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Written by Colin Armstrong - Edited by Olin Coles   
Tuesday, 20 April 2010
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Thermaltake V3 Black Edition Case VL80001W2Z
Closer Look: V3 Black Exterior
Detailed Exterior Features
Closer Look: V3 Black Interior
Detailed Interior Features
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Thermaltake Case Final Thoughts

The Thermaltake V3 Black Edition doesn't bring a lot of new functionality to the computer enthusiast, but what functionality it does bring is very well implemented. The dust-preventing rubber cover below the PSU, the complete black interior, and the pre-cut liquid cooling holes on the back are just a few examples of the amount of thought Thermaltake has put into this case.

Still, there were a few let downs with the chassis: namely the very tight fit between the motherboard and other components, the tacky tool-less adapters, as well as the difficult cable management due to the lack of room behind the motherboard tray. However, these flaws can be overlooked if you realize you get all this for less than 50 dollars.


V3 Black Edition Conclusion

Reviewing a case in terms of performance is difficult; it's hard to say when once case is better than another, except for features. The Thermaltake V3 Black Edition case comes with only one 120mm fan, but allows expansion for up to four. This isn't really ideal, as this does not produce enough airflow throughout the entire case. I really would have liked to see at least one other 120mm fan included. Compared to other cases on the market, the V3 lacks fans, but makes up for it in value.

The appearance of the V3 simply features black on black. The entire interior and exterior is comprised of a sleek black coating, which allows the case to look very complete. Some case manufacturers don't take the final step to colour the inside, which makes the unfinished interior look very unprofessional. The extremely bright blue LED fan lights up any room, and gives the case a glowing feel.

The construction of this case seems very well done. The bottom-mounted power supply was a nice touch. Weighing at roughly 10 lb, the entire case is very light, even with all hardware installed. I only have one problem: The aluminum material that this case is made from feels a bit flimsy. I would have definitely liked if it provided a bit more resistance, because it feels as if the case was dropped it would dent easily.

The V3 comes with a good amount of functionality, but it could have been improved in some areas. Small things such as the hole behind the CPU, allowing you to install a new cooler without removing your motherboard, and the 2.5" SSD drive slot were appreciated. However, I would have liked to see more (and possibly better constructed) tool-less drive bay adapters.

Compared to everything above, value is where this case really stands out: The low-end case market is a saturated one, filled with cases starting from $20 lacking a ton of features. The V3 breaks away from this trend by boasting a ton of functionality and a suave appearance, all for an extremely low price. The various shortcomings from this case can be easily overlooked if you realize it's only $45 (at NewEgg).

Pros:Benchmark Reviews Seal of Approval

+ Sleek black interior / exterior
+ Easy access to install CPU heatsink
+ PSU dust protector
+ Lightweight
+ Great value
+ Watercooling capable


- Only one fan included
- Difficult cable management
- Flimsy material
- Only 1 tool-less adapter per each drive type


  • Performance: 7.50
  • Appearance: 9.00
  • Construction: 8.00
  • Functionality: 8.50
  • Value: 9.50

Final Score: 8.5 out of 10.

Recommended: Benchmark Reviews Seal of Approval.

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