Tt eSports Shock One Gaming Headset
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It comes as no surprise that Thermaltake is now breaking into the audio market following the successes of its competitors. Their new Tt eSports Shock One Gaming Headset distinguishes itself with flashy design and integrated DTS Surround Sensation, contrasting to the more common Dolby Headphone technology. The performance of the Shock One is important to both Thermaltake and DTS as they challenge a market filled with competition. Benchmark Reviews will be pitting the new comer against other Dolby headsets like the Corsair HS1 and Logitech G930. One thing's for sure, while many other companies chose a relatively neutral design that suits a wider audience range, the Shock One has been built from the ground up for gamers.

Antec SoundScience Rockus 3D Speaker System
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Antec has dominated the computer chassis market for more than a decade, and with many of their customers slowly converting to portable platforms it makes good business sense to diversify the product portfolio. Enter soundscience, a subsidiary of Antec, that is dedicated to audiophile-level products for use on multiple platforms. The soundscience rockus 2.1 speaker system features 3Dsst sound technology, which makes use of 3D-audio optimized solid aluminum satellite drivers and an active subwoofer with passive radiator to create an extended low frequency response. In this article, Benchmark Reviews tests the Antec SoundScience Rockus 3D speaker system against the Logitech Speaker System Z623 and see how well it works for gaming consoles.


Corsair CA-HS1NA USB Gaming Headset
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It seems in this day and age everybody wants a piece of the PC peripherals market. This time Corsair, famous for manufacturing PC hardware, released its own lineup of high-end speakers and headsets. Packing in many popular features, the Corsair HS1NA USB Gaming Headset comes with 7.1 virtual surround sound and massive 50mm drivers. Corsair developed the HS1NA specifically for serious gamers, focusing on performance and comfort. Benchmark Reviews is excited to test Corsair's new headset to see if they took off on the right foot.

ASUS Xonar Xense PCI-E Sound Card Kit
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From the boom of an artillery shell to the stealthy footsteps of a lone gunman, a gamer listens with ears perked and attention focused. Bullets whirring all around and the hum of a mistreated headset prod at players attention, all the while a subtle drop of a nade pin occurs nearby. No one notices. ASUS recognise the importance of a good audio solution and have provided Benchmark Reviews their very latest in gaming audio cards - the ASUS Xonar Xense. Not to be outdone, the Xense comes in kit form that includes a Senhiesser PC-350 headset.

ASUS Xonar Xense Intro
ASUS Xonar Essence STX PCI-E Sound Card
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People spend hundreds on their CPUs, GPUs, motherboards, storage and memory, but dedicated sound is soft considered an unnecessary expense. Why pay for a card when your motherboard has a Realtek chipset? ASUS refuses to believe that onboard sound is enough. In our possession is their flagship audiophile audio card, the Essence STX, prepped for rigorous testing here at Benchmark Reviews. They claim "ultra-high fidelity" sound, and a remarkable 124dB signal-to-noise ratio on the front output. Will the onboard solution take a thrashing by this menacing card, or are enthusiasts correct in sticking with whatever their motherboard supplies?


Mad Catz CoD: Black Ops 5.1 ProGaming Headset
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Mad Catz, famous for their console peripherals, has been making the spotlight in the PC gaming market with their innovative designs. Mad Catz's recent acquisition of audio manufacturer Tritton shows their intentions to establish a firm foothold in the PC peripheral business. This time they bring us the Mad Catz Call of Duty: Black Ops Dolby Digital 5.1 Gaming Headset. Benchmark Reviews will test how well this headset delivers surround sound, and decide whether it's worth the $149.99 price tag.

Logitech G930 7.1 Channel Wireless Headset
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Anyone wanting the best experience at home for movies knows that a home theater is a must. The Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headset combines all of that audio experience into a classy wireless headset, allowing you to enjoy full surround sound anywhere without being restricted by cables. On paper the Logitech G930 seems to be capable of redefining PC entertainment. Benchmark Reviews will be testing this headset to see what level of audio utopia the G930 can achieve.

Genius HS-03U USB Gaming Headset
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If you are a gamer, then chances are you enjoy the sounds and music of your favorite games. A good set of headphones is a great addition to any gamer's equipment, especially if you play in a common area such as a dorm room, living room, or just like to become fully immersed in the sounds. Additionally, if you play a game that uses voice chat, an attached microphone is essential for hassle-free communication with your friends or foes. Genius has provided Benchmark Reviews their USB Circumaural Headset, model HS-03U. This headset boasts features such as noise-cancellation, in-line volume control, and vibration. Stay tuned as Benchmark Reviews tests out these features, and many more on the Genius HS-03U Headset.


Logitech ClearChat PC Wireless Headset 981-000068
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Stereo headsets are becoming an essential part of any modern PC and, like keyboard and mice before them, they are finally going wireless. The freedom that a wireless headset provides will appeal to anyone, but with so many 2.4GHz wireless devices in every home, can a wireless headset really match the performance, clarity and comfort of its wired counterparts? Benchmark Reviews examines an impressive entry, the Logitech ClearChat PC Wireless Headset 981-000068, and finds out.

Logitech ClearChat PC Wireless

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