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Written by Steven Iglesias-Hearst   
Thursday, 06 January 2011
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Thermaltake Challenger Pro Gaming Keyboard
Closer Look: Thermaltake Challenger Pro
Thermaltake Challenger Pro Detailed Features
Software and Effects
Testing and Results
Final Thoughts

Closer Look: Thermaltake Challenger Pro

In this section we are going to look at the Thermaltake Challenger Pro and get our initial opinion.


The box has a nice picture of the keyboard on the front that saves you having to open it up and have a look inside to get a glimpse. Also on the front of the box are the main interesting features of the Challenger Pro


Opening the box is back to front, if you do open it you are presented with this. It is all the main features and specifications of the Challenger Pro and also gives you a glimpse of the software side of things along with instructions on how to use it. This is a rather good idea and means you don't need to dig around for the instruction manual as it is all here.


It is always nice when manufacturers go the extra mile with their products and give you something you wouldn't expect to find, in this case the keyboard comes packaged in a cloth bag. Not really necessary but nice all the same, it just makes the purchase feel all the more worth it.


Bundled with the Challenger Pro you get a multi language user manual and software CD, a detachable 2m braided USB cable, a 30mm hand cooling fan, replacement red WASD and arrow keys, blanks to replace the windows keys and a key removal tool. All these parts come in two nice little baggies to keep them together while packed.


The Challenger Pro is very futuristic looking keyboard and thank heavens that it keeps the standard key layout, with exception to the function keys that have shrunk to make way for the six media keys (top right) and the illumination control and profile switch keys. The macro keys are located nicely so they are within reach for those that like to use them and also not intruding on those that don't necesarily use them.


At the top left and right of the keyboard are locations to plug in the small hand cooling fan. The port is blanked by a small rubber piece that needs to be removed, unfortunately there is nowhere to store this rubber piece and it can easily be lost if you don't replace it when you are done using the fan.


Here is the fan in place, by design you can twist it to face any direction you like dependant on where you have your hand. The airflow is nothing to boast about and you could probably cool your hand better by blowing on it than by using this fan, you have to literally put your hand within millimeters of the fan to get any cooling benefit. Much like bringing a knife to a gunfight. Nice idea just poor execution.


The fan has a hole it can be put in when it isn't being used which is a nice idea and saves you from throwing it away, ahem, losing it. Wink Wink.



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Once the industry latches on to a concept like "gaming computer", "gaming mouse" etc, it becomes mainstreamed, and exploited to the point that the word loses its meaning. That's where the consumer who is smart, and reading the reviews will benefit from the expert opinions.
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