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Written by Steven Iglesias-Hearst   
Wednesday, 30 June 2010
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Xigmatek Utgard CPC-T90DB-U01 Computer Case
Closer Look: Exterior
Detailed Exterior Features
Closer Look: Interior
Detailed Interior Features
Xigmatek Utgard Final Thoughts
Xigmatek CPC-T90DB Conclusion

Closer Look: Interior

Lets now have a look at the inside of the Xigmatek Utgard and see whats good and whats not so good.


Xigmatek have used the same securing method to attach the front panel to the chassis as they did with the Midgard, which works, but in my opinion is very cheap and requires you to tug quite hard in order to remove it. I had first thought that the only possibility for mounting a front intake fan was in the HDD caddy but upon closer inspection I noticed that there are fan mounting holes for two intake fans size options are 120mm, 90mm and 80mm. The metal brackets are removable and have tabs on the ends that allow you to re-attach it to the chassis. The mesh bay covers are also removable and therefore swappable so if you want a nice clean look then you can do away with either the 5.25" to 3.5" adapter piece or the badged piece too.


The Xigmatek Utgard has room inside for ATX / Micro ATX motherboards and has a super large cut out for easy CPU backplate access. The important inner dimensions of the Utgard are as follows; 18.5cm from Motherboard tray to side panel, 30cm from the PCI backplates to 5.25" bays. The orange is a very nice contrast to the otherwise dark black chassis. There are a total of six cut-out's for cable routing, they don't have rubber grommets, but they don't need them as the finish around these cut-outs is very good as are all edges inside the chassis, no danger of cutting yourself in here.


removing the back panel gives you the access required to route all of those wires out of sight, Xigmatek have had the foresight here to give a 1/2 inch gap between the motherboard tray and side panel for the thick bundles of cable you might want to hide behind here.


Installed in the second from top 5.25" bay, is this 5.25" to 3.5" adapter. Intended for floppy drives or flash card readers or any other 3.5" devices you may have. Unfortunately this isn't intended for use with a HDD as the mounting holes are just slightly off. You may ask why I would want to install a HDD here, so read on to find out why.


Here we have the HDD caddy which converts three 5.25" bays into a place to hold four 3.5" HDD's. This is the worst point about the Utgard case, allow me to explain. After installing all my hardware in the case I tried to remove the HDD caddy but found that the motherboard blocked me from withdrawing the caddy to the inside of the case, this meant that I had to take it out the front, which in turn meant that I had to remove three of the 5.25" metal plates, which was very difficult to do as thay are attached to the plate above and the plate below as well as attached to the chassis at each side too. In the end I resorted to using tin snips to remove the first one, after that it wasn't too difficult (good job I can screw them back in place). In short I had to deconstruct the front of the case to withdraw the caddy.

Once the caddy was removed I tried to insert a HDD into it, this proved very difficult as the rubber grommets installed to reduce vibration made it an extremely tight fit. Once i had managed to force a HDD in I came across my next problem - securing it in place, the screws provided with the Utgard are just that bit too short to go through the grommets and screw into the HDD, so now my HDD is sitting inside the caddy (while very tight and snug) unsecured until I can source some longer screws. All in all I was messing around for half an hour which was longer than it took to put in all my other hardware into the case. Also should you fill this caddy with drives you will also be restricting air intake to your case as this is the only intake fan, which is probably the reason behind the design change from the Midgard HDD rack to the current setup seen here in the Utgard, and will require you to install a second intake fan to provide efficient airflow.


This is the bundled accessory package that comes with the Xigmatek Utgard which consists of a black and white illustrated instruction manual in various languages, three cable management clips, one of which you can see in use on the first photo on this page, two rubber grommets for use with the water cooling knock-out'son the back of the case and last but not least a selection of different screws and standoffs all contained within the black carboard box.


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