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Written by Mathew Williams   
Thursday, 21 October 2010
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EVGA GeForce GTS 450 FTW Video Card
NVIDIA Fermi Features
NVIDIA GF106 GPU Fermi Architecture
Closer Look: EVGA GTS 450 FTW
Video Card Testing Methodology
DX10: 3DMark Vantage
DX10: Resident Evil 5
DX11: Aliens vs Predator
DX11: BattleForge
DX9 SSAO: Mafia II
DX11: Unigine Heaven 2.1
EVGA GTS 450 FTW Temperatures
VGA Power Consumption
EVGA GTS 450 FTW Overclocking
NVIDIA GTS 450 Final Thoughts
EVGA GTS 450 FTW Conclusion

EVGA GeForce GTS 450 FTW Video Card Review

With the launch of AMD's next generation of graphics cards looming, most everyone's eyes are on the upcoming HD 6000 series. Today, however, we turn our attention to the NVIDIA camp. While it's still unclear what NVIDIA is preparing in response to this new generation, it's worth pointing out the GTS 450 is just barely a month old. As we witnessed in our last GTS 450 review, the overclocked variants can easily keep up with the HD 5770 and will still have a role to play in the mainstream segment for the foreseeable future. In this article, Benchmark Reviews looks at EVGA's fastest GTS 450: the GTS 450 FTW.

The For-the-Win edition represents EVGA's highest factory overclock, surpassing their Superclocked and Super-Superclocked models. It comes in at 920/1840 MHz for the core and shader clocks, and 4104MHz for the 1 GB of GDDR5 memory. This is comparable, and a bit faster when in terms of memory speed, to the ASUS ENGTS450 TOP that we looked at last month. Considering both cards represent the highest overclock for their respective companies, it's not surprising the clock speeds are so similar. Unlike the ASUS card, though, EVGA opted for the reference design.


Looking at the latest pricing on Newegg, the EVGA model is also a bit more expensive than the ASUS. At roughly $148, it's one of the more expensive GTS 450's on the market right now. As I mentioned, though, an overclocked GTS 450 can compete directly with an HD 5770. So, while it may face some pressure among other GTS 450's, the EVGA GTS 450 FTW is fairly competitive with the HD 5770 series, which tend to range from $140 to $160.

Manufacturer: EVGA Corporation
Product Name: EVGA GeForce GTS 450 FTW
Model Number: 01G-P3-1458-TR
Price As Tested: $147.99 at Newegg

Full Disclosure: The product sample used in this article has been provided by EVGA.



# card is OK,...but,RealNeil 2010-10-21 04:24
I'm still overly impressed with the GTX460 series of cards and look forward to a pair of them in SLI. In my opinion they are worth the extra cash. I will be buying in late November, so I should get a chance to read some reviews on the new ATI cards first.
Do these 450's have the connections for SLI? If they do, how does their performance stack up under those conditions?
I like the reviews here, keep up the good work guys.
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# disappointedntaguitar 2010-10-21 05:36
Slightly dissappointed in this review. Normally this site has great benchmarks but I wish this one would have tested against some other options. I mean a 450 vs a 450? Would have loved to see a 9800 and a 460/465 on the test bench beside this one for actual upgrading comparisons rather than solely for mid range card testing.
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# RE: disappointedOlin Coles 2010-10-21 07:23
Not all writers have a full range of video cards available to them for testing. Besides, the GeForce GTX 460 and 465 are high-end cards, and this is a mid-range product. The 5770 is a good comparison product, and still give competitive reference.
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# RE: EVGA GeForce GTS 450 FTW Video CardSAEED 2012-01-31 00:15
power consumption load EVGA GeForce GTS 450 FTW ??????
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