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Written by Olin Coles   
Sunday, 11 December 2011
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World of Tanks 3D Vision Game Review
World of Tanks Game Strategy
World of Tanks: 3D and Tactics

World of Tanks Game Strategy

Unlike most games that allow you to put nearby enemies in your sights and fire on them, World of Tanks uses a camouflage system that hides tanks from view even if they're out in the open or nearby. The inexperienced player, especially those who haven't read manual or wiki, will cry foul and claim an invisible tank is hacking. As your crew gains experience you can train them to deliver better concealment, as well as purchase a camouflage net that improves concealment when stationary. So long as you're stationary and not within 50 meters of an enemy, you'll be hidden until you fire. Camouflage is a huge aspect of WoT, because even skilled tankers won't risk revealing themselves by shooting what they cannot see. Learn to find a good defensible position, remain stationary to promote camouflage, fire at enemy and relocate to evade long-reaching artillery (SPG) fire.


Free Tank Garage Layout

After playing nearly 8,000 matches in World of Tanks, I might possibly be considered an experienced tanker. I've learned that each map has its own natural plan designed into it, with distinctive paths for attack, cover, and concealment. Some maps are built to promote aggressive game play over defensive, or vice versa, so it pays to spend time in non-ranked training matches to learn these key variables before a team depends on your performance. Because you're only given one chance to win, the best way to play World of Tanks is by switching into survival mode and waiting to ambush the enemy as they reveal themselves. This is a challenge few WoT players accept, and you'll often see the majority of tanks rushing out by themselves only to be consumed by a greater number of enemy tanks. The object is to remain operational and work as a team, because even a slow and badly damaged tank can fire the final shot that ends a battle.


In-Game Battle Layout

The World of Tanks match making system is a controversial topic, primarily because uninformed players complain when they see a bigger enemy tank across the board from them. That's not how the match making system works, and it benefits players to understand how battles are generated. According to the WoT wiki, the purpose of the match-making system is to generate battles with teams of equal 'value' from online players waiting in queue. The 'value' assigned is based on average battle performance of a particular vehicle calculated on a multiplier basis of a vehicle's tier and type. The match maker value system does not take into account installed equipment, modules, upgrades, or crew. The match-making system also ensures that both teams have an equal 'value' of SPGs, but not necessarily an equal number (which can be +/- 1 SPG). Each tank has a limited set of battle tiers it can join, so players will only fight tanks available within the designated range.


Match Maker (Top-Tier Battle)

Speed is of the essence, in World of Tanks. A slow-moving tank is an easy target for enemy tanks, especially powerful artillery damage from a SPG. So it's up to the player to determine the best route to travel, as some surfaces yield better traction and speed than others. Additionally, upgraded suspension and engine modules will deliver quicker acceleration (suspension) and faster top speed (engine/driver). Sometimes speed is all it takes for a fast tank to out-maneuver a slower much heavier and more powerful tank, especially if damage is directed towards the less protected rear of the tank.


German E-50 Medium Tank

Heavy tanks depend on medium tanks for flanking support and sustained spotting of nearby enemies, which tank destroyers can snipe from a distance. To the same extent, light tanks with little chance of inflicting damage are intended to be the scouting eyes for heavy-hitting SPG artillery fire. Some novice World of Tanks players forget that SPGs need them to the very end, and rush into the enemy base only to be quickly destroyed. While the light tank receives points for spotting enemy, they also earn extra points for remaining operational throughout the battle. Alternatively, the enemy light tank is a SPG's worst nightmare, because it can pass through friendly tanks and destroy artillery. The mission of the light tank is not one that should not be taken... lightly.


USA M12 Self-Propelled Gun

Self-Propelled Gun's have a unique artillery view they use, similar to the sniper view of other tanks. This gives them an overhead perspective of the entire battlefield, and enables them to see every tank revealed to friendly forces. To some players this sounds like shooting ducks in a pond, but in reality it much more difficult score direct hits with artillery than any other tank. SPGs have terrible gun accuracy, which forces the artillery player to really improve performance by training the crew to their maximum potential. Additionally, the overhead view doesn't show terrain features such as slight inclines/declines, making it difficult to estimate angle of attack. With lots of skill and some luck from WoT's random variable generator, a SPG will survive the initial rush of scouting light tanks and safely deal out massive damage.


SPG Artillery View

World of Tanks rewards winners, and punishes losers. In random battles the winning team receives an added 50% bonus to their experience and credits, while the losing team suffers with fewer rewards. On a more positive note, there's always something worth playing for: daily doubles. Your first victory of each day (in each tank) is rewarded with twice the experience, and occasionally the developers offer a special promotion that gives you even more - sometimes 3x-5x the regular reward. These same promotions occasionally allow you to buy premium account items for less cost than usual.

In the next and final section, I share my own personal collection of deadly sins and saving skills for WoT. For those enthusiasts equipped with NVIDIA 3D Vision or similar 3D gaming hardware, Benchmark Reviews offers 2D and 3D comparison images to help entice you into the World of Tanks...



# Cliffs of Dover anyone?Sun Down 2011-12-11 15:15
I almost tried this game before, it's just that the download part was too long for me to wait. Obviously I'm interested in this game, but I'm coming from the IL2-Sturmovik sights. WoT seems to be blending in arcade and simulation well. I'd go for first person, but the 'sniping' mode seems to break it. I'd prefer using the real optics of the tank (German optics FTW). Also, huge, huge, huge ass maps is what I want. It's a shame there's no mini NPCs such as soldiers or planes or ships here. Would've been more fun/frustrating when you enter a town and getting the hull pinched through by an AT attack from a window.
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# RE: World of Tanks 3D Vision Game ReviewDEADTIME 2011-12-11 16:40
Have to agree with the above been playing WOT since release and the 500 to 600 meter visual limit takes some serous optics advantages away from the Germans. The game heavily favors Russian tanks and can be utterly frustrating if you try to play it as a simulation as tne devs have removed or gimped the German advantage in almost everything.
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# Patience Kills USSR TanksTaco Time Tango 2011-12-11 17:02
The mid and higher tier Russian tanks are so slow shooters and movers on the average. I find them easy to kill. While the tank is reloading and trying to turn its ever lethargic chassis, it's easy to kill up close. At distance, it's tracks can be so easily shot making it a prime arty target - assuming your arty know to go for the big boys first. The Type 59 is the tank that has no purpose being in the game. It's way out of the design era and either needs replaced or have more comparable tanks added to fend it off. The two worst times to play in the day are afternoons when junior is on dad's account and late evenings when more non-team (inexperienced) players are on. :p
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# world of tanksjj maddawg 2011-12-18 22:21
hi can somebody tell me if there is a single player option for this game offline.

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# RE: world of tanksOlin Coles 2011-12-18 22:26
You can only play this game online in multiplayer.
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# RE: World of Tanks 3D Vision Game Reviewmazer 2011-12-22 09:27
There are now "tiered" company battles too, they tend to be more "coordinated" and I think more fun as a general rule, especially when you are in Tier 5+ vehicles. In the random battles you tend to get in with vehicles 3+ higher than your tier and that makes things...difficult.
Overall though the game is fun. Been playing since the russian beta.
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# Back on topic...IM0001 2012-02-06 09:15
Good article on 3D Vision with WoT. Now I have a question for the OP. During your time with 3D, did you run into corruption issues with 3D being out of wack on certain maps/rounds? For me with a SLI 560Ti setup, I can usually play the very first round since I loaded the game, perfecly. Everything usually looks great and how it should be. But then 99% of the time, the next game I play with 3D on the entire time since the start, I will either have some ground texture corruption (flickering black textures, missing textures,) or something in the game world will be rendered out of wack in 3D (Say certain tanks will have their hull renderd like 5ft off of the center of their tracks and turrets, or some building, vehicle or lamppost will be renderd improperly and either has a depth issue or is like double rendered vs the area/objects surrounding it). So then to play without a headach, I have to turn off 3D and try again either the next round, or quit the game and relaunch it between battles.

I am wondering if it is a issue I am having alone, or a duel monitor issue since some 3D features are disabled when a non 3D monitor is connected with the 3D one (Such as windowed use and 3D).

WoT is one of the best titles to play in 3D though and I would wish there was a little more marketing behind it to get improved quality as well as the word out for others to come try the added depth fun.
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# RE: Back on topic...Olin Coles 2012-02-06 09:21
Your problem almost sounds like a heat issue on one of the video cards. I would use a program (such as MSI Afterburner) to increase the fan speed during gaming to see if it resolves the problem.
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# Nope.IM0001 2012-02-06 11:37
Though it may sound like it, it is not a heat issue (The cards run no hotter than 60C max). I understand cooling quite well and while I did have heat issues in the past dealing with SLI and othe things with an older P182 case. Now with a Corsair 500R, H100 water cooler, about 6 fans, Flashed GPU Bios for 100% fan speed (Was limited to 75% max before), heat is no longer a factor let alone a problem. (Yes MSI Afterburner is awesome for heat/OC/General GPU watch with the G19 applet)

It is a Driver style 3D glitch as a heat issue would bring intermitent 3D glitches that would come and go or cause artifacts overall the screen. These ones can sometimes change as you drive along the map where different yet constant parts of the map are flickering/missing or the 3D objects are incorrect. (Often the 3D Glitches can be changes/fixed when looking a certain direction (hence the Depth issue as when you turn, the depth would be way off of where it should be focusing and why it would look proper or just disapear at certain angles)

I will see if I can post up a screeny or two later on, but the fact that you apparently don't have any issues baffles me. My friend with a single 570 has the same issues so I do not believe it is a SLI issue. :/
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# alsoIM0001 2012-02-06 11:40
Also. Turning off 3D (Ctrl + Keypad 0 Default) = instant fix. Everything looks normal as it should. So it is directly a 3D issue. There is a new DLL fix on the 3D Vision board, but I find it odd how different parts of the engine will break in different rounds, but it rairly is the same thing each round which is what puzzles me.
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# RE: alsoOlin Coles 2012-02-06 12:24
Keep in mind that while 3D Vision special effects will work, World of Tanks is not a '3D Vision Ready' video game. I didn't experience problems on my GeForce GTX 590, but my settings/driver/configuration is most likely different than yours.
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# Agreed.IM0001 2012-02-06 13:39
True, but your 590 isn't a far fetch from a SLI setup. Could you post your Driver/DriverSettings/GameSettings and see if I can mimic it?

So to confirm as well, you didn't have any visual issues with subsequent battles?
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# RE: Back on topic...budda 2012-03-27 20:16
alt-tab :) so easy

awesome in 3D
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# it sucksjimonwye 2012-04-04 05:06
Customer support is a joke, They take your money and change as they please with no regard to customer rights. If they dont like what you say you get banned.
The game has many faults built in to make it neccessary to keep paying so you can play.
Could be a great game but for their greed and bad practices.
Play for free, dont WASTE your money on this game, the end game is not worth it.
5/10 lost 4 due to very bad ethics :(
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# patch 7.3Stereoscopic Tanker 2012-05-11 06:25
As of patch 7.3 the aiming reticule is back to the monitor plain in front, i.e. it does not follow the depth one is looking at. This breaks 3d gaming. I've submitted at ticket and everybody else who loves 3d gaming in wot should do too. Hopefully it will be fixed (as it was in 7.2).

World of tanks is a great game, the best free to play game out there at the moment.
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# Wouldn't RecommendTaco Time Tango 2012-05-24 00:30
I haven't touched the game since I lost all the goodies in my account and they reduced experience earned dramatically. They aren't based in North America and are very insensitive to anyone in this region. You can often find them berating someone in general chat over silly things the minute they find out you're not from the UK. I wouldn't recommend the game free or not any longer. And, yes, I'd say they're unfriendly bordering on what some call bigotry. Would I say that to them at PAX events? Damn skippy.
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# Am losing interest in WoT now....Paul Court 2013-03-09 14:11
World of Tanks, a Russian company. The original idea of free gaming becomes less than an idealistic joke. When you get into the game. You have a selection of which you feel at first, are almost unlimited, until you play for a while and then you find limitations created through not buying 'Gold' from the website. You won't be able to get any higher than tier 4, so it's crap really..Could have been so much better if it weren't for the Russian greedy [email protected] maffia!
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# Not quite...Johnnes Miller 2013-08-27 07:19
You can go until tier X only playing...
The problem is the premium tanks... You need gold!
But that to can be arranged without paying anything to the (Rusian, just go to the news feed on the worldoftanks site and fullfill the events or go twiter and do the same.~
You get tons of gold...
I really hate your guys that only bad talk others without knowing that they talking about...
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