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Written by Joey Peng   
Monday, 09 April 2012
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Corsair Vengeance K60 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Closer Look: Corsair K60
Corsair K60 Detailed Features
Testing and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Corsair K60 Final Thoughts

Mechanical keyboards tend to have better durability than traditional keyboards, but the type of switch used produces extremely different feelings. Whether or not you will like the Vengeance K60 largely depends on whether or not you like the cherry MX red switches. All the additional features are customizable and can be removed if preferred.

The most common switches are black, brown, and blue. Red is a spin off of black.

Cherry black switches offer a linear (non-tactile) feel, the force needed to press the key is the same throughout the keypress. Blues have a solid tactile "bump" feel which can be great for typing. However rapid keypresses on the same key can be much slower due to the extra resistance and force required to overcome the "bump". Browns are half way between black and blue. Cherry red's are a special type of black switch that offers even less resistance than cherry blacks. I have found it to be great for "spamming", so it works well for almost all keyboard-based games.

Of course the K60 is an FPS oriented design, and an alternative can be the Corsair Vengeance K90 keyboard for MMO keyboard-based games. If you don't need macro capability, then you can choose to save $20 by purchasing the K60 and use the default configuration.


Corsair Vengeance K60 Conclusion

The Vengeance K60's Cherry Red switches offer a unique experience for gaming. It does not have a tactile "bump/click" feeling, which has extra resistance. The light resistance coupled with no "bump" allows quick successive key presses on the same key far easier than competing switches. The K60 is optimized for any keyboard mashing game or game with keyboard + mouse control configuration. Typing has slightly mixed results due to the nature of cherry reds, such as registering multiple keystrokes for 1 click, but this happens infrequently. Taking off the wrist rest usually eliminates the problem since it happens mostly when trying for a key that's not most comfortable to reach, such as the lower-left keys (if you have the wrist rest attached).

Visually the Vengeance K60 looks fantastic, definitely one of the better looking keyboards. While not as extreme as Razer's design, the K60 is slick and good for home or office settings. If you wanted something a little more extravagant, there's always the Vengeance K90 which has backlighting.

Corsair has always been known for quality products, and the Vengeance series is no different. The K60 has solid construction, and the metal top not only gives it a great look and feel, but also protection from damage and easy cleaning. Because the keys are removable, there's a fine line between too loose and too hard to take off. The Corsair K60 finds that fine line.

The feature set of the Vengeance K60 is a little limiting. Popular features like backlighting and macro buttons are not present in the K60 but available in the K90, so in a sense we can consider this as the "base model". One thing to keep in mind is the features of this keyboard really focus around FPS gaming, but that's not all that this keyboard is good for. If the base model is all you want, this FPS version can save you $20.

Value-wise, for $87.99 Amazon / $109.99 Newegg, the K60 isn't particularly expensive for a mechanical gaming keyboard. Cherry Red keyboards tend to be expensive to construct. Between the K60 and K90, you can choose which configuration you would prefer. You will end up deriving the most value from the Vengeance series because of the Cherry Red switches.

The Corsair Vengeance K60 is an innovative keyboard that definitely distinguishes itself from its competitors. It's also a cheaper alternative than the Vengeance K90. For FPS gaming the K60 stands out as a clear winner since no other keyboards brand themselves this way, but it also functions great as a general gaming and everyday keyboard. There definitely are some better choices if typing is your main usage, as the K60 suffers from occasional hiccups. If you like the style and simplicity of the K60 and want a cherry red mechanical keyboard, the K60 is a great choice.

Pros:Quality Recognition: Benchmark Reviews Silver Tachometer Award

+ Cherry MX Red switches for light resistance and high spam-ability
+ 20 key rollover
+ Contoured and textured FPS keys which can be swapped with traditional keys
+ Key extraction tool included
+ USB port available
+ Slick design


- Wrist rest may feel slightly odd
- Cherry MX Red switches not for everyone, typing experience mixed.
- Very narrow feature set


  • Performance: 9.00
  • Appearance: 9.00
  • Construction:9.00
  • Functionality: 8.75
  • Value: 9.00

Final Score: 8.95 out of 10.

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# RE: Corsair Vengeance K60 Mechanical Gaming KeyboardDavid Ramsey 2012-04-09 13:10
One drawback of this keyboard (and it's shared by many newer keyboards) is that it absolutely will not work through a KVM switch...
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# RE: RE: Corsair Vengeance K60 Mechanical Gaming KeyboardAustin Downing 2012-04-09 13:14
What causes this effect? Shouldn't all electrical signals be the same?
Report Comment
# RE: RE: RE: Corsair Vengeance K60 Mechanical Gaming KeyboardDavid Ramsey 2012-04-09 13:20
Good question. The effect it very real, and the best explanation I got from Corsair tech support was that newer keyboards are "16 bit" while older ones were "8 bit".

Doesn't make any sense to me, but obviously something's changed.
Report Comment
# RE: RE: RE: RE: Corsair Vengeance K60 Mechanical Gaming KeyboardAustin Downing 2012-04-09 13:26
Interesting, I will start doing research on which KVM's will work with some of the more modern equipment that will be plugged into it. I definitely do not want to give up my mechanical keyboards to make sure I can use a KVM.
Report Comment
# RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Corsair Vengeance K60 Mechanical Gaming KeyboardDavid Ramsey 2012-04-09 13:31
I worked around it by having WASD Keyboards build me a keyboard with Cherry Red switches. That one works. However, there's no way to tell in advance...
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# RE: RE: Corsair Vengeance K60 Mechanical Gaming KeyboardAdam 2012-04-10 14:20
How strange! I feel compelled to hook my BlackWidow up to my KVM now just to test this out, like you said that explanation by Corsair makes very little sense.
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# RE: Corsair Vengeance K60 Mechanical Gaming KeyboardOlin Coles 2012-04-09 13:12
My complaint with this keyboard is stuck keys. I will occasionally get random stuck keys, and when that key is delete/backspace the effects are devastating. So far I?m not thrilled with it, and will probably go back to generic Dell keyboards.
Report Comment
# RE: RE: Corsair Vengeance K60 Mechanical Gaming KeyboardAdam 2012-04-10 14:24
I hope you're not planning on using one of those crappy Dell minimalist ones with no surface around the keys.

Horrible keyboards.
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# Stuck keys?RealNeil 2012-04-12 21:30
How often do you get the stuck key problem?
would be a deal breaker for me.
Had to use an Apple Aluminum keyboard the other day when a Gigabyte keyboard failed.
funny, but I like it better than the old one that died. still have it connected to my Win-7box.
I do want to try out a Mech-Keyboard, people rave about them all of the time.
I'm typing now on an iPad so sorry if there's any mistakes,.....
Good review too.
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# RE: Stuck keys?Olin Coles 2012-04-12 21:35
I would say at least once per week or more. It's a random key every time, so I know it's not just one problem switch.
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# RE: RE: Stuck keys?Joey Peng 2012-04-16 23:01
I've had stuck keys only once in the past month using this keyboard. However the double registering keystroke is constantly when typing fast. Didn't notice it as much earlier, and it's a problem only with 1-key, "c". Happens on a daily basis.
Report Comment
# RE: RE: RE: Stuck keys?Austin Dowing 2012-04-16 23:02
Perhaps we should send a email into Corsair inquiring if they know of the problem. I have not seen that problem on the K90 yet but I will definitely be on the look out.
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# RE: Corsair Vengeance K60 Mechanical Gaming Keyboardsome guy 2012-04-23 15:15
The reason that the keys are above the chassis (where on others, you can't even see the switches or domes) is for reduced noise. With the red switches and the acoustics of the open keyboard, it really is quiet, unlike all other mechanical keyboards, which tend to be quite loud.
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# RE: Corsair Vengeance K60 Mechanical Gaming Keyboardsome guy 2012-04-23 15:23
also, you can notice that the bottom row is not standard, so you can't put that awesome space bar on a regular mechanical keyboard, it's the regular length+.25 regular key size. Also, the control is bigger, and the windows keys are smaller, to prevent accidental minimizing if you're too lazy to press that button every time you start up a game. Also, I'm pretty sure the base is aluminium, not steel.
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# RE: Corsair Vengeance K60 Mechanical Gaming KeyboardJoey Peng 2012-04-26 01:04
No you're right, it's aluminium. Both words were used in the article accidently.
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# RE: RE: Corsair Vengeance K60 Mechanical Gaming KeyboardOlin Coles 2012-04-26 08:43
I've fixed this in the article.
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