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Written by Olin Coles   
Tuesday, 28 August 2007
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Ultra X-Pro 800W Aluminum PSU ULT33185
Closer Look: Exterior Design
Closer Look: Cables and Wiring
Testing Voltage Ripple and Regulation
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Closer Look: Closer Look: Exterior Design

Ultra has crafted a very well-designed finish on the X-Pro 800W Aluminum PSU ULT33185, which is both very strong and still very attractive. Most power supply chassis sacrifice something when they try to become fashion models, but the X-Pro has a rough aluminum finish that is touch-friendly. The rough patterned finish does an excellent job of hiding prints, smears, and smudges, while at the same time offers a great looking alternative to a simple coat of paint.

Ultra X-Pro 800W Aluminum PSU ULT33185

The X-Pro 800W is not your average power supply unit. You won't find any 140mm fans here, nor will there be a rainbow of colors emanating from LED's. What you will find is excellent durability matched with long-lasting components. If you are rough on your equipment, this could be the PSU for you.

Ultra X-Pro 800W Aluminum PSU ULT33185

From the image above you can see that the Ultra X-Pro 800W Aluminum PSU ULT33185 does not have as many cooling vents as other power supply units. Apparently, designing an efficient 800W PSU also means that you don't have to put holes all over the chassis.

Ultra X-Pro 800W Aluminum PSU ULT33185

Rounding out the back end is an 80mm cooling fan and a standard-sized master power switch. Active power factor correction replaces the antiquated 110/220 switch, and also adds a higher level of power efficiency to the product. The dual-fan configuration keeps a constant channel of air circulation over the electronics, which works in conjunction with Ultra's After Spin Technology.

Ultra X-Pro 800W Aluminum PSU ULT33185

At first it didn't occur to me, but later I realized that the Ultra ULT33185 800W PSU does not have ventilation holes around the chassis. I image that this is a glimpse of the future, because one day we will see power supplies so efficient that they require no active cooling.

I have previously mentioned that I suspect one day computer power supplies will resemble the modular power adapters (power bricks) that we use for notebook computers. A consumer will merely take their cube shaped component and plug it into a PSU receptacle. Cables might be obsolete, as everything works on contacts; so if this idea ever comes true make sure to quote Benchmark Reviews.

Ultra X-Pro 800W Aluminum PSU ULT33185

At the front of the Ultra X-Pro 800W Aluminum PSU ULT33185, there is a plastic grommet protecting the native array of cables and wires. Additionally, this 800W PSU has an 80mm intake fan to compliment the exhaust fan at the rear of the chassis. For some reason, Ultra included a few additional cooling vents beside the intake fan. I'm not certain if this actually helps or hurts cool air intake, but since this unit runs so cool to begin with the chance of these vents creating any measurable impact is unlikely.


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