NZXT M59 Mid-Tower Computer Case M59-001BK
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I am a case snob. The cases I like are brushed aluminum, have removable motherboard trays, neatly rolled edges, finished interiors, cable management, and so forth. They have SATA backplanes and mounts for triple-120 radiators. A certain degree of style doesn't hurt, either. Of course cases like this are expensive, but since I have to look at them all day, I figure they're worth it. In this article, Benchmark Reviews inspects the NZXT M59 Mid-Tower computer case, which at a suggested retail price of $59.99 for the M59-001BK model it is hardly in the milieu I'm become accustomed to. Will the design flair that was evident in NZXT's $400 Khaos gaming case be in evidence here? Let's see.

NZXT M59 Mid-Tower Computer Case.jpg

Xigmatek Midgard-W Computer Case CPC-T55DB-U02
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Xigmatek - A name that needs no introduction, But the first things that come to mind are CPU coolers, Right? A relatively young company, founded in 2005, Xigmatek has made some great quality coolers, 2 of which featured and performed very well in the Q2 best CPU cooler performance review here at Benchmark Reviews, Today's review focuses on the Xigmatek Midgard CPC-T55DB-U02 Computer Case, Big on features and while not an overly expensive case it is still closer to the top end of what I would call a Budget case. Tool free design, Midgard-W was designed by gaming and cooling thinking within tool-free hard drives and add-on card installation, easy installation CPU cooler back plate window, four pipe holes for water cooling system and seven cooling fan space at most. This case is certainly beautiful to look at, but looks are for the vain, Features and quality are essential to the success of a product. Will you be using this case in your next build? Come and take a closer look to see if this is the case ticks all the boxes for You.


CM Storm Sniper Black Edition Gaming Case
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Déjà vu is a funny thing. At first you're not sure it's real; then you're absolutely convinced; finally, it fades and you're not sure anymore. The CM Storm Sniper, first shown to the public when Cooler Master launched the CM Storm brand in 2008, started out life with a full "Black Ops" paint job. Black on the outside, black on the inside and the first gaming case to feature three massive 200mm cooling fans, it was an instant hit. Somehow, the production version ended up without the black interior, but it was still a rousing success when Benchmark Reviews looked at it in January of this year. Its ten months later, coming up on the holiday season, and what better (and easier) way to kick it up a notch than to bring back the black: The CM Storm Sniper Black Edition SGC-6000-KKN1-GP.


nMediaPC 6000B HTPC Computer Case
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More and more consumers these days seem to have some sort of home theater set up in which they incorporate a computer. Many people use a PC in their living room to watch slideshows of their photos, browse the web on their large HDTV displays, or use their pc as a fully functional Home Theater PC for movies, games, music, and etc. Along with this growing trend, the concept of using a HTPC style case for your living room computer is becoming more popular. People don't want some big ugly tower sitting in the middle of their living room, but would rather have a stylish looking case that can match the decor of their other home theater components, and offer many additional features useful to HTPC setups. Benchmark Reviews has the pleasure of checking out one of the HTPC cases offered by nMedia. This stylish and functional desktop ATX-style case boasts many features one would find useful in a HTPC setting such as a front LCD readout and front ports for things such as USB, Media Cards, Audio, eSATA, and Firewire, all in an attractive package that can easily match your other theater components.


Antec Two Hundred Mid-Tower Computer Case
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PC gaming has never been an inexpensive proposition. The cost of processing power, for both CPU and GPU, may have gone down in cost per GigaFLOP, but the price tag to play the latest, coolest, PC game has stayed relatively constant. Fortunately, for those on a budget, things are looking up lately. One reason is that reasonably priced and even budget priced gaming cases are now available. Antec has just come to the rescue with their new Two Hundred model mid-tower gaming case. Benchmark Reviews has already shown you Antec's high end offerings, now take a look at what you might have to give up by going the budget route for your gaming rig chassis, and surprisingly what you might gain. The Two Hundred has some new features that could convince you to spend less rather than more on your next gaming case.


NORCO RPC-4020 4U Rackmount Server Case
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In this article, Benchmark Reviews will examine the Norco RPC-4020 4U rack mount server case. This case supports twenty data drives, plus a separate OS drive, and slim floppy and optical drives. With the density of hard drives available today that means you can stuff 42 Terabytes worth of data into a case roughly the size of a full-tower desktop case. If you're looking for a high density storage case, you'll be doing yourself a disservice not to check out this case.

NORCO RPC-4020 4U Rackmount Server Case

Cooler Master Sileo 500 Computer Case
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Boasting sound-dampening foam, anti-vibration HDD mounts, and two silent-running 800RPM 120mm fans, the Sileo 500 is an interesting break from Cooler Master's usual chassis design. A long-time manufacturer of high-end gaming cases, it appears Cooler Master is now adding silent computing to their arsenal. Benchmark Review will take a closer look at the RC-500-KKR3-GP model and finds out if the Sileo 500 worthy of the name and your money.


SilverStone SUGO SST-SG06B mini-ITX Case
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Smaller, quieter, greener. These are the new key words of the industry. Computer components are reducing their size and their footprint. The next wave of computer enthusiasts isn't looking for that full tower monster case with LED lighting. They want sleek and slim, lean and trim. Benchmark Reviews takes a look today at the SilverStone SUGO SST-SG06B mini-ITX case. When you read mini-ITX, I know what you're thinking. Another HTPC case, nice and small, but useless for any type of CPU or GPU intensive activity. And that's where SilverStone breaks the trend. The case comes stock with a 300W power supply and enough room for a 9" long video card. Could this be the answer to those of us yearning for a PC that meets our computing needs as well as our space and aesthetic needs? Follow along as we delve deeper to find out.

nMediaPC HTPC 8000 Wooden Media Center Case
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Home Theater Personal Computers, or HTPCs as enthusiasts abbreviate them, may soon once again be all the craze. Very recently the ultra-compact NVIDIA ION platform offered up HD video and Blu-Ray content over native HDMI, and leaves the entertainment center with plenty of room left over for other components. But for those wanting just a little more, such as discrete graphics for intense CrossFire or SLI gaming, you'll need an HTPC case with full-size ATX motherboard compatibility. nMediaPC knows there's still a market for home theater PC enthusiasts, which is why the HTPC-8000 case was designed. A stained-wood case with old-time looks is modern enough to deliver LCD-based programmable Media Center Edition (MCE) display. Benchmark Reviews explores the nMedia HTPC-8000 media center computer case and delivers the verdict on HTPCs.


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