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Written by Mark Pedersen   
Tuesday, 16 October 2012
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Genius GX-Gaming Cavimanus 7.1 Headset
Closer Look: Genius Cavimanus Headset
GX-Gaming Cavimanus Virtual 7.1 Headset Detailed Features
GX-Gaming Cavimanus Virtual 7.1 Headset Features and Specifications
Cavimanus Virtual 7.1 Headset Testing and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Closer Look: Genius Cavimanus Headset


The Cavimanus is made of sturdy construction, which is essential due to the fact that it does have a vibration feature and you would not want any cheap loose ends rattling. The sides are glossy black plastic that almost looks wet with the scorpion insignia and GX Gaming writtin on both sides. The top is made of a plastic with a flat finish. The overal color scheme is black, red and silver. Also reinforced with a solid metal band that becomes visible when adjusting the headband length. Provides exceptional quality audio playback and microphone recording.

Genius designed this headset to be convienient when the microphone is in the upright position it automatically mutes itself, very nice feature and it blends right in the ear cup. All the controls you will need are right there on the side as well, Volume control, and vibration toggle. The Headband comes labeled with L for left and R for right which is easy to identify. The microphone doesnt stick out too far however it does pick up sound extremely well.


The Top support band is made of a soft breathable material that prevents the headset from shifting around much while wearing it. The ear pieces fit nice and snug as well. Definately wearable for long periods of time.


The lining inside the ear cups is made of a cloth material that follows the same black and red color scheme as the rest of the headset.


The headband is expandable by 1.5 inches on each side, still remains sturdy and strong even when fully expanded.



# RE: Genius GX-Gaming Cavimanus 7.1 HeadsetSkidmarks 2012-11-16 03:27
Looks like Genius did quite a decent job of this headset. I like the idea of the controls on the ear cup but I wish they wouldn't make these things from shiny plastic as it's just a fingerprint & smudge magnet. A nice rubberized coating like ROCCAT use on their Kave's would be the ticket.
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# RE: Genius GX-Gaming Cavimanus 7.1 Headsetrory 2013-02-25 15:27
just bought this headset not many comments or reviews anywhere about it but it is amazing better IMO to my friends razor charcarias or however you spell it XD. but yeah the surround sound is amazing and i find the vibration is actually awesome.
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