Corsair Carbide 400R Computer Case
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It's easy to build a great computer case if it's going to retail for $250 or more. Actually, I take that back: judging by some of the cases I've seen, maybe it's not that easy! While a high retail price is no guarantee of quality or usability, it's certainly more of a challenge to come out with a really great case at the $100 price level... but that's not going to stop Corsair from trying. In this article, Benchmark Reviews tests the Corsair Carbide 400R computer case.


Antec Solo-II Computer Case Enclosure
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Stark, quiet and commanding; like a monolith, the Solo II has an immaculate appearance which belies its sophistication. By listening and responding to the demands of their customers, Antec has perpetuated the viability of the popular Sonta series of quiet computing cases. They've realized that the quiet computing segment contains gamers and system builders with needs beyond pure aesthetics. With a few system tweaks and upgrades (can you say large video cards?) Antec has targeted the intersection between elegance and functionality. At Benchmark Reviews we appreciate when our collective voice reaches the manufacturers. In this article we'll see exactly what Antec "heard" and whether or not they listen as well as their competitors.

Antec Solo II Mid Tower ATX Case

Lian Li PC-90 Computer Case
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For many enthusiasts, fitting the very best hardware into a computer case comes at a high price. Unfortunately it means having large, unwieldy enclosures to house all of their hardware. To combat this, Lian Li has created an enclosure with unique properties to combat the growing bloat of systems, and to their credit it seems to has worked. By allowing users to fit the EVGA Super Record 2 motherboard into a case that is 20.15" x 9.05" x 19.25", Lian Li has effectively allowed users to have a smaller more manageable case with all the features of its larger cousins. Benchmark Reviews will evaluate if the Lian Li PC-90 computer case has all of the cards in its hand or if in the end it was a bluff and users are still better off with a larger enclosure.


NZXT Source 210 Elite Computer Case
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When buying a case enthusiasts must balance between cost, aesthetics, and build quality. Normally you can only have two of these three things but on rare occasions companies produce a case that has all three properties in one case. NZXT has given enthusiast one of these rare cases with the NZXT Source 210 Elite which at $50 combines all three of these traits into one case. Benchmark Reviews will see if the Source 210 Elite is really the holy grail of mainstream cases or will this perfect looking case fall apart when scrutinized?


Rosewill THOR V2 Full-Tower Computer Case
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Recently, Rosewill sent to Benchmark Reviews their THOR V2 full tower gamer, enthusiast case for a good thrashing. The THOR 2 is the second evolution of the THOR series. When I first saw this case I was curious because it looked pretty lean, mean, and clean while avoiding what I call the "We are Borg, resistance is futile" look. So is the THOR V2 as mean as it looks? What's new for version 2? Will we send it to the case scrap pile in the sky, or will it soar like Thor into the heavens? Let's check it out.


BitFenix Shinobi Mid-Tower Computer Case
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Here at Benchmark Reviews we like to bring you the most up to date hardware reviews, our latest sample is the BitFenix Shinobi Window Mid-Tower PC case model number BFC-SNB-150-KKW1-RP. This case has been out now for a few months but is still quite recent, it was the elegant design that first attracted me to this case, the second point that made this case rather appealing was its raw mod-ability. There seems to be a trend lately with many people cursing overly plastic PC cases but I think the Shinobi is somewhat different, it isn't perfect but for its price you can't really want for more. For under $70 you get a very good looking 'windowed' case with a painted interior, motherboard cut-out's and room to manage and hide cables effectively, a bottom mounted PSU, two 120mm fans pre-installed with capability for seven and mesh venting on all intakes bar the window. let's not leave it there though, there is more to see so let's get to it.

Sentey Burton GS-6500 Computer Case
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The Sentey Burton GS-6500 is a full tower enclosure developed for enthusiasts who desire high performance and a sexy exterior. This case flaunts its multiple LED fans, and LED buttons, turning heads in the process. The Burton, is one of several models belonging to the Extreme Division line of computer cases, and it is available in 3 flavors; The GS-6500 in glossy black, the GS-6500B with blue highlights and grills, and the GS-6500R with red highlights and grills. It's pretty easy to glance at the exterior of this case and be charmed into submission. As your jaw drops, your guard is let down, but don't worry, Benchmark Reviews presents an in-depth look at the all black GS-6500 case, from its highly glossy exterior to the bright blue glowing interior. This computer case shines visually, with a stunning array of fan LEDs, as well as a beautiful array of LEDs on the top console, but ultimately, the true purpose here is to determine if this case is more than just visual appeal. Does the Sentey Burton GS-6500 attain the level of excellence that the computer enthusiast expects?


Cooler Master Silencio 550 Computer Case
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Benchmark Reviews has as its subject today one dark and mysterious Cooler Master Silencio 550 Mid-Tower Case. Silencio translates to English as "silence" and so it is that we will quietly and thoughtfully perform a dissection of this case, partaking on a journey into the innards of the new Cooler Master Silencio 550 in order to uncover its mysteries and (hopefully) wonders. Let's find out why this case is marketed as having "Near silent operation and prepared to take on powerful hardware, the Cooler Master Silencio is able to keep high-end setups running cool and quiet."


Corsair Obsidian 650D Computer Case
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The Obsidian 650D is Corsairs second attempt at a mid-tower case and the third case in the Obsidian line that started with the 800D almost two years ago. The 650D was created in response to the two biggest complaints about the 800D, which were price and size. Priced at $199 and now in a mid-tower design both issues have been addressed. At the same time the 650D has retained many of the same great features and aesthetics that made the Obsidian 800D so popular. While evaluating the Obsidian 650D Benchmark Reviews will see if it is worth of the Obsidian moniker it has inherited or if many of the features its older brother had have been lost in the transition to a smaller size.


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