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Written by Olin Coles   
Wednesday, 03 October 2007
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Hiper Anubis Mid Tower ATX Case HTC-1K614
Closer Look: Anubis Exterior
Detailed Exterior Features
Closer Look: Anubis Interior
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Closer Look: Anubis Exterior

Hiper (High Performance Group) is already very well known to computer enthusiasts and gamers alike because of their power supply product line. Hiper has built a name based on performance and quality above everything else, offering solid power and reliable components. Every single product released by Hiper has had meticulous attention paid to details which the competition usually ignores, and this tradition is evident in their latest venture into the computer chassis industry. Hiper may have extended their winning streak once again with the Anubis ATX mid-tower case.

Hiper Anubis Mid Tower ATX Case HTC-1K614

For most intents and purposes, it would be safe to compare the Hiper Anubis mid-tower ATX case with the NZXT Adamas. Both are built to survive the harshest environments while still looking pretty. Because Aluminum is no longer the inexpensive metal it once was not long ago, there aren't too many manufacturers making 3mm thick cases with it. This reason alone will give the Anubis an edge in regards to overall appeal.

Hiper Anubis Mid Tower ATX Case HTC-1K614

Designed with tall one-inch aluminum-alloy fins at the top, the Anubis HTC-1K614 will be great for the overclocker wanting to keep the contents inside cool. Each of these fins is finished in the same anodized black that the rest of the case, and the edges are all polished round so there are no sharp corners.

Of course, with all of this heatsink surface comes a drawback for people like me who to stack papers on top of their computer. I suppose it's a bad habit anyway, but when desk space is limited you use what you can get; but that's going to have to change.

Available from the top is the I/O panel interface, which offers unrestricted access to power and reset buttons. Midway across the top is the exhaust grill for the included 120mm cooling fan.

Hiper Anubis Mid Tower ATX Case HTC-1K614

In the past year of operating my business I have had my hands on no less than fifty different computer cases, all designed and marketed for the hardware enthusiast and gamer. Even here at Benchmark Reviews, we already have articles on over a dozen such products ranging from HTPC enclosures to extremely simple cases. After working with so many different varieties and designs I have started to quickly categorize these products into different classes the moment I see them, which allows me to easily determine which demographic might appeal to a certain computer case.

Hiper Anubis Mid Tower ATX Case HTC-1K614

I haven't revealed much of the case yet, and already I can tell that the Hiper Anubis mid-tower ATX case is going to be a hot ticket for hardware enthusiasts and gamers. Because the buttons are relocated to the top, I can take a more relaxed appreciation of the front bezel door for a change.

The front bezel of the Anubis almost frames itself as modern art, thanks to the beveled edges receiving a mirror-finish. Hiper really deserves credit for making something so simple still pull off the look of elegance and add prestige to the HTC-1K614.

From behind the mesh intake grill a single 120mm cooling fan looks like it's visible, but it's actually just a 120mm wire fan safety grill. It may seem odd to some readers, but it actually surprises me to see fans still included with high-end cases. Most consumers in this high-performance category already have their selection of fans in mind based on their goals and objectives, so included fans often get pulled out and go to waste. In the Anubis, all but the most necessary fans are left buyer-optional. This is why Hiper offers three different 120mm fans, among 19 total sizes and designs available in their product line.

Hiper Anubis Mid Tower ATX Case HTC-1K614

At the rear of the Anubis mid-tower ATX case you can see that Hiper has consciously designed the HTC-1K614 with liquid-cooling enthusiasts in mind. It's my opinion that each and every case made from 2007 forward should have these soft rubber grommets in place, and thankfully Hiper agrees. A single exhaust fan can be mounted to the multi-size 80/92/120mm fan grill, based on your particular needs.

Please continue on as we cover the detailed exterior features offered in the Hiper Anubis.


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