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Written by Joey Peng   
Wednesday, 09 March 2011
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Antec Six Hundred v2 Gaming Case
Six Hundred v2 Exterior
Detailed Exterior Features
Antec Six Hundred v2 Interior
Detailed Interior Features
Antec Six Hundred Conclusion

Antec Six Hundred Conclusion

The Antec Six Hundred v2 is a revised case tweaked to be placed back in competition with newer products. Most revisions tend to offer significant improvements in terms of usability, performance, or visual design. In this case however the only notable difference is the change from a front-loaded hot swap 3.5" SATA hard drive caddy to a 2.5" one. In a way it kind of feels like a rebrand more than anything.

The Six Hundred v2's performance is slightly weak for its price. By default only two exhaust fans are included and no intake fans are installed. Even with two extra intake fans installed the Antec Six Hundred v2's performance isn't mind blowing. CPU temperatures are in line with competition. However GPU temperatures are quite a bit higher, as the 200mm exhaust fan is just too slow. One upside is that without additional fans, the Antec Six Hundred v2 becomes almost inaudible, a perfect roommate. One problem the case may run into in the long run is dust. The only area properly protected with dust filters is the front. The top fan does not have a dense mesh and dust will definitely be drifting in whenever the computer is off.

In this update I was hoping for some significant visual improvements. The most popular being a unified paint job. However there were no visual adjustments of any sort made. Overall it's a hit or miss type of design. The top looks great with built-in lighting and the moonroof. In a darker surrounding only key components like the rims and well-lit fan stand out, looking quite good. But any PC owner wishing to put the case out on display will reveal certain aspects that make the Six Hundred v2 seem cheap, like the grey plastic and white unpainted steel.


An area that's outstanding for the Antec Six Hundred v2 is the construction and build. The hook system for front covers and panels allow easy access to dust filters and fan covers without need for brute force and frustration. The interior is simple, but solid nonetheless. As long as the rims aren't used for lifting the case, the Six Hundred v2 should be able to easily last past Antec's impressive three year warrantee.

For a mid-tower case all the basic functionality is there. The Six Hundred has space for installing reasonable amounts of drives and has plenty of room for multiple graphics cards at the tradeoff of hard drive bays. The two 2.5" drive mounts are the only "extras" you get with the case. Unfortunately that's all. There's no tool-less design, no eSata/Firewire/USB 3.0, limited cable management features.

Throughout the review I've been pointing out things the Antec Six Hundred v2 is missing or could've done better. It happens to be important because the case is a revised edition that costs $89.95 at Newegg (before rebate) or $96.69 at Amazon. That's not a particularly competitive price given how many sub-$60 cases there are that look great and offer the "basic functionality" that the Six Hundred v2 does. Of course compared with those cases, the Six Hundred v2 has quite a couple more features going for it, including the external 200mm fan, a nice frame design, external fan controls, and a moonroof. But when comparing with other $100 cases the performance is only mediocre, the appearance is outdated and incomplete because of the paint job, and interior features are next to none.

Overall I don't think Antec changed the original design enough. The Antec Six Hundred v2 is a solid case but at the current price there are better options. Unless you love the appearance or prefer the simple interior design, it's probably better to wait for a price adjustment, a larger update to the series, or look for alternatives.


+ Built-in lighting
+ External fan control
+ Included fans are quiet even at max speed
+ Front fan intake dust filters are thorough


- Visually incomplete
- 200mm fan performance below expectations
- Poor cable management
- Over-priced for an out-dated model


  • Performance: 8.25
  • Appearance: 8.50
  • Construction: 9.00
  • Functionality: 8.50
  • Value: 7.50

Final Score: 8.35 out of 10.

What changes would you suggest for the Antec Six Hundred series? Leave comments below, or ask questions in our Forum.

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# nothing beats....Juan pablo cuervo 2011-03-13 22:58
nothing beats the antec super lan boy case.
what a great case...

for rack mount & hdd reasons i use the thermaltake m9
i wish i could buy this one:
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# Question?Charles 2011-03-13 23:41
Why is the 200mm fan listed as "below expectations"?

You listed no expectations nor any measured results with it. I've personally tested this fan and have had the results posted it's more than good.

The bearing is either a sleeve (or variation of sleeve like Long Life Sleeve or Rifle.)
That's the only con of it.

Airflow to noise ratio on it is very good and it has little vibration even though the impeller is a tad undersized.
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# RE: Question?Charles 2011-03-13 23:43
For those wondering, airflow is around 55CFM with a sound pressure of 21dB(A) (@ a distance of 1 meter.)

Overall that's very good.
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# Re:Question?Joey Peng 2011-03-14 11:46
Thanks Charles for finding out that this is 55CFM (that's airflow measurement, higher = better).

Now the surprise is MANY $15-20 120mm fans deliver over 60+ CFM. In the end that one 200mm fan performs worse than a single 120 fan. But of course I mention in the review, and you pointed out to, that the only advantage is it being much quieter. Otherwise in terms of AIRFLOW it's 2-3 times less than a typical 2x120 fan installation.
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# Re:QuestionJoey Peng 2011-03-14 11:47
Forgot to stress that the 200mm fan goes at 800RPM while many 120mm fans go at 1600-2500RPM.
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# 200mm as Intake FanBruceBruce 2011-03-14 11:59
I really like how the 200mm intake fan on the side panel of my case pushes cool air over a wide area of the motherboard. As an exhaust fan, that is not a consideration. Only the noise performance is bettter.
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# RE: Re:Question?Charles 2011-03-14 12:39
I actually forgot to add that that is at the low setting (which the case comes stock at.)

High speed setting is around 75CFM/25dB(A)

Either way; for a case fan you don't need more than 50 CFM, More so as an exhaust in this location as you have both the rear and top exhuast fighting for air.

Use a case with matching 60 CFM fans all around, and then compare the temp results to a case with 50 CFM fans all around. You won't see much of a difference except that the 50CFM setup will be much quieter.
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# RE: Re:Question?Joey Peng 2011-03-14 19:55
Maybe we're focused too much on performance. It's actually ok, and extremely quiet. But fans definitely matter. Just think of the temperature difference you get by adjusting 40% to 100%. I posted the stats for typical fans later in comments. 2x 120mm fan will literally double to triple CFM.

Note performance score is 8.25, VALUE is 7.50. The key isn't performance is bad, there's just better ones at this price range. My Tempest Evo delivers much better idle temperatures under the same conditions.

Whether it's the fan, material, hard drives blocking intake fans, or something else I can only provide the available statistics and the results that I got.
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# Cooling Not BadComputer Ed 2011-03-14 04:47
While I was pretty rough as well on my review of the Six Hundred V2 the cooling was one area I could find no complaint in. I am not sure of what your testing revealed but mine showed that it was very close to a Nine Hundred when the two front fans where added.

Right now I have a small gaming rig built in this case with an X6 1075 and a GTX 460. With both pushed to load wioth folding the CPU has not broke 30C (Antec H2) for cooling) and the GPU has not give over 60C. These are great temps.

Otherwise I agree for the price point they could have done the interior in black and added behind the tray routing. At the very least included the two front fans.
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# Re:Cooling Not BadJoey Peng 2011-03-14 11:58
I'm not surprised cooling performance is similar to the Nine Hundred as case designs/fan is similar. However compared to other cases, the performance matches more of the $60 range than the $100 range cases.

Note I did install 2x additional front intake fans. Didn't mention in review.

The fan's airflow capability is explained in comments above. Quite plainly the 200mm is quieter and looks better but doesn't excel at performance.
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# Fan ExplanedJoey Peng 2011-03-14 12:04
Just a note for everyone (should've included this in review), CFM is measurement for airflow. The low performance review is because it doesn't meet its price expectations.

Charles pointed out the 200mm 800RPM fan for this case is about 55CFM.

A single 120mm 1600RPM fan is about 65CFM,
A single 120mm 2500RPM fan is about 100CFM,
One of the fastest 120mm fans can get to about 120CFM.

Clearly at this price-point, most cases can install 2x120mm fans, and the performance difference is clear.
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# Not bad, but expensive.Tai 2011-03-30 02:46
It's a decent case, but one could get an Antec 900/902 for just a tad bit more and the features/specs on the 900 series far outweigh this case.
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