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Written by Olin Coles   
Saturday, 04 August 2007
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SOYO FM-SY-SLIM20GB 20GB 1.8" SlimEx Platinum
Features and Specifications
Closer Look: Exterior
Installation and Testing
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

SOYO SlimEx Platinum

Do you remember SOYO? It has been almost ten years now since I built my very first computer system from parts ordered over the web. Back then, it was all about searching Price Watch for deals, and the AMD K6-II CPU. I clearly remember learning how difficult it was assigning IRQ addresses for dial-up modems, and how troublesome it was to load the drivers for Windows 98. In those days it was very common to find SOYO brand motherboards for sale almost everywhere you shopped, and most times those motherboards fetched a premium for the high-end accessories they featured. Those were the good old days, and that was the old SOYO.

These days SOYO is best known for consumer electronics, communication equipment, and several computer peripheral devices. SOYO hasn't produced a motherboard is several years, with the last being targeted for the Intel Socket-478 P4 based i875P chipset. Benchmark Reviews has decided it was time for the public to get reacquainted with SOYO, and so we begin by offering our review of the SOYO FM-SY-SLIM20GB 20GB SlimEx Platinum External USB 1.8" Hard Drive.

Ultra-slim, lightweight aluminum casing provides maximum durability and heat dissipation, while USB 2.0 offers throughput speed. The SOYO FM-SY-SLIM20GB 20GB SlimEx Platinum External USB 1.8" Hard Drive offers a high capacity storage solution within a conveniently sized enclosure. Not much bigger than most cellular phones, and only 2-3 times as wide as a flash-memory drive, the SOYO FM-SY-SLIM20GB could make a lot of sense for anyone needing to store up to 20GB of data.

Soyo FM-SY-SLIM20GB 20GB SlimEx Platinum External USB 1.8" Hard Drive

Bringing electronic files when you are on the road or transferring from PC to PC has never been easier! Introducing the new SlimEx Platinum, now you can save and zip your large files in 1/5 of the time! Up to 20GB* of storage capacity available, SlimEx Platinum offers you the convenience and the flexibility that you will not find elsewhere! It's protected with the magnesium alloy casing for the rugged users. Whether it is a business presentation, your favorite MP3 songs or your most memorable photos, share your favorite movies, store your important files in a SlimEx drive and be mobile! Compared to traditional CD-R or Zip drives, it can get the job done faster!

About the company: SOYO Group, Inc.

The SOYO brand name is synonymous with quality, performance and value. Established in 1999 with headquarters in Ontario, California, SOYO Group, Inc. (OTCBB: SOYO) is a leading global provider of computer motherboards, computer peripheral devices, consumer electronics, networking, portable storage and broadband telecommunications products and services that meet the needs of all markets - from the end-user to the enterprise.

Soyo FM-SY-SLIM20GB 20GB SlimEx Platinum External USB 1.8" Hard Drive

Best known as a manufacturer of designer motherboards, SOYO's line of high-performance DRAGONsingle-processor boards support both the Intel and AMD platforms. Recognizing demand for cost-effective, reliable and high-quality peripherals that provide universally compatible solutions, SOYO has expanded its line of products and services to meet the needs of the consumer, SOHO, SMB, enterprise and gaming markets.

Over the years, SOYO has established strategic relationships with major global manufacturers, and through our extensive sales channels, we deliver a wide range of cutting-edge, cost-effective products. With sales offices in California and Sao Palo, Brazil, SOYO sells its products through an extensive network of authorized distributors, resellers, system integrators, VARs, retailers, mail-order catalogs and e-tailers.


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