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Written by Doug Dallam   
Monday, 03 October 2011
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Raidmax Blade Mid-Tower Computer Case
Closer Look: Exterior
Closer Look: Interior
Detailed Interior Features
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Closer Look: Exterior

From the outside, the Blade looks nice. Actually, before I got it and checked the price, judging just by its looks, I thought it was going to be a higher end case. As you know, though, you can't tell a book by its cover. So come along and lets thrash us a Raidmax Blade case. Starting us off below, we have a yellow specimen. I like this color combo. It reminds me of Bee in Transformers.

Since there isn't really anything else to show detail-wise externally, except the front panel and the plastic feet, I'll go over those aspects here and we'll skip the detailed external section altogether. I mean, the case has no fins, rocket boosters, top blow holes, or anything else of interest on its external. So here you go: You get two USB 2 ports and your two audio ports on the front, with a power and hardrive activity light rounding out the details. The bay covers are unique in that you push the latch left to release them. However, the spring is made from plastic. Too many dismouts could spell a nonfunctional bay cover, but that's probalby not going to happen, that is, unless you like playing musical bay covers all day. Thus, I'd call the slide-over bay dismounts a high point for the case's design. They're uniquely functional and asthetically pleasing. You also get a 3.5" bay for card readers or something similar.


I'd like to tell you how the screen printed strips are quality wise, but you see, Raidmax sent me the all black model, which is, uh, all black, so I don't know how well the stripes are printed. Everything else about the cases are identical, though, save for the colors. Here we have the cable side and the firetruck color option below.


Yes, it has a window. No, it doesn't come with a side fan. Here we have the "nice and white and that's all right" model.


The backside of the Blade and its ventilated expansion slot covers. Yes, they are nice aren't they? Too bad no one ever looks at the back of your case. Yes, I know, "They're for cooling you fool!" If you think that's going to make a difference in how cool this case runs, then you show me your sources, tests, experiments, or zip it troll boy, okay? Not only that, but if they were only for cooling, why did Raidmax pay good money to have them color keyed blue? Anyway, this is your basic back end. Water cooling holes, rear 120mm fan, bottom mount power supply, and that's it. I have no problem or excitation here, so let's roll.


Since there really isn't any reason to do a detailed exterior section, as I mentioned beforehand, I'll split the only two reasons there might have been a detailed exterior section between here and the next section. Here's number one: We have a foot. It's plastic, not rubber. It's hollow plastic too. I mention this because one reviewer on Newegg expressed that one of the feet had broken right away. So be warned! When you initially drop test this case, be careful you don't bust one of the plastic feet. Or, just try not to drop test it. For me, that's a little like wearing a brand new shirt and trying not to get food on it. Really, though, they seem pretty sturdy to me.


I'm ready to crack this baby open; how about you? I'm sure you can't wait, so clicky-clicky!


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