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Written by Hank Tolman   
Wednesday, 08 February 2012
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NZXT Switch 810 Full-Tower Computer Case
Closer Look: Exterior
Detailed Exterior Features
Closer Look: Interior
Detailed Interior Features
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Detailed Exterior Features

Getting down into a more detailed look at the exterior of the NZXT Switch 810, we'll take a look at the front I/O panel. The I/O panel here offers a good mix of everything you typically look for in a front I/O and a little more. First we see two, black USB 2.0 ports. Very standard. These connect via an internal header to your motherboard. Next comes two, blue SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports. These are becoming more and more common as USB 3.0 gets more standard and more devices start to use the higher speeds. These two ports are also connected via an internal header directly to the motherboard. In a way, this is nice because you won't have to run a cable outside of your case to attach to the motherboard I/O, but it can also cause trouble if your motherboard doesn't have a USB 3.0 header. NZXT didn't include a USB 2.0 adapter for the cable, so the ports will be worthless if you don't have a USB 3.0 header.

One of the things that NZXT included on the front I/O for the Switch 810 case is an SD card reader. This is something that you don't find very often on case I/O panels, but that I find to be a very nice inclusion. The card reader has a cable that attaches to one of your motherboards USB 2.0 headers, of which I'm sure you have plenty. I always find three or four on most motherboards and don't have the extensions to use them all. Further on down the I/O panel is the audio jacks, a reset button, a button that turns on and off the LED lighting system at the back of the case.


Speaking of the LED lighting system at the back of the case, this is actually one of my favorite features of the Switch 810. I usually keep my case under my desk. It's dark under there. When I have to get back there to plug in or unplug some peripheral or other, I usually end up doing so by feel. That process ends up taking much longer than I would like and I getting down there on the ground is already uncomfortable. It sure would be nice if the motherboard I/O panel was lit up so I could see what I'm doing. I guess that's what NZXT thought too, and it's absolutely brilliant. When you push that button on the front I/O panel, it lights up the rear I/O panel. Awesome.


The NZXT Switch 810 mounts the PSU on the bottom of the case. I like this configuration, but it requires some extra work on the part of case manufacturers in order to make it work. For one, there needs to be room for ventilation. I'm a big proponent of an inch of clearance to provide airflow. The NZXT Switch 810 has about half an inch of clearance. Secondly, if you are going to bottom mount the PSU, it's going to pull air in through the intake. There needs to be a filter on the case to stop dust from building up inside of the PSU. NZXT provides two seperate filters for the bottom of the Switch 810 case. These two filters are easily removable. They just slide right out toward the front or back of the case, respectively. The filter that isn't located under the PSU mounting area provides filtration for an optional case fan or water cooling radiator that can be installed there.


The bottom half of the front panel also contains filters for the possible two fans blowing air onto the hard drive cages. Since the only intake here is from the bottom right corner of the front panel, I'm not sure how much the filter will actually be catching. I guess any dust caught before it goes into the case is a good thing, though.


The top of the NZXT Switch 810 case sports a very interesting design. There is a removable panel on top that is lined with vents. The vents can be opened or closed by using a lever on the panel near the rear of the case. According to NZXT, the vents should be open if you desire more airflow and closed if you desire less noise. This gives you the option to design your case based on your needs. The top panel of the NZXT Switch 810 uses a latching system to close. Push down and the panel unlocks for removal, push down again and the panel locks back in place. There are no air filters on the top panel of the Switch 810, so if you leave the vents open, the panel itself is purely aesthetic. I think I might actually like the look of the top panel off instead. The fans should be placed to exhaust air out of the case, so as to avoid dust issues.


With the panel off, you can see the indented space there that can hold up to three 140mm fans. With the fans taken out, the empty space can hold a water cooling radiator up to 360mm in size. The fans can then be mounted under the radiator to push air through it. If you are using a air cooling system with an aftermarket CPU cooler, you may not be able to fit those fans in at the top of the motherboard tray on the Switch 810.


Now let's move inside the NZXT Switch 810.



# RE: NZXT Switch 810 Full-Tower Computer CaseAnon 2012-02-09 16:41
"Another minor annoyance I had with the NZXT Switch 810 is that it only included four case fans. I was glad to see that the case fans all came hooked up and ready to go with just the connecting of a molex plug, but only four?"

"Four fans isn't bad, I suppose, but one thing abuot the fans that other cases of this size have included is fan speed controllers."

"It's funny, because there are only four fans in the case"

And if you didn't get it already, there's only FOUR fans.

Anyways, screw built in fan controllers, they're 9/10 garbage compared to a cheap 20 dollar controller from any retailer.To conclude, there are only four fans, did you count them? 1, 2, 3, 4 FANS.
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# Agree about fan controllerMergatroid 2012-02-16 18:17
Agreed. I have never seen a stock case fan controller I liked either. I would much prefer to install my own.
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# Fan controllerValisor 2012-02-18 22:23
Its not a fan controller in the back. Its just a hub to have one power source to control 7 fans.

People are just not so bright these days.
Report Comment
# No kiddingMergatroid 2012-02-20 16:37
We never said there was a built in fan controller. The article mentioned the author was unhappy that the manufacturer didn't install one, and we're saying we don't like them anyway and we're happy they didn't bother.

But you're right, people really aren't very bright these days.
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# RE: NZXT Switch 810 Full-Tower Computer CasePaleRider 2012-02-14 03:46
You said, on the ist page, "Add that to the 10 case fans and you have a very solid design." There are only 4 fans.
In several places you mention 480mm radiator compatibility, yet it supports only a 360 radiator up top. You even mention 140mm fans with radiators that can only use 120mm fans.
Do you actually proofread what you write? If I were the editor I'd be redacting this article with a can of red spray paint. And then have someone else write it.
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# Really?Hank 2012-02-14 07:05
Did you even read the article? The case fits up to 10 fans, but I clearly mentioned many times that it only comes with 4. That was Anon's major complaint if didn't read the other comment. And the area where the radiators go can fit 140mm fans, even with radiators depending on how you mount them. I currently have a Corsair H60 mounted there with the 140mm fan. You only have to read the 1st page of the article to get all of that.

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# 480mmHank 2012-02-14 07:08
I'm not seeing where I wrote that it fits a 480mm radiator, but if I did, that would have a been a typo. Of course, no one ever has typos in their articles, so how dare I. Either way, it says many other times that it fits radiators up to 360mm. Again, re-read the first page to clear up any of your misconceptions.
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# RE: 480mmPaleRider 2012-02-25 05:39
Here's a little quote from the 1st page: "Supports high-end water cooling solutions up to three fans for push and pull configuration: 90mm of internal top space with top 360/420mm and bottom 140/240mm radiator support for unmatched liquid cooling."
You say 420mm radiators are not mentioned in this article?
Do YOU actually read what YOU publish? By not disagreeing with a statement of the NZXT spec sheet, then you obviously agree with it.
Unless, of course, you never actually read it.
I stand by my OP.
Are you people always so vindictive of a persons opinion that you publish private citizens e-mail addresses?
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# RE: RE: 480mmPaleRider 2012-02-25 05:42
Looks like I did it again. I keep seeing 480 when 420 is listed.
My only excuse this time is being slightly pissed off.
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# RE: RE: NZXT Switch 810 Full-Tower Computer CaseOlin Coles 2012-02-14 07:59

Perhaps you should learn to give constructive feedback, because you neither comprehend the author's details correctly nor have the fortitude to write an article yourself. Now go troll some other website and complain about how you're presented with their hard work for free.
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# RE: RE: RE: NZXT Switch 810 Full-Tower Computer CaseOlin Coles 2012-02-14 08:01
PaleRider: I just searched Hank's article, and nowhere in it did I find the term "480" or "480mm". All I can say now is: learn to read and quit being a troll.
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# SSGT RETIREDRafael Rivera 2012-02-14 10:44
I just want more info about this case,I buy a Termaltake Case a week ago and I like to switch to this one fore more space.
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# Looks sweet to meMergatroid 2012-02-16 18:24
This looks like a great case for $170. Hell, I bought a 600T for the same price. If this would fit in my desk it might be my next case....if it was black. Never got into the white cases myself.

I can't really pick out anything I don't like about this (of course I have not tried the top or front panels as you have). I love the bays, the cable management, the looks, space for all the fans and rads. I have been thinking about going from closed loop water cooler to a more traditional loop, and a case like this could convince me to go ahead.

I think, due to its size, they might have considered some casters, and I would still like more than 4 5.25" bays (bay reses and fan controllers) but it still looks pretty sweet to me...
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