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Written by Hank Tolman   
Friday, 17 June 2011
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ASUS P8H67-I Deluxe mini-ITX H67 Motherboard
Closer Look: ASUS P8H67-I Deluxe
P8H67-I Deluxe Detailed Features
P8H67-I Deluxe Specifications
Motherboard Testing Methodology
AIDA64 Extreme Edition v1.1 Benchmark Tests
Passmark Performance Test
PCMark Vantage Benchmarks
SiSoftware Sandra
Cinebench R11.5 Benchmarks
Video Transcoding Tests
Street Fighter IV Benchmark
Power Consumption and Temperature
ASUS P8H67-I Deluxe Conclusion

PCMark Vantage System Tests

PCMark Vantage is an objective hardware performance benchmark tool for PCs running 32- and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows 7. PCMark Vantage is well suited for benchmarking any type of Microsoft Windows Vista/7 PC: from multimedia home entertainment systems and laptops, to dedicated workstations and high-end gaming rigs. Benchmark Reviews has decided to use a few select tests from the suite to demonstrate simulated real-world processor usage in this article. Our tests were conducted on 64-bit Windows 7, with results displayed in the chart below.

TV and Movies Suite

  • TV and Movies 1 (CPU=50%, RAM=2%, GPU=45%, SSD=3%)
    • Two simultaneous threads
    • Video transcoding: HD DVD to media server archive
    • Video playback: HD DVD w/ additional lower bitrate HD content from HDD, as downloaded from net
  • TV and Movies 2 (CPU=50%, RAM=2%, GPU=45%, SSD=3%)
    • Two simultaneous threads
    • Video transcoding: HD DVD to media server archive
    • Video playback, HD MPEG-2: 19.39 Mbps terrestrial HDTV playback
  • TV and Movies 3 (SSD=100%)
    • HDD Media Center
  • TV and Movies 4 (CPU=50%, RAM=2%, GPU=45%, SSD=3%)
    • Video transcoding: media server archive to portable device
    • Video playback, HD MPEG-2: 48 Mbps Blu-ray playback

Gaming Suite*

  • Gaming 1 (CPU=30%, GPU=70%)
    • GPU game test
  • Gaming 2 (SSD=100%)
    • HDD: game HDD
  • Gaming 3 (CPU=75%, RAM=5%, SSD=20%)
    • Two simultaneous threads
    • CPU game test
    • Data decompression: level loading
  • Gaming 4 (CPU=42%, RAM=1%, GPU=24%, SSD=33%)
    • Three simultaneous threads
    • GPU game test
    • CPU game test
    • HDD: game HDD

Music Suite

  • Music 1 (CPU=50%, RAM=3%, GPU=13%, SSD=34%)
    • Three simultaneous threads
    • Web page rendering - w/ music shop content
    • Audio transcoding: WAV -> WMA lossless
    • HDD: Adding music to Windows Media Player
  • Music 2 (CPU=100%)
    • Audio transcoding: WAV -> WMA lossless
  • Music 3 (CPU=100%)
    • Audio transcoding: MP3 -> WMA
  • Music 4 (CPU=50%, SSD=50%)
    • Two simultaneous threads
    • Audio transcoding: WMA -> WMA
    • HDD: Adding music to Windows Media Player

* EDITOR'S NOTE: Hopefully our readers will carefully consider how relative PCMark Vantage is as "real-world" benchmark, since many of the tests rely on unrelated hardware components. For example, per the FutureMark PCMark Vantage White Paper document, Gaming test #2 weighs the storage device for 100% of the test score. In fact, according to PCMark Vantage the video card only impacts 23% of the total gaming score, but the CPU represents 37% of the final score. As our tests in this article (and many others) has already proven, gaming performance has a lot more to do with the GPU than the CPU, and especially more than the hard drive or SSD (which is worth 38% of the final gaming performance score).


Next we look at the results of the SiSoftware Sandra CPU tests.



# RE: ASUS P8H67-I Deluxe mini-ITX H67 MotherboardMatt 2011-06-17 00:47
First thing I think of when I think HTPC is TV tuner... And what do you know, no space for a PCI TV tuner (and I haven't seen a dual USB tuner)
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# RE: RE: ASUS P8H67-I Deluxe mini-ITX H67 MotherboardDavid Ramsey 2011-06-17 07:39
Matt, this being the 21st century, we use PCI-E TV tuners. Newegg has lots of 'em, and they'll all work fine in this board's x16 slot.
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# RE: ASUS P8H67-I Deluxe mini-ITX H67 MotherboardDoug Dallam 2011-06-17 02:41
Nice review, and I had no idea CPUs and midget boards had come so far in the last 1 1/2 years. I really need to get up to speed on them. This thing with the Sandy Bridge CPU you used (I skimmed twice and didn't find the model) has as much power as an i7 920. That's crazy!

And I suppose the heat is really low because of 32nm chips? I guess I'm more amazed at the newer CPUs out now and the low heat they put out. But I'm pretty damn impressed all around. I've always loved small everything. I just sold my 2007 Toyota Tacoma Access cab 4WD and bought a brand new Nissan Cube (actually traded it car for car plus 860.0). I'm just going into a small is good frame of mind, and that's because small means efficiency, and who in the know doesn't like that?

I can see myself building something like this, but not the HTCP model MB, with my next upgrade. I can see I'll probably be using a mini case or at least small too. Pretty exciting.

Thanks for the review.
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# RE: RE: ASUS P8H67-I Deluxe mini-ITX H67 MotherboardHank 2011-06-17 12:13
The CPU is the i5-2500K and it is much more powerful than the i7-920.
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# RE: RE: RE: ASUS P8H67-I Deluxe mini-ITX H67 MotherboardDoug Dallam 2011-06-17 22:03
And it's only 219.00 LOL I wonder how an i7 920 would hold up against it OCed to 3.8?? After all, it does have a 700Mhz-1100Mhz advantage over the 920's 2600Mhz clock. But wow. I'm really impressed. It looks like my next CPU upgrade won't mean I starve for a month.
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# mighty minicharley 2011-06-17 11:02
looks like good things do come in small packages .. asus tech mighty mini. ITX motherboar you bench marking software tell the tale of this mini mite wow .. makes me want to build one for my home would make a nice little media server ... laptop memory is a little high in price saves room pros and cons ....
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# CuriousDon 2011-06-17 11:08
Is the onboard video good enough for dual screen via HDMI and DVI? Just thought I would ask!
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# Dual Displays, YesHank 2011-06-17 12:11
Yes, it supports two displays.
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# RE: ASUS P8H67-I Deluxe mini-ITX H67 MotherboardMACK 2011-06-17 13:34
Great Review, thanks for the info.
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