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Written by Olin Coles   
Wednesday, 07 April 2010
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6GB Corsair Dominator-GT 2000MHz DDR3 Memory
Closer Look: Corsair Dominator-GT DDR3
DDR3 Series Results
RAM Testing Methodology
System Benchmark Tests
Graphics Benchmark Tests
Triple-Channel DDR3 Final Thoughts
Corsair Dominator-GT DDR3 Conclusion

System Benchmark Tests

In this section, each memory kit is tested for system performance using several different benchmark tools. The objective of these tests is to show both theoretical and realistic performance differences between DDR3 memory kits, using the manufacturer specified speed and timing. In each test, ask yourself if high speed or low latency prevailed.

Using the Cache and Memory Benchmark tool within Lavalys EVEREST, we tested memory Read, Write, and Copy performance. In terms of read performance, Everest rates the Corsair Dominator-GT and Kingston HyperX 2000MHz kits highest and the OCZ 1333MHz CL7 kit lowest. Write performance favors the Kingston HyperX and Corsair Dominator-GT kits evenly, as higher speeds prevail. In the memory copy test, the Kingston HyperX 2000MHz kit shined brightest with a clear lead over the others.


Using the Memories test suite in PCMark Vantage, each triple-channel kit was benchmarked using several different scenarios. CPU Image manipulation favored the low latency OCZ 1333MHz CL7 kit, followed closely by the Corsair Dominator-GT and Kingston HyperX 2000MHz kits. Using the 1867MHz XMP setting for the Kingston HyperX DDR3 kit, CPU Image manipulation performance was only slightly the same kit with higher speeds. The same performance trends held true for the DV-WMV9 video transcoding test, and also the VC-1 to WMV9 transcoding test.


GPU Image manipulation is primarily a graphics processor-dependant test, but it's still relative to game performance (if system memory could impact this task). The higher-speed memory kits offer better performance in this benchmark, but all four kits performed nearly identical. The final chart shows the overall PCMark Vantage memory score, giving favor towards high speeds and low latency.


Test Summary

Here's what these benchmark tests have indicated so far:

  • Lowest-latency triple-channel memory kits are best for multimedia encoding, where speed has little impact. They also improve CPU-dependant tasks, such as image manipulation.
  • Highest-speed triple-channel memory kits are best suited for memory-specific applications, which include large file/application fetches. Some video games may also see miniscule improvements.

Memory Tested

  • OCZ Platinum 6GB 1333MHz CL7-7-7-20-1 DDR3 OCZ3P1333LV6GK
  • Kingston HyperX 2000MHz CL8-8-8-24-1 DDR3 Memory Kit KHX2000C8D3T1K3
  • Corsair Dominator-GT 2000MHz CL7-8-7-20-2 DDR3 Memory Kit CMG6GX3M3A2000C7



# 6 DIMMs on P55?Hsew 2010-04-07 18:49
"Many dual-channel P55-Express motherboards offer six DIMM slots."

I'm sorry, but the only one that comes to mind is the Gigabyte GA-P55(A)-UD6 which, ironically, is STILL limited to 16GB, which means one must either install 4x4 GB or 4x2 and 2x4 GB to satisfy the limit. What is the point of that board anyway?
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# RE: 6GB Corsair Dominator-GT 2000MHz DDR3 MemoryDavid Ramsey 2010-04-08 12:52
The point of that board is to allow you to make use of any single-sided DIMMs you have laying around. It wouldn't make sense if you were buying all-new memory for a new build.
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# HeightSVH 2010-04-14 12:11
Seems the height of these modules would interfere with many of the higher capacity coolers on the market esp. when all 6 slots are used. What cooler did you use in this test? Would it have interfered if all 6 slots were filled. I am interested because I have the same mainboard and memory but need a higher end cpu cooler.

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# ClearanceOlin Coles 2010-04-14 13:19
I used the ProlimaTech Megahalems on the ASUS P6X58D motherboard. The cooler was situated so that the fan blows towards the back of the case. Although the cooler would perform better if it was situated so the fan would blow towards the top, it would interfere with the DIMM slots.
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