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Written by Steven Iglesias-Hearst   
Monday, 03 May 2010
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ASUS RT-N16 Wireless-N Gigabit Router
Features and Specifications
Closer Look: ASUS RT-N16
ASUS RT-N16 Detailed Features
Testing and Results
ASUS RT-N16 Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Closer Look: ASUS RT-N16

Lets take this opportunity to get a good look at the ASUS RT-N16 Wireless-N Gigabit Router and what it has to offer us.


The RT-N16 ships in a pretty big box, much bigger than I was expecting although the router body only takes up half the box. Inside was very well organised and protected. There is plenty of information about the router and its features and functions on all sides of the box.


Inside the box was the unit itself, a 110-240v power adaptor to provide the RT-N16 with 12v, a 2 meter Cat5 LAN cable, a quick start guide to aid with setting up the router, a utility and manual CD and three detachable antennae. The addition of detachable antennae is a nice addition as they can be changed/upgraded to improve signal strength or performance.


Bottom shot of the RT-N16 shows plenty of much needed ventilation, the unit does get quite warm but then again it has got a processor clocked at 533MHz. The sticker in the middle has the normal info found on the underside of a router such as, model name, power requirements, default IP, Username and Password for access to the router setup and some words of wisdom telling the end user to change the default Username and Password as soon as possible. Also you should have noticed the cut-out's for mounting the router on the wall, I'm not too sure why you would want mount the router on your wall, but the option is there all the same.


A great portion the top of the RT-N16 router has also been utilized for ventilation and the ASUS logo is in a prominent position right in the center. ASUS have chosen an interesting colour scheme for the RT-N16 which I think works quite well, the silver centre strip doesn't stand out too much and it breaks the mould of all white tacky plastic routers that have come and gone before it. I would also like to bring your attention to the three over-sized antennae protruding from the back, more so to the way they are set out - ASUS recommend that the antennae be set up as such so as to reduce signal interference between the three.



# RE: ASUS RT-N16 Wireless-N Gigabit Routergordon 2010-05-03 07:55
Could this be compared to the D-Link DGL-4500? I own one and I like it a lot, but i dont own a wireless N reciever for my PS3, which means only G speeds! Thus watching hi def movies via my media server over Win Media Player does not do well, it has intermittent chokes and freezes to alllow some buffering. Its actually better to just copy the movie to the PS3 HDD, so i wonder if this would be a better buy...?
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# RE: RE: ASUS RT-N16 Wireless-N Gigabit RouterSteven Iglesias-Hearst 2010-05-03 12:49
You have a good router in the D-Link DGL-4500, stick with it and find a way to hook up your ps3 to wireless N and set it to the 5Ghz band.
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# RE: ASUS RT-N16 Wireless-N Gigabit RouterAndrew G - Stevens, PA 2010-11-15 10:52
Thank you for thorough review. I just found and purchased this unit for $86.00. It is replacing a Linksys WRT54g that is locking up, rebooting for no reason and giving me slow results. I am also experiencing my wireless devices in the house loosing wifi and grabbing a neighbor's unsecured linksys for no reason. I am hoping for a good "flood" of a signal in my home to avoid the wifi drops. I look forward to experience the amazing browsing you speak of and I have read elsewhere. THANK YOU!!
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# Network security keyHesSINGAPORE 2011-08-15 02:43
Can't get the setup to work with my Motorola SBVS120 modem. When setup it requires a Network Security Key!?
Pls advice ASAP!
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# Benchmark the actual routerVidar 2011-12-02 05:58
Can this thing actually do 300Mbps? You just benchmark your uplink speed, which isn't nearly as interesting.
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# CCEArvind 2013-06-23 11:45
The next feature That I would like to share with you here is the AiDisk feature. There are three simple steps to setup access to your attached storage, 1) How you wish to share files on the device - limitless, limited or admin. Limited and admin allow you to set read write rights and a password to access data. 2) Create a domain name via the ASUS DDNS services to allow you to access the data over the Internet, you can choose anything you like to go between the ftp:// and, you can also choose to skip this setting so the data is only shared over the LAN. 3) Confirm your settings and make the USB storage accessible and then you are greeted with the above screen that shows two possible ways of accessing the data, LAN or FTP. With this setup you can access the data on the drive anywhere you have access to the Internet - no need to carry that sensitive data around with you means you wont lose it.
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