors

In early May 2010, AMD released a new series of processors that fills in some of the gaps in their Athlon-II and Phenom-II Dual, Triple, and Quad-Core Lines. Most of the newly released processors are really just 100MHz clock speed bumps on the old versions. In this article Benchmark Reviews focuses on the newly released AMD Athlon-II X2-260 Regor AM3 ADX260OCK23GQ processor. Based on the Regor core, the Athlon-II X2-260 has a 3.2GHz clock speed, up 100MHz from the Athlon-II X2-255 at 3.1Ghz which was released in January 2010. The Athlon-II X2-260 is at the very low end of the newly released processors and represents a value based market at only $76. Benchmark Reviews is going to directly compare the Athlon-II X2-260 to its predecessor to see just what advantages can be found in the new chip running 100MHz faster.


AMD Athlon-II X3-445 AM3 Processor
Featured Reviews: Processors

Back in October of last year, Athlon introduced its first Athlon II X3 triple-core processors, the 425 and 435. Working with the less than perfect yields from the Deneb and Propus dies, the Rana die was born. As yields improve, the processors can become more stable at higher clock speeds. In January 2010, the Athlon-II X3-440 was released; a 100MHz speed bump on the X3-435 processor. Now AMD is bumping the speed up by another 100MHz with the release of the X3-445 and the X3-450 is slated to come out later on this year. In this article Benchmark Reviews is closely examining the Athlon-II X3-445 ADX445WFK32GM to see what kind of power can be harnessed from this low-priced, triple-core, potentially unlockable 3.1GHz processor, especially when paired with AMDs newest 890G chipset.


AMD Phenom-II X6-1090T Black Edition Processor
Featured Reviews: Processors

AMD's Turbo CORE technology is now available in 'Thuban' Phenom-II AM3 desktop processors, beginning with the 2.8GHz X6-1055T and 3.2GHz X6-1090T CPUs. Turbo CORE senses when three of the six processor cores are not in use, and automatically boosts the clock speed up to 500MHz. Paired with the AMD 890FX chipset found on ASUS' Crosshair-IV Formula ROG motherboard, the AMD Phenom-II X6-1090T Black Edition CPU can reach 4.0GHz on all six cores with an additional 4.3GHz Turbo CORE. In this article, Benchmark Reviews tests the AMD X6-1090T against the Intel Core i7-920 and i7-890X processors in gaming, computing, and overclocking performance.


Featured Reviews: Processors

In late January 2010, AMD released a new series of processors that fills in some of the gaps in their Athlon-II and Phenom-II Dual, Triple, and Quad-Core Lines. Most of the newly released processors are really just 100MHz clock speed bumps on the old versions. We have also seen the addition of some triple and quad core Athlon-II processors. In this article Benchmark Reviews focuses on the newly released AMD Athlon-II X2-255 AM3 ADX255OCGQBOX processor. Based on the Regor core, the Athlon-II X2-255 has a 3.1GHz clock speed, up 100Mhz from the Athlon-II X2-250 at 3.0GHz which was released last summer. The Athlon-II X2-255 is at the very low end of the newly released processors and represents a value based market at only $75. Benchmark Reviews is going to use the Athlon-II X2-255, with its support for DDR2 RAM up to 1066MHz as well as DDR3 RAM up to 1333MHz, to show some of the great upgrade options available for consumers who have been waiting for a low-cost option for a better computer system.


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