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Written by Olin Coles   
Thursday, 12 July 2007
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Apevia X-Qpack 2 CM500 Camouflage SFF Case
Closer Look: CM500 Exterior
Detailed Exterior Features
Closer Look: CM500 Interior
Detailed Interior Features
Apevia WIN-500PS 500W PSU
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

CM500 Detailed Interior Features

Apevia utilizes a sturdy ABS plastic to build the front bezel of the X-Qpack 2 series. The CM500 comes with a camouflage insert which realistically could be swapped with any other material a case modder dreams of. Even the black fine mesh could be replaced with something more unique if desired. X-Qpack 2/x-qpack2-07.jpg

From the image above you can see how Apevia designed the steel pull-out handle on the X-Qpack 2 series of SFF cases. The spring loaded handle requires only a few pounds of force to pull out, and it retracts automatically when released.

Apevia X-Qpack 2 CM500 Camouflage SFF Case

The motherboard tray used in the X-Qpack 2 is a polished aluminum part which has a hollow panel behind the motherboard mounting position. This would definitely make the idea of a modders mesh grill more realistic since Apevia has done some of the work for you.

Apevia X-Qpack 2 CM500 Camouflage SFF Case

The polished aluminum tube you see connecting the rear half of the X-Qpack 2 to the front isn't really a necessity more than it is a structural reinforcement. With this tube out of the way, there are a few additional possibilities for this side of the case. With a few drilled holes, you could even mount another hard drive.

Apevia X-Qpack 2 CM500 Camouflage SFF Case

In all versions there are blue LED cooling fans inside the case: one 80mm blue LED cooling fan for intake fastened at the front, and a 120mm blue LED cooling fan for exhaust at the rear. Both fans operate at very silent levels, and the light is not so bright that it becomes a distraction.


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