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Written by Dan Ferguson   
Wednesday, 22 February 2012
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Epic Gear Meduza Gaming Mouse and Hybrid Pad
Features and Specifications
First Look: Epic Gear Mouse and Pad
Closer Look: Meduza Mouse
Epic Gear Mouse Detailed Features
Epic Gear Meduza Software
Testing and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

First Look: Epic Gear Mouse and Pad

Epic Gear is releasing their first products: the Meduza Gaming mouse and Hybrid Mouse Pad. They're definitely on the right track by entering the market with flashy products and new technology. The scheme they're releasing uses high contrast black and red with highlights of gloss and gray. I can't help but have a feeling of deja vu since this feels similar to when Cooler Master began releasing gaming products under the CM Storm flagship. This time we have Golden Emperor Intl Ltd (as in GeIL Memory) releasing Epic Gear. While the colors may be similar, the products are totally different.

Epic Gear Meduza Gaming Mouse and Hybrid Pad

The Meduza and Hybrid Pad are designed to improve mouse accuracy and consistency of movement as well as provide a comfortable, ergonomic experience for hours of gaming. The mouse accuracy is improved by using Epic Gear's Hybrid Dual Sensor Technology while the Hybrid Pad does this through its construction method and materials. Despite these advances, straight out of the box there's nothing visual to set this combo apart from the milieu of other mice available in the market.

Epic Gear Meduza Gaming Mouse and Hybrid Pad

Meduza is mostly plastic construction with rubberized grips and buttons. The rubber surfaces give an extra grab which requires very little force to hold which is one feature that aids for prolonged gaming methods without injury. In addition to the plastic and rubber there is little other material, and there must be a minimum of electronics because Meduza is extremely light. It's one of the lightest mice on the market. This is another thing that makes hours of gaming a little easier, however I know many gamers prefer heavier mice or at least a weight adjusting system.

Epic Gear Meduza Gaming Mouse and Hybrid Pad

Epic Gear's Hybrid Pad was specifically engineered to be used with their Meduza Gaming Mouse, but the techniques used will be beneficial for any mouse. Again, out of the box there is nothing visual that immediately distinguishes the Hybrid Pad from other products. It has the usual fabric surface adhered to a porous rubber backing.

Epic Gear Meduza Gaming Mouse and Hybrid Pad

The pad sent for testing was the medium version measuring in at 16.5 x 11.8 x 0.12 inches. I'm accustomed to playing on a large surface, so it felt barely adequate, but it's larger than typical non-gaming mouse pads. While this set is a decent looking combination, it's the minute details that distinguish the Meduza and Hybrid Pad. In the next section we'll examine the Meduza more closely.


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