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Written by Olin Coles   
Saturday, 21 July 2007
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RatPadz XT and GS Gaming Surface Mouse Pads
Closer Look: RatPadz XT
Closer Look: RatPadz GS
Final Thoughts and Conclusion


RatPadz was one of the early innovators to the mousing surface industry, with product releases dating back to 1999. Now, more than eight years later the market has seen a myriad of surfaces claiming everything imaginable, but the RatPadz GS and XT Mousing Surface continue to provide gamers and enthusiasts with a solid solution for fast and comfortable mousing surfaces. Benchmark Reviews investigates the RatPadz series, which makes no performance claims at all but seems to still deliver big results.

The original Ratpadz surface was later renamed to the XT model. The XT uses a heavy duty solid construction that will stand up to all kinds of abuse. If you are a hardcore gamer or mouser, logging hours and hours with your mouse; the Ratpadz XT UltraSlick long-lasting surface is for you.

RatPadz XT

The GS model has been around for years, and while fulfilling a low-price niche in the performance mouse pad market it has remained true to its Ratpadz roots. A light weight hard plastic body delivers little resistance while providing solid accuracy and tracking. All nine points of contact on the back keep it grounded and securely anchored.

The GS and the XT offer the same surface area, both 11.5” wide x 9.3” tall. The cut-out design of both the GS and XT allows users to also turn the surface sideways utilizing it on the left and right sides of the keyboard.

RatPadz GS

Both the GS and XT are built with very tough polymers and can stand up to all sorts of gaming and LAN abuses. The XT is heavy duty and built for those that will use it for endless gaming hours. The GS is lightweight and great for travelers and LAN parties.

About the company: RatPadz

RatPadz is a specialty product line owned by KB Accessories, Inc., which operates out of Pittsburg, Texas. Kyle Bennett is the mastermind behind KB Accessories, and has created other popular industry ventures such as the [H]ardOCP and HUMMERCommunity web sites.

RatPadz doesn't offer much history, since they are a rather silent operation which focuses on providing solid product and not just solid promotion. RatPadz certainly stands behind their product, and has offered special considerations for many customers who have experienced problems with their RatPadz GS and XT mousing surface.


Features & Specifications

The UltraSlick polymer surface of the RatPadz GS and XT Mousing Surface measures 11.5” wide X 9.5” tall X .25” thick.

  • Rolled edges ensure wrist and arm comfort.
  • Tough polymers withstand all sorts of gaming abuses.
  • Cut-out design allows users to turn the surface sideways utilizing it on both sides of keyboard.


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