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Written by Akim Green   
Monday, 22 October 2012
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Use PlayStation3 Gamepad with PC Games
Closer Look: DUALSHOCK 3
Testing and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

DUALSHOCK 3 Final Thoughts

The PS3 controller is quite good-looking and even better to hold. It is available in many colors to suit your taste. The simple design and great ergonomics make it suitable for just about any game that supports a controller. If your PC has a bluetooth adapter, you don't have to worry about using USB ports to set up signal transmitters, and you will never have to go out and buy batteries. Paired with the DS3 tool software, the PS3 gamepad becomes a fully capable PC input device and also doubles as a media controller for music and movies. After using it, you will probably be wondering why you have ever used anything else. I like everything about the PS3 controller and after looking very hard, I cannot find any flaws. I myself own three, and would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat.


There are many DUALSHOCK 3 drivers on the interweb and after experimenting with a few, none delivered the solid performance and stability of DS3 tool. The user interface is easy to use, numerous tutorials are available and it is frequently updated with added functionality for the controller. If you look hard enough you will find mini-games on the web that support the motion-sensing feature of the controller, or you can simply map motion inputs to keys in the game. My only complaint is the required internet connection to run the software, but then again the program is free.

DUALSHOCK 3 Conclusion

The PS3 controller in tandem with DS3 tool make for a great gaming experience. With the right profile selected, the controller is ready to go. The performance of the controller in just about every game is stellar; there are no drops in signal, no unregistered button presses, no surprises.

Regardless of what color you get, the DUALSHOCK 3 color looks great. It is by no means a simpleton, but at the same time there is nothing outlandish about it. It is simply perfect and hard not to like.

The software allows ample customization options, including changing vibration strength and toggling turbo mode for specific buttons. With a bluetooth adapter, wireless gameplay is great but if you seek additional assurance, all you need do is connect it with a USB cable and you're good to go. The software is very responsive and has never crashed during the testing period. Users have reported problems with the program, but they were likely due to unsupported adapters or older unstable versions.

For a price of $39.99 (Newegg / Amazon), the SONY DualShock 3 wireless gamepad isn't a bad deal. You might be thinking that since it costs the same as the Xbox controller, why not just get the Xbox gamepad and be done with it? The goal of this article is not to bash the 360 controller; it is a great controller and you wouldn't have made a bad choice in getting one. However, if you want to avoid buying AA batteries and if you have a tendency to lose things (the 360 adapter), then the DUALSHOCK 3 is the controller for you.

Before buying a PS3 controller, be sure to check the application's website to see if your bluetooth adapter is supported. If you have the patience to set up the freeware and get the controller working (which is no great feat), you will be generously rewarded. The PS3 controller is peerless and well deserves its Emmy award, as well as the more prestigious BmR Golden Tachometer award.


+ No batteries or usb signal transmitter required
+ Great battery life
+ SIXAXIS motion sensitivity
+ Ergonomic design
+ Easy to use software
+ Good value
+ Pressure sensitive buttons


- Not natively supported
- Bluetooth adapter required for wireless use
- Software requires initial internet connection


  • Performance: 9.5
  • Appearance: 9.2
  • Functionality: 9.0
  • Value: 8.8

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# Great and insightful Review for gamer at any levelRobN 2012-10-22 22:02
I recently borrowed my brother's ps3 controller to test out how well it works in DiRT 3. It's amazing. I personally hate the xbox controller since prior to my pc i have been a playstation gamer. I feel right at home. DS3 tool ftw.
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# Good review but you missed some important stuff.Mordecones 2012-11-30 10:25
Hi! Been using the DS3 tool with my PS3 controllers for a couple years now and I thought I'd chime in on a couple inaccuracies/omissions in this review:

1.Internet Connection *is not* required for DS3 tool, you simply have to run the program in "local mode", via a tiny download available here:
Extract the archive into your motioninjoy install folder and then click local (at the top) after you load the program. Archive verified clean here:

2. You stated that both controllers would cost the same for the intent of using on the PC. This is incorrect. The xbox360 controller requires a special wireless adapter to work with windows, and cannot connect via a USB cable as it does not transmit data, it only charges. You would need a wired 360 controller or the aforementioned wireless adapter. Either way, the PS3 controller is a clear winner here, using common bluetooth *and* being connectable over the USB cable alone.

3.You stated that the PS3 controller has the same number of buttons as the x360 controller. This is only true in 360 mode. If you run the controller in PS2/PS3 mode you can use the PS button in the middle as an additional button as well. There are plenty of titles that will work perfectly fine in PS2/PS3 mode in the drivers, including every emulator under the sun. Keep in mind you do not want to bind this button to an in game command that requires you to hold down the button for extended periods of time, as this will disconnect your controller!

Thanks for spreading the DS3 love! Great controller and great drivers!
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# lol one last thingMordecones 2012-11-30 10:46
The local mode files go into the MotioninJoy\ds3\ folder, not the base motioninjoy folder. Sorry for the commentspam!
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