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Written by Steven Iglesias-Hearst   
Sunday, 11 July 2010
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Zalman ZM-NC2500 PLUS Notebook Cooler
Closer Look: Zalman ZM-NC2500 Plus
Zalman ZM-NC2500 Plus Detailed Features
Testing and Results
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Closer Look: Zalman ZM-NC2500 Plus

The Zalman ZM-NC2500 Plus ships in a rather big box and is packaged very well, wrapped in a foam bag and held in place by two polystyrene side pieces. The box has a nice dark glossy appearance showing the Zalman brand name and model number and also showing the 'business end' of the cooler in the photo. Also in the bottom left corner are the ZM-NC2500 Plus's main features.


Flipping the box over you are presented with lots more info, important images and product specifications. Two graphs are shown on the right side, the first graph details noise level of fan on minimum and maximum settings, while the other graph shows temperatures of a given laptop under load, with and without the cooling aid of the Zalman ZM-NC2500 Plus. The same features printed on the front of the box are again printed round the back in eight different languages.


Here is the Zalman ZM-NC2500 Plus Notebook cooler out of its box, the black finish of the outer bezel reminds me of an old school chalk board while the inner vented piece almost looks metal but is actually plastic. The overall weight is just under 1kg which makes for a very light but extremely well constructed notebook cooler.


Looking now at the 'business end' of the Zalman ZM-NC2500 Plus, the air intake area. This is a different approach to notebook cooler design as most coolers tend to utilise a large slow central fan to provide airflow. The design of the back end looks like it comes from a spaceship and reminds me of the DeLorean from the film 'Back to the future'.


Take a peek now at the side of the Zalman ZM-NC2500 Plus, the design is very elegant and reminds me of the morphing spaceship from the film 'Flight of the navigator'. The plastic finish is very nice and glossy, this is a good and bad point because the very nice finish is easily spoiled by smudged fingerprints and even the lightest of scratches.


Follow on to the next section where we will get a more detailed look at the Zalman ZM-NC2500 Plus and its features.


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