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Overclocking the NVIDIA GeForce Video Card
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Overclocking can take on many forms, and experiments can range from minor product improvements to a total re-engineering project that completely alters the hardware. Because of their long history of successful product launches, NVIDIA is the most recognized name in the graphics industry. Their GeForce series of desktop graphics accelerators has become an enthusiast favorite, primarily because of excellent overclocking potential. For gamers, overclocking unlocks a hidden potential to change the graphics quality settings from medium to high without a hardware upgrade. The results are often times worth the risk, and in this article Benchmark Reviews will focus on achieving the most gain possible from any NVIDIA GeForce video card through overclocking, while using the least amount of effort.

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You are going to see an increased interest in GPU computing very soon. Terms such as "heterogeneous computing" and "parallel computing" are going to be used as often as the term "video card" is used in a product review. You won't want to miss this evolution in graphics technology, because we are witness to a pivotal moment in time when computers are going to stop being filled with familiar single-purpose hardware. Benchmark Reviews offers this FAQ to help our readers understand what is happening, and help introduce them to what is coming. We don't want anyone to be left in the cold when the rest of the world learns how the GPU is learning to be a CPU.


DDR3 RAM: System Memory Technology Explained
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These are uncertain financial times we live in today, and the rise and fall of our economy has had direct affect on consumer spending. It has already been one full year now that DDR3 has been patiently waiting for the enthusiast community to give it proper consideration, yet it's success is still undermined by misconceptions and high price. Benchmark Reviews has been testing DDR3 more actively than anyone, which is why over fifteen different kits fill our System Memory section of reviews. Sadly, it might take an article like this to open the eyes of my fellow hardware enthusiast and overclocker, because it seems like DDR3 is the technology nobody wants bad enough to learn about. Pity, because DDR3 is the key to extreme overclocking.


Best Thermal Paste Application Methods
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Over the past several months, I have read an unreasonable number of discussion forum posts which offer inaccurate and often times incorrect information. It's not really all that surprising to read poorly conceived information on the Internet, which seems to be an anonymous means of passing off opinion for fact. As a general rule we don't let too many things go untested, and the advice of wanna-be experts is not doing the hardware enthusiast and overclocker community any good. In this article, Benchmark Reviews dispels myth and establishes fact on the topic of proper application of Thermal Interface Material.


Introduction to Overclocking Guide for Beginners
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Overclocking is the technique used to increase the speed of a device beyond stock. ‘Stock' is the name given to the default specifications of a device. Once you have altered the device it is no longer considered stock unless it is returned to its initial specifications. Overclocking describes the alteration of clock speed above stock (hence the name overclocking) of any given device, usually RAM and CPUs, but also other components such as GPUs and PCI busses. When a devices clock speed is decreased from stock (or from an overclock), it is called underclocking.

Introduction to Overclocking Guide for Beginners

Guide: How to shop for your first HDTV
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The end is near.

I realize this is an overly dramatic if not vague introduction for a how-to guide, but there is some truth to it. For those of us who have not been keeping tabs on the network television industry, there is a very important date to mark on the calendar: 17 February 2009. D-Day. All network television stations will stop broadcasting their analog signals on this date and complete the transition to digital broadcast. Analog television will be a relic of the past, and the digital age will complete its global presence.How will you save yourself, your family, and loved ones? What you do to prepare for the future will depend solely on what you know about it. This guide will infuse months of research into a very easy to understand article, all for the purpose of preparing you for D-Day.

How to shop for your first HDTV guide

How To Overclock the NVIDIA GeForce 8800 Series
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NVIDIA has recently released the GeForce 8800 Ultra, which enthusiasts have learned is really just an overclocked GeForce 8800 GTX. Although this guide teaches you how to overclock all NVIDIA video cards, I have selected the FOXCONN NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS as my test subject. This how-to article will instruct how to turn your GeForce 8800 GTX into an Ultra, or you can overclock any NVIDIA video card for better performance, all using the free ATITool, NiBiTor, and nvFlash tools!

EDITORS NOTE: This instructional article is available as an archived reference. The updated replacement is titled: Overclocking the NVIDIA GeForce Video Card and is now available. The new article will receive periodic updates and become part of a larger series focused at optimizing, tuning, and overclocking the computer system.

Beginners Guide on how To Overclock the NVIDIA GeForce 8800 Series Video Card

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