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Written by Olin Coles   
Sunday, 11 December 2011
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World of Tanks 3D Vision Game Review
World of Tanks Game Strategy
World of Tanks: 3D and Tactics

World of Tanks: 3D and Tactics

Special Notice: This section contains 2D images in JPG file format, and stereoscopic 3D images in JPS file format. All browsers will display JPG images, however 3D-enabled hardware and NVIDIA 3D Vision Photo Viewer or similar software is required to view JPS files.

Earning experience and credits in World of Tanks isn't about kills, it's actually about dealing out damage and claiming victory. You wouldn't know this by playing the game, because the scoreboard only displays the number of tanks destroyed beside your name and not your actual earnings. Don't get caught up in bragging about a kill, because according to the Battle Mechanics section on the WoT wiki site it's worth more to damage an enemy tank for 300 hit points than to destroy a tank with only 100 HP remaining. You earn the most points by inflicting critical crew/module/armor damage to higher-tier tanks, spotting enemy vehicles, and capturing an enemy base (if your tank is inside the circle). Destroying a tank, close combat with the enemy, surviving the battle, and defending the base during capture will also add a small bonus to your experience. Again, and I can't stress this enough, the wiki is a goldmine of helpful information regarding experience and credits.


Compare: 2D Version vs 3D Version (Viewer Required)

Tactics will never be the same, and change depending on each map and which side of the map you start from. The initial deployment is critical, and often overlooked by inexperienced players. One of the most annoying things you'll experience is having teammates who deploy to places on the map that won't intercept the enemy, essentially hiding from the battle and leaving fewer tanks to fight. Another tactic that regularly fails is when most the tanks on your team go in one direction, which leaves those few remaining defenders to be rolled over by greater enemy forces. My point here is simple: displace to where you're needed most. It's a good idea to be near to other tanks, as they lend support and their radios relay positions down the line, but don't get it set in your mind that one spot is prime because World of Tanks is a game where you must relocate often.


Compare: 2D Image vs 3D Image (Viewer Required)

Setting up your controls is critical to performing well in a virtual tank. Some people adapt to the default game settings, but even the best players custom tune the settings in their favor. Although WoT is a very flexible game that can run on even the most under-powered computer, frame rate performance is still very important. Ideally you want to enjoy 30 FPS at a minimum, denoted at the upper left corner of the screen during battle. The graphic quality settings that affect this most are Post Processing, Shadows, Water, Foliage and Flora. If your system runs below 30 FPS it's a good idea to turn off Advanced Post Processing/Post Processing, Shadow Quality/Enhanced Shadows, Water Simulation/Water Quality, and Foliage Quality/Flora Density.


Compare: 2D Image vs 3D Image (Viewer Required)

NVIDIA 3D Vision wasn't originally part of WarGaming's plan when they developed World of Tanks, but it seems to work flawlessly. In fact, NVIDIA gives WoT a 3D Vision rating of 'Good', but after playing many matches in 3D I would consider it closer to great. There are only a few times you'll see out-of-screen effects, namely when you're in the garage or free-looking around the tank, but all of the other 3D effects really bring World of Tanks to life. Playing in 3D can take some getting used-to however, as artillery and sniper mode work fine but zoomed in views make the depth of a target seem very far away compared to the 2D world. Of course, players can toggle 3D on and off with the CTRL+T hotkey.


Compare: 2D Image vs 3D Image (Viewer Required)

Of the many pearls of wisdom I've shared, my most important is to never rush a shot. World of Tanks depends on randomly generated variables to determine the outcome of actions within battle, and the last thing you want is an added factor working against you. Always face your tank towards the target and make patient, focused shots directed at sides and rear of enemy tanks. Armor is thickest in the front, so if you're forced to fire head-on aim carefully to hit for the underbelly. If you're engaged in battle out in open space where SPGs can rain down supporting artillery fire, hit the tank track for critical damage to make that enemy tank into a stationary target.


Compare: 2D Image vs 3D Image (Viewer Required)

Concealment helps a camouflaged tank ambush an approaching enemy, but once that first shot is fired you're exposed in all directions to the opposing team. Cover is your friend, and by using buildings, rocks, the slope of land, or even a destroyed tank to block enemy fire, you're guaranteed to survive much longer into the battle. In the image below you can see that a windowless building allows for peep-hole shots at the enemy, and by using sniper mode from a distance a skilled tanker can effectively fire through the window and hit enemy tanks from a distance. Be forewarned that when using cover your tank must move out beyond protection to take shots, and suffer a delay to focus sights on the target that your enemy won't have to wait for. It's a good idea to move your sights in the general direction of the enemy tank beforehand, and lock sights/turret in place by holding down the right-mouse button.


Compare: 2D Image vs 3D Image (Viewer Required)

World of Tanks utilizes physics mechanics that calculate how effective a round can penetrate armor. Tanks wear thick armor in front, and by facing the enemy there's less chance their attack will penetrate your armor. As in real life, angles matter and even the thickest armor can be penetrated with a direct shot. Ricochet shots are very common in WoT, and while they create a frustration for the attacker they can also become a survival tool for the veteran tanker. Rather than facing directly forward, angle the tank slightly away from the enemy. This will create an increased chance that their attacks will bounce off your armor with little more than a scratch. Alternatively, when in battle against other veteran tankers it's wise to search out the most perpendicular panel of armor to increase your odds of penetration with each shot.


Compare: 2D Image vs 3D Image (Viewer Required)

As I said in the beginning of this article: World of Tanks isn't a game for everyone. It's free to play (register at, but since premium tanks and players enjoy much larger rewards it makes sense to invest as your reach beyond tier 7 tanks. Patient players will enjoy the intricate challenges required to master each tank, while impatient players will be easily frustrated and regret they've downloaded the game. Teamwork is critical in WoT, and no amount of individual skill will compensate for the lack of coordinated comrades. If you're a run-and-gun style player then every round in World of Tanks will end in frustration, so I urge you to either change your strategy or reconsider your expectations. If you're comfortable with patiently waiting out the enemy and making strategic decisions, World of Tanks is a game that will reward your efforts.

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# Cliffs of Dover anyone?Sun Down 2011-12-11 15:15
I almost tried this game before, it's just that the download part was too long for me to wait. Obviously I'm interested in this game, but I'm coming from the IL2-Sturmovik sights. WoT seems to be blending in arcade and simulation well. I'd go for first person, but the 'sniping' mode seems to break it. I'd prefer using the real optics of the tank (German optics FTW). Also, huge, huge, huge ass maps is what I want. It's a shame there's no mini NPCs such as soldiers or planes or ships here. Would've been more fun/frustrating when you enter a town and getting the hull pinched through by an AT attack from a window.
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# RE: World of Tanks 3D Vision Game ReviewDEADTIME 2011-12-11 16:40
Have to agree with the above been playing WOT since release and the 500 to 600 meter visual limit takes some serous optics advantages away from the Germans. The game heavily favors Russian tanks and can be utterly frustrating if you try to play it as a simulation as tne devs have removed or gimped the German advantage in almost everything.
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# Patience Kills USSR TanksTaco Time Tango 2011-12-11 17:02
The mid and higher tier Russian tanks are so slow shooters and movers on the average. I find them easy to kill. While the tank is reloading and trying to turn its ever lethargic chassis, it's easy to kill up close. At distance, it's tracks can be so easily shot making it a prime arty target - assuming your arty know to go for the big boys first. The Type 59 is the tank that has no purpose being in the game. It's way out of the design era and either needs replaced or have more comparable tanks added to fend it off. The two worst times to play in the day are afternoons when junior is on dad's account and late evenings when more non-team (inexperienced) players are on. :p
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# world of tanksjj maddawg 2011-12-18 22:21
hi can somebody tell me if there is a single player option for this game offline.

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# RE: world of tanksOlin Coles 2011-12-18 22:26
You can only play this game online in multiplayer.
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# RE: World of Tanks 3D Vision Game Reviewmazer 2011-12-22 09:27
There are now "tiered" company battles too, they tend to be more "coordinated" and I think more fun as a general rule, especially when you are in Tier 5+ vehicles. In the random battles you tend to get in with vehicles 3+ higher than your tier and that makes things...difficult.
Overall though the game is fun. Been playing since the russian beta.
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# Back on topic...IM0001 2012-02-06 09:15
Good article on 3D Vision with WoT. Now I have a question for the OP. During your time with 3D, did you run into corruption issues with 3D being out of wack on certain maps/rounds? For me with a SLI 560Ti setup, I can usually play the very first round since I loaded the game, perfecly. Everything usually looks great and how it should be. But then 99% of the time, the next game I play with 3D on the entire time since the start, I will either have some ground texture corruption (flickering black textures, missing textures,) or something in the game world will be rendered out of wack in 3D (Say certain tanks will have their hull renderd like 5ft off of the center of their tracks and turrets, or some building, vehicle or lamppost will be renderd improperly and either has a depth issue or is like double rendered vs the area/objects surrounding it). So then to play without a headach, I have to turn off 3D and try again either the next round, or quit the game and relaunch it between battles.

I am wondering if it is a issue I am having alone, or a duel monitor issue since some 3D features are disabled when a non 3D monitor is connected with the 3D one (Such as windowed use and 3D).

WoT is one of the best titles to play in 3D though and I would wish there was a little more marketing behind it to get improved quality as well as the word out for others to come try the added depth fun.
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# RE: Back on topic...Olin Coles 2012-02-06 09:21
Your problem almost sounds like a heat issue on one of the video cards. I would use a program (such as MSI Afterburner) to increase the fan speed during gaming to see if it resolves the problem.
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# Nope.IM0001 2012-02-06 11:37
Though it may sound like it, it is not a heat issue (The cards run no hotter than 60C max). I understand cooling quite well and while I did have heat issues in the past dealing with SLI and othe things with an older P182 case. Now with a Corsair 500R, H100 water cooler, about 6 fans, Flashed GPU Bios for 100% fan speed (Was limited to 75% max before), heat is no longer a factor let alone a problem. (Yes MSI Afterburner is awesome for heat/OC/General GPU watch with the G19 applet)

It is a Driver style 3D glitch as a heat issue would bring intermitent 3D glitches that would come and go or cause artifacts overall the screen. These ones can sometimes change as you drive along the map where different yet constant parts of the map are flickering/missing or the 3D objects are incorrect. (Often the 3D Glitches can be changes/fixed when looking a certain direction (hence the Depth issue as when you turn, the depth would be way off of where it should be focusing and why it would look proper or just disapear at certain angles)

I will see if I can post up a screeny or two later on, but the fact that you apparently don't have any issues baffles me. My friend with a single 570 has the same issues so I do not believe it is a SLI issue. :/
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# alsoIM0001 2012-02-06 11:40
Also. Turning off 3D (Ctrl + Keypad 0 Default) = instant fix. Everything looks normal as it should. So it is directly a 3D issue. There is a new DLL fix on the 3D Vision board, but I find it odd how different parts of the engine will break in different rounds, but it rairly is the same thing each round which is what puzzles me.
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# RE: alsoOlin Coles 2012-02-06 12:24
Keep in mind that while 3D Vision special effects will work, World of Tanks is not a '3D Vision Ready' video game. I didn't experience problems on my GeForce GTX 590, but my settings/driver/configuration is most likely different than yours.
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# Agreed.IM0001 2012-02-06 13:39
True, but your 590 isn't a far fetch from a SLI setup. Could you post your Driver/DriverSettings/GameSettings and see if I can mimic it?

So to confirm as well, you didn't have any visual issues with subsequent battles?
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# RE: Back on topic...budda 2012-03-27 20:16
alt-tab :) so easy

awesome in 3D
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# it sucksjimonwye 2012-04-04 05:06
Customer support is a joke, They take your money and change as they please with no regard to customer rights. If they dont like what you say you get banned.
The game has many faults built in to make it neccessary to keep paying so you can play.
Could be a great game but for their greed and bad practices.
Play for free, dont WASTE your money on this game, the end game is not worth it.
5/10 lost 4 due to very bad ethics :(
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# patch 7.3Stereoscopic Tanker 2012-05-11 06:25
As of patch 7.3 the aiming reticule is back to the monitor plain in front, i.e. it does not follow the depth one is looking at. This breaks 3d gaming. I've submitted at ticket and everybody else who loves 3d gaming in wot should do too. Hopefully it will be fixed (as it was in 7.2).

World of tanks is a great game, the best free to play game out there at the moment.
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# Wouldn't RecommendTaco Time Tango 2012-05-24 00:30
I haven't touched the game since I lost all the goodies in my account and they reduced experience earned dramatically. They aren't based in North America and are very insensitive to anyone in this region. You can often find them berating someone in general chat over silly things the minute they find out you're not from the UK. I wouldn't recommend the game free or not any longer. And, yes, I'd say they're unfriendly bordering on what some call bigotry. Would I say that to them at PAX events? Damn skippy.
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# Am losing interest in WoT now....Paul Court 2013-03-09 14:11
World of Tanks, a Russian company. The original idea of free gaming becomes less than an idealistic joke. When you get into the game. You have a selection of which you feel at first, are almost unlimited, until you play for a while and then you find limitations created through not buying 'Gold' from the website. You won't be able to get any higher than tier 4, so it's crap really..Could have been so much better if it weren't for the Russian greedy [email protected] maffia!
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# Not quite...Johnnes Miller 2013-08-27 07:19
You can go until tier X only playing...
The problem is the premium tanks... You need gold!
But that to can be arranged without paying anything to the (Rusian, just go to the news feed on the worldoftanks site and fullfill the events or go twiter and do the same.~
You get tons of gold...
I really hate your guys that only bad talk others without knowing that they talking about...
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