In Win BUC Computer Case
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Ever dream of a mid tower case that had four hot swap internal SATA drive bays that you could access easily? Of course the case would have to have plenty of fans for cooling, and a pass thru ventilation design for the PSU to reduce heating the internal components. And of course, you would want your mechanical drives to be noise isolated. It might also help if the case had a cool look with a back lit LED fan to kind of show it all off. Hey let's throw in water cooling holes just in case, and what would be nice is if the price was affordable. Perhaps less than a hundred bucks?


Cooler Master Elite 371 RC-371-KKN1
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Not too long ago all custom computer builds where done using beige boxes. Unlike their mass-built cousins, these cases had very few externally defining features. In the last five years, this has changed with many cases having very useful features or being very showy. Sadly, this has come at price, and with each year the costs of computer enclosures have risen. Cooler Master has addressed these rising costs with the Elite series of cases and with its newest addition the Elite 371. Priced for only $49.99, Benchmark Reviews determines if the Elite 371 has everything that is needed in cases or if too many corners have been cut for the sake of cost.


Antec One Hundred Mid-Tower Case
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The Antec One Hundred computer case is touted as "the gaming case that delivers high-end features at a price that won't break the bank." Many gamers (and non-gamers) will purchase cases with sexy exteriors, only to find that the functionality and performance of the case are significantly hindered. For experienced users, a gaming case brings certain expectations, such as the need for good cooling, ease of use for install and re-installation of components, proper placement of USB ports and audio jacks, as well as several other factors. Benchmark Reviews will take the Antec One Hundred for a spin and you can decide if it meets your criteria for a good economy gaming case.


Lian Li PC-AO4 Aluminum Mini-Tower PC Case
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Just for a minute, we're going to stop looking for the biggest, baddest, most ferocious PC gaming case and look at something a little less hardcore. It's not even black, if you can imagine that..... Another thing that sets the Lian Li PC-A04 apart from the norm is that it's limited to micro-ATX motherboards. Two or three years ago, this would have been a showstopper, but in recent times there have been some excellent uATX boards hitting the market. There are even some offerings that forgo integrated graphics in favor of more performance-oriented chipsets. ASUS and MSI both make X58 boards for instance, and there are also several P67 choices available. So, don't feel that you have to reign in your performance expectations just because you want a smaller, more attractive box beside your desk. Benchmark Reviews took up the challenge of creating a full-aluminum mini tower build that's very different from your average "granny system".


Cooler Master Elite 343 RC-343-KKN1
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The enthusiast case market is replete with fancy cases brimming with exotic materials and features. It's not unusual for builders to buy "more case than they need", investing extra money in a case their system can grow into. But sometimes all you need is a basic case: a good-quality enclosure that will serve as a home for your components in a business, "grandma computer", or other non-enthusiast setting. Although Benchmark Reviews does not often look at cases like this, they make up the bulk of the case market. While Cooler Master's best known for its enthusiast cases (such as the HAF series), they serve this market as well with cases like the Elite 343 mATX computer case.


Cooler Master Storm Enforcer SGC-1000-KWN1
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Cooler Master cases have garnered a well-earned reputation for quality and design innovation. Their Cosmos and H.A.F. series have won praise from enthusiasts around the world, and their "Storm" series of cases has shown that "budget" doesn't have to mean "cheap". The Cooler Master Storm Enforcer is the newest member of the Storm line, bringing internal USB 3.0 support and a configurable interior to the game. Benchmark Reviews checks out this new chassis in this review.


Antec Sonata IV Computer Case
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Antec has been making computer enclosures for as long as I can remember. When I think of popular computer chassis, one case from Antec almost always comes to mind: their Sonata line of cases. Antec has provided Benchmark Reviews the opportunity to review their latest iteration of their Sonata line, the Sonata IV. The Sonata IV is marketed as being a Quiet Mid Tower case. It aims to bring the Sonata line of cases up to date with such features as a front USB 3.0 port, a spot for a 2.5" SSD drive, and silicon grommets to reduce hard drive vibration. Also included with the Sonata IV is a 620 watt power supply. Can the Sonata IV live up to its predecessors and the Antec name? Read the full review to find out.


Antec Six Hundred v2 Gaming Case
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Antec has been in the PC enclosures business for over 25 years. They have many unique and creative cases such as the LanBoy and Skeleton. However, nothing is more iconic than their "Hundred" series gaming cases, from the low-end Antec One Hundred to the Antec Twelve Hundred full tower. In order to keep up with competition, Antec has been massively updating their line of products. This time it's the Six Hundred's turn. Out of the seven "Hundred" series gaming cases, the Antec Six Hundred V2 is the most balanced. It was designed to be simple but effective. Benchmark Reviews will test the Antec Six Hundred V2 and see where it stands among the fierce competition.

Thermaltake Level 10 GT VN10001W2N
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Thermaltake set the computer case world on its ear in 2009, when it introduced the amazing Level 10 computer case. Designed in collaboration with BMW, the Level 10's unique design, with separate compartments hung from the side of a central "spine", was unlike anything anyone had ever seen before. But so was its price, at $800.00. The high price kept it out of retail stores and also kept sales low. The Level 10 GT attempts to incorporate some of the features and style of the original Level 10 at a lower price that's still at the high end of the mainstream case market. Benchmark Reviews takes a look at this latest salvo in the "case wars."

Thermaltake Level 10 GT Computer Case review
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