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Written by Austin Downing   
Monday, 15 November 2010
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Ozone Radon 5K Laser Gaming Mouse
Features and Specifications
Closer Look: Ozone Gaming 5K
Ozone Gaming Radon Software
Testing and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Ozone Radon 5K Gaming Mouse Review

Many years ago when the first mice where hitting the computer scene, who would have thought that in 20 years not only would we still be using mice as a primary form of navigation on computers but that they would have also become a competitive niche market for certain individuals. The competitive market of gaming peripherals is full of new products each claiming to be the best, and giving you that little bit of edge you need to defeat your opponents. Each company has their own set of "ultimate" mice: Razer has the Mamba, and Naga, Logitech makes the G700, and G9x, and SteelSeries has the Xai. Now the European company Ozone is adding another addition to this competitive market segment with the Ozone Gaming Radon 5k gaming mouse.

The Radon 5k uses the 5600DPI Phillips PLN2032, which is also used in many other mice including the Razer Naga, Mamba, Lachesis, and Imperator along with the Mad Catz Cyborg RAT-7/9 and the CM Storm Sentinel Advanced. Because so many mice use this sensor, consumers focus has shifted instead to other features including aesthetics, software, and build quality. Some of the other features included with the Radon 5k are a 1,000Hz USB polling rate, programmable Macro's, and profiles which are saved directly on the mouse for easy switching at LAN's.


When it comes to testing mice it is best to not only look at one area or you may overlook flaws that a peripheral has in another area. That is why when testing a gaming mouse it is best to look at many aspects of your daily experience on a computer. This means that you should not only look at one type of game but multiple styles such as RTS, FPS, and MMO's along with making sure that the mouse is usable in non-gaming situations such as web browsing or photo editing.

Manufacturer: Ozone Gaming
Product Name: Radon 5K
Model Number: OZRADON5K
Price As Tested: $73.57
Full Disclosure: The product sample used in this article has been provided by Ozone.



# Egg ShapeA Giallombardo 2010-11-19 22:07
I like egg shape mouses; however, I have a very small hand and this mouse did not feel comfortable in my hands. I did like the easy sensitivity adjustments though over Razer's Imperator! The Imperator doesn't always seem to respond to the changes.
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# Razer Rulesgamers mouse 2010-11-24 14:47
try the razer mamba bit expensive but worth every penny spent.Click here!
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# RE: Ozone Radon 5K Laser Gaming MouseVictor 2012-01-26 07:26
I have the mouse it has a very good grip and feeling , i hate that the cursor oscilates or sticks , on the screen and i cant do anything to fix it , hope its nothing serios if this model is doomed maybe ill buy another mouse
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# HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mostafa 2013-07-19 11:01
I've had the ozone radon 5k for about 6 months & the LEDs suddenly turned off & the cursor gets stuck very frequently!

Is the problem from the hardware or software?
Plz help!
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