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Written by Austin Downing   
Monday, 15 November 2010
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Ozone Radon 5K Laser Gaming Mouse
Features and Specifications
Closer Look: Ozone Gaming 5K
Ozone Gaming Radon Software
Testing and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Closer Look: Ozone Radon 5K

With mice being so integral to our experience on computers, comfort is of utmost importance to a user. For a gamer this is even more important because in a heated moment of battle the last thing you want to do is miss that vital shot because of the ergonomics of your mouse. Ozone has designed the Radon 5k to fit in your you hand perfectly with great comfort for all grip styles.


Clearly designed for a gamer the Radon 5k includes a neoprene case for your mouse and weights. For those of us who attend LAN games these cases are a nice addition as you can safely transport your you mouse without worry of tangling the cord or damaging your investment. The entire mouse is also covered in a a rubber like material that gives you a comfortable grip even after hours of using the mouse.


From this point-of-view you can see that the Radon 5k has two main buttons that extend along half the length of the mouse making it easier to click and giving you better response times in a high stress situation. Along the center of the Radon 5k is your typical mouse scroll wheels, a toggle switch designed to let you switch for easily between four predetermined DPI settings, and lastly a button dedicated to switching between four pre-programmed profiles which are saved directly to the Radon 5k's internal memory. On the edge is set of four lights which light up to indicate which of the four sensitivity levels are chosen.


Clearly designed for comfort while in use during long gaming sessions Ozone included a small bump that divides the left side of the mouse making it so your ring finger, and pinky finger sit in a "stepped" position. This design is a matter of personal preference some may like it other may now. Personally I felt it helped give me a better grip and overall was very comfortable, although my roommate who has much larger hands found that the design made it so he could not comfortably lift his pinky off the mousepad.


On the left you have a fairly deep impression that is covered in textured rubber helping to make sure in the heat of battle you don't lose grip on the Radon 5K. Situated at the top of this grip are two more mouse buttons that can be programed to do anything you would like through the included software. For some users the ability to set macros to their mouse may save time in programs such as Photoshop where you may be doing the same actions many times on different parts of the photo. For gamers these buttons can be used to lighten the load that your keyboard hand has and therefore give you the ability to focus more of your time on movement rather then moving your hand out of position to talk or reload.


On the bottom of the Radon 5k you have a removable sections that contains the customizable weights. One feature I would like to see on all wired mice is the customizable route for the cable to take. This makes it so that based on where you keep you mouse your cable be easily routed to the path that provides the least amount of resistance.


The Radon 5k comes with five 4.5 gram weights that can be used to customize the weight of the mouse. At first I thought this would drastically change the weight of the mouse but I found that the amount of weight added was not enough to really change how Radon 5k felt to use. In the future I hope that Ozone will include higher weight sets with the Radon 5k in order to give greater customizability to the Radon 5k.



# Egg ShapeA Giallombardo 2010-11-19 22:07
I like egg shape mouses; however, I have a very small hand and this mouse did not feel comfortable in my hands. I did like the easy sensitivity adjustments though over Razer's Imperator! The Imperator doesn't always seem to respond to the changes.
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# Razer Rulesgamers mouse 2010-11-24 14:47
try the razer mamba bit expensive but worth every penny spent.Click here!
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# RE: Ozone Radon 5K Laser Gaming MouseVictor 2012-01-26 07:26
I have the mouse it has a very good grip and feeling , i hate that the cursor oscilates or sticks , on the screen and i cant do anything to fix it , hope its nothing serios if this model is doomed maybe ill buy another mouse
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# HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mostafa 2013-07-19 11:01
I've had the ozone radon 5k for about 6 months & the LEDs suddenly turned off & the cursor gets stuck very frequently!

Is the problem from the hardware or software?
Plz help!
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