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Written by Olin Coles   
Wednesday, 14 July 2010
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Herman Miller Embody Chair Review
Features and Specifications
Herman Miller Embody Options
Closer Look: Embody Chair
Embody Chair Detailed Features
Embody Chair Adjustments
Testing The Embody Chair
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Smart Furniture Herman Miller Embody Chair

Embody Chair Detailed Features

The Herman Miller Embody chair's Backfit adjustment and seat conform to the body's unique shape and distribute weight evenly. Embody's shape mimics the spine, providing subtle support along the entire back that shifts with your movements. The Backfit creates a dynamic surface that reacts to your body's movement every time you shift.


The narrow, frameless form along the back allows for freedom of movement along the neck and shoulders, which allows for a greater range of motion through the arms. Embody's dynamic frame can shift and twist right along with your spine, making it easy to lean back and stretch, or turn without sitting forward.


To promote the flow of heat away from the body that can build up under the legs and back over time, Herman Miller developed the Pixelated Support system. This 4-layer mesh is filled with negative space which permits a much greater amount of air flow than traditional fabric and frame chairs. Every 'pixelated' square inch reacts under your movements. When you shift, your seat shifts. The extremely responsive nature of the Pixelated Support material means Embody users can sit for hours without experiencing uncomfortable heat-buildup.


This breakthrough chair surface, combined with tilt technologies and adjustable back support, means the Embody Chair is built to provide comfort for hours of sitting. As their studies have concluded, Embody lets you be better to your body every time you take a seat. Since Embody is under warranty for 12 years, sitting in a chair that enhances blood circulation and distributes pressure at a granular level across your back, thighs, and sitting muscles can truly affect how your body feels from day to day.

Smart Furniture Herman Miller Embody Chair



# RE: Herman Miller Embody ChairSteven Iglesias-Hearst 2010-07-14 09:00
Ha Ha I have never felt so uncomfortable whilst reading an article, your words were so descriptive that I felt every bad point of my chair. I will never be able to look at my chair in the same way again. :(
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# RE: Herman Miller Embody Chair ReviewAdam 2010-07-15 02:56
I honestly wish I could justify (and afford) spending £800 on a chair, it looks that comfortable.
But in the end of the day it's just a chair, albeit a very nice one and so spending that kind of money on one would be nuts.
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# 800 is nothingbereal 2010-07-23 19:39
so you spend countless $$$ on tech that gets thrown away and every day your back goes to #... i have an aeron and I am about to buy another one or this one and bring it into work... other chairs are a joke
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# Graphic DesignerCourtney 2012-01-31 16:18
The purpose of the chair is not to be expensive and look good, but it is about the ergonomics. It's what the chair does for you that you don't notice. People for the most part, unless for artistic purposes, design office furniture to keep your body at it's most natural and comfortable state. Thats why they have created different options on how to adjust the chair so you sit properly. They also have a wide variety of "accessories" that can make your job more comfortable as well such as foot rests and keyboard trays. From an outsider who happen to get a job to work for a furniture company, it always amazes me how much one typically doesn't know about what they use just about everyday.
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# RE: Herman Miller Embody Chair ReviewServando Silva 2010-07-18 19:16
I feel sad after reading this. I payed $20 for my chair and it's the best in the house (others cost $10-$15). I can't really afford more than $200 for a chair, not now...
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# LOLErik 2010-07-18 20:42
I thought you guys were joking about reviewing a chair, but if I had it I would review it too. Not sure why you would want a chair without armrests though!

-Sent from my non-Herman Miller chair
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# RE: LOLServando Silva 2010-07-18 20:48
Erik, this isn't a "common" chair. Its somehow GEEKY look makes it perfect for a review. About the arm-rests, I thought the same until I had my first chair with arm-rests. Then I had to go back since my elbows were crying and they (the arm-rests) topped with my keyboard.
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# RE: Herman Miller Embody Chair ReviewJason 2010-07-18 22:59
Thanks for all your time and effort in putting together this review! Ever since I started IT consulting 20+ years ago, I have considered my chair as crucial as having the fastest PC components, especially since I also work "half-time"! :-)

The Embody looks great. I'm ordering one today.
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# Back PainDaniel 2010-07-22 10:27
My back has never hurt so bad while reading an article in my life. Awesome review, keep up the good work.
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# great 1 year experience so farSomebody 2010-07-26 18:01
I bought an Embody chair about a year ago and it has been a great experience so far. It seemed like a big splurge when I bought it, but it has been totally worth it for ergonomics and comfort; I expect it will last many years. The novel design combines the best features of sling and cushion seats.
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# The older you get...James 2010-07-28 13:07
Interesting article on an under-covered subject. As you get older, or injured, these kind of products do make sense. 20 years in the military had exposed me to a few very good products though most were sub-par for similar prices. A crummy seat paid for with my tax dollars that wore out in two years for 375 is infuriating. When I had a good chair I was far more productive. You do get what you pay for. Wish I had the money, I just have to get up and walk around every hour or so to work the pain out...
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# Sr Ergonomic ConsultantJane Sleeth 2010-08-09 12:22
We are commencing a full trial of this chair in our offices as we have the full spectrum of anthropometrics. We will report back to you but so far so good with the chair - our biggest difficulty lies in finding chairs where the armrests will move inwards enough in width to fit our small 5th percentile female end users. Jane Sleeth
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# MaterialRhythm 2010-10-12 14:44
Isn't the balance material similar to what's on the Aeron? I think the difference is more aesthetic than anything else. I don't think your ass will feel an extra tenth of a millimeter of padding.
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# RE: Herman Miller Embody Chair Reviewlivinlyf5 2013-04-14 23:52
I bought the aeron recently and it's amazing how resilient it is. It can really handle any amount of abuse I throw at it. It really is worth the investment. I never have any back pains.
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