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Written by Written by Austin Downing - Edited by Allison Downing and Olin Coles   
Monday, 02 August 2010
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HTC EVO 4G Android SmartPhone
Features and Specifications
Closer Look: HTC EVO 4G
Size and Battery Life
HTC Sense User Interface
HTC EVO Camera Photo Quality
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

HTC EVO Camera Photo Quality

When people buy phones, they are not expecting to get a good or even decent camera out of it. I would consider the EVO to have an above average camera for a phone letting you take acceptable photos in sunshine and semi-decent photos indoor.


It did a good job with the photos outdoors, and although this is a bit overexposed, when you need a photo in a pinch and all you have is your phone, at least you know the photos are good enough to look at on a screen larger then your phone.


The Dual LED flashes on this phone are amazingly bright and close up can easily illuminate any situation enough to take a decent photo. The flash is bright enough to even take a photo in a pitch black room and still get a recoverable image from it (some post processing will be required. Unfortunately without sunlight or very bright lights the photos quickly become very grainy.


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