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Written by Jonathan Jessup - Editied by: Olin Coles   
Friday, 03 August 2007
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Thrustmaster Dual Trigger 3-in-1 Rumble Force Gamepad
Design and appearance
Hands On
Application and Programming
Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Final Thoughts

All versions of the Dual Trigger 3 in 1 controller feature a two years manufacturer's warranty by Thrustmaster. There is web support at , e-mail support, and toll-free phone tech support (UK phone support is not toll free).

Thrustmaster Dual Trigger 3-in-1 Rumble Force Gamepad for PC / PS2 / PS3


The Thrustmaster Dual Trigger 3 in 1 Rumble Force gamepad offers more and costs less! It's built well, has lots of rubberized holding area, lets you reprogram it very flexibly, works on PS2/PS3 and PC, has good software, is cheaper than the 'official' gamepads, and has two progressive triggers. It's larger than many gamepads, but only for the rubberized handle areas. The dimensions of the actual buttons/mini-sticks, and d-pads are the same as the Sony gamepads. I can't find any major flaw with it and can't help but recommend it. Prices may vary from country to country so I can't be sure of costs so check your retailers.


* Price
* Holding areas are rubberized and the handles are ribbed
* Holds in hands well
* Flexibly re programmable buttons, mini-sticks, d-pad
* Vibration feedback is strong
* Mini-sticks work nicely and return quickly and to dead-center with no center area sloppiness
* All eight game buttons and the d-pad are progressive
* Progressive dual triggers are just as advertised with nice amount of movement
* Compatible with PS2 / PS3 and PC
* No batteries
* Silver backing of thumb buttons and d-pad helps dim light use
* PC Drivers just work and offer nice tests
* Attention has been paid to small but important details
* Follows the classic yet popular PS2 gamepad base design


* PC driver software installation was not clear as to initial steps
* No XBOX or XBOX 360 support
* Area behind and under mini-sticks isn't rounded to allow a little more room for fingers on handles
* Unsure about motion sensing support for PS3, presumed to be absent


  • Presentation: 8.4
  • Appearance: 8.5
  • Construction: 8.7
  • Functionality: 9.2
  • Value: 8.6

Final Score: 8.68 out of 10.

** Sony's PS3 Sixaxis features finer analog sensitivity than their PS2 DualShock 2, increased to 10-bit precision from the 8-bit precision of the DualShock 2. I'm not sure what this Thrustmaster 3 in 1 six axis controller supports as far as 10-bits or 8-bits or both for the triggers or the mini-sticks.
** Thrustmaster is also releasing the Run'N' Drive 3 in 1 Rumble Force - The First 7-axis gamepad with optical control and 7 axis control, Optical Wheel with Self Centering System, and more and also supports PC, PS2 and PS3. I didn't get a unit to review.

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